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  1. checkyotrack


    I finally let him out of his own basement.
  2. How is Winterbabies the guild Protonix is in?
  3. I know Panns job is so hard making PvPers hold hands.
  4. lol this new generation of pvpers and their feelings is funny.
  5. After Lastgirl's vicious attack I have been left bound to wheelchair subsisting of cheetohs and Pann's contempt.
  6. Shadeyoaks for Winterblades guild leader.
  7. Not even gonna edit. Fingers to big for phone keypad. #NokiaLife Lastgirl beat me up IRL.
  8. We should all hold hamds because that's what PvP games are about nowdays.
  9. Ziz and my ex-wife agree on the productivity levels of the space I inhabit. But, I genuinely don't like how the community is managed and the direction of the gameplay. Which is a horse I wish to not beat more than it has been beaten. I answered the question. The whiteknights descended.
  10. All dissenting opinions are trolling. And lol @ Winterblades becoming the forum whiteknights.
  11. Given the way the community has been managed and the direction some of the gameplay has taken I am really not interested in playing or testing. Cue the white knights and reverse trolls. #freeheadlight #freeprimal #bernie2016
  12. It's a Marvel movie so I just assume it is as bad and faddish as all other superhero movies.
  13. Passive aggressive uses of "..." are the hallmark of a true hardcore.
  14. And you idiots are still in the same argument with about the Rolling 30s a year amd three acounts later.
  15. Episode VII The Ban Awakens The COMMUNITY has vanished! In it's absence, a new batch of mods has risen from the ashes of the PANNTROOPERS and will not rest until the Dregs and Slack, the last voices of the community, have been destroyed. With the support of Slack, CheckYoTrack leads a brave resistance. He is desperate to find the rest of the COMMUNITY and restore peace and order to the forum. CheckYoTrack has sent his most daring board warrior, Headlight, on a secret mission to the ruins of the original SLACK, where Primal has discovered a clue to the communities whereabouts....
  16. lol is VN still crying about getting diddled a week after release. michaelflatlely the loser. keep ban dodging cause no likes you lol
  17. Enjoy your soap opera.
  18. George RR Martin only wishes he could be like Robert Jordan.
  19. Game of Thrones is essentially Dallas for wannabe nerds.
  20. Primal would like the team to know, from his throne in the Halls of the Banned, that this update looks really good.
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