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Everything posted by checkyotrack

  1. lol someone must have really touched VNs naughty bits. He is raging hard right now.
  2. Lucky it wasn't Vengeance otherwise MAT's previous post would've been at least nine paragraphs.
  3. And you idiots are still in the same argument with about the Rolling 30s a year amd three acounts later.
  4. lol is VN still crying about getting diddled a week after release. michaelflatlely the loser. keep ban dodging cause no likes you lol
  5. VikingNail is the biggest troll here and has had accounts banned. He spends his days being passive aggressive and leading the White knights in false positive posting. If you ever get him off the forum he will type 900 words a minute in full autistic glory. Is being a virgin so hard that this what it takes to keep your ego up? You aren't doing a very good job. You've been a joke since day one, michaelflatey. Keep making new accounts to stay relevant.
  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j-DGOUY3coQ
  7. I did play a pretty good Necro at a bane last week.
  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e4swpxuHVTs
  9. Who gives a poorly made socks? If you don't want to read the thread anymore don't read it. Quit trying to stifle conversation because you are buttmad about the direction the thread has gone.
  10. I'm sure their HR will be in touch with all of you personally inform you of their hiring and employee information.
  11. lol if you think the lack of activity is due to development activity you are an idiot. Of course we always get to hear VN chime in with his passive aggressive virginspeak.
  12. Well, the forums are dead and the community has been horribly mismanaged by ACE. It was directly marketed to the Shadowbane crowd. Play 2 Crush was thrown all over the place. What happened when the Shadowbane community entered the forum? The moderation was locked down tight. XcomVic was brought on as moderator and was absolutely terrible at his job. In the first month a good portion of the community were dejected. It would go downhill from there. The Report system was constantly abused and despite many reports being without merit they were still acted upon. Doc Gonzo, who was the best moderato
  13. Happy birthday again, CheckYoTrack.
  14. SB Drinking Roundtable: A bunch of thirty to forty something nerds get into a bar brawl over something that happened in 2004.
  15. Objection! How did you write that this morning if you've posted it before? #pannhandled
  16. Because we get to trash Lantern Watch in between locked threads.
  17. Vandarr you dont need to ask VN what kind of player you are when everyone here can tell you are bad at Shadowbane.
  18. Through VNs vast experience of basement dwelling and winning against grobolds in 2003 he will now reach gamer Nirvana-lifelong virginity.
  19. VN is like the non-factor Donald Trump.
  20. Buddy boy? Oh snap VN is getting spicey.
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