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  1. What is your name in game OP? I'll come....help you out.
  2. Comrades it has never been a better time to join the USSRGPR and smash fascism in the Crowfall universe and beyond!
  3. So, someone says they don't like the game, your respond to their comment with a hissy fit, then cry about it on here. Got it. The only thing bad about those comments is how cringe inducing your response to them is. Time to thicken that skin.
  4. This why you shouldn't live in L.A.
  5. The only coldness is cold heart of Capitalist pigs exploiting the labor of the crafter class.
  6. Bad argument is bad. Bolshevism did not kill tens of millions of people. This has been thoroughly debunked. And they were grain hoarding kulaks anyways. Counter revolutionary will be gulaged.
  7. Weak. We got you guys beer and didn't even get a thread. Step up your game Caldera.
  8. In the USSRPG we take climate change very seriously. As, climate change affects all crafters and workers it is the number 1 danger to the people. Sapphire and higher bourgs benefit from the capitalist philosophy of unlimited growth that causes climate change so our stance is that to fix the climate we must remove all Sapphire and higher backers from Crowfall.
  9. Hail comrades and Western dissidents. I am Supreme Leader of The United Socialist Soviet Republics for the Glory of Proletarian Revolution or USSRGP and we are recruiting comrades who are interested in smashing the Crowfall Bourgeoisie and Capitalist classes that will infest the game. We at USSRGP recognize the inherent exploitation that occurs when you have a "ruling class" and a "crafter class". Where Marx described a "dictatorship of the Proletariat" we aim for a "dictatorship of the crafters". Our aim is to use the PvP class in a glorious October revolution to smash Bloodstones and other high backers who have used capital to gain an advantage in their future exploitation of Crafter and PvP labor. Further aims: achieve unionization of the crafting class in effort to gain worker solidarity and seize the means of production. Establish gulags to hold capitalists, EK loving kulaks, and counter-revolutionaries. Those who need not apply: Sapphire or higher backers, capitalists, Western Imperialists, FBI, Trotsky fans. All hail the glorious revolution.
  10. As you can see here this poster has entirely to much time on their hands.
  11. Stealth is what Headlight does before evaccing when I appear on track.
  12. Stealth makes you invisible to all charters except Scouts who had a power that could reveal you. Taking damage(usually via an AoE or a Scout) would reveal you. Attacking someone would reveal you. All rogues and mages could enter stealth. There was also a power called track that would show you all characters who were within a certain radius of you. Stealth didn't hide you from appearing on Track unless you had whatever discipline gave Catlike Tread which was a power that hid you from track for a certain amount of time.
  13. So that's how you get promoted around these parts.
  14. They deleted my post but I feel yall should know I still haven't read this TL;DR nonsense.
  15. I have 31 warning points and am still not banned. Sounds like horrible moderation to me. #freeprimal
  16. The fact is that I won Shadowbane 1996 and quit before development was even thought of as their was no high skill competition left.
  17. Did y'all just assume their gender? Apparently we still have a long way to go.
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