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  1. Ziz and my ex-wife agree on the productivity levels of the space I inhabit.


    But, I genuinely don't like how the community is managed and the direction of the gameplay. Which is a horse I wish to not beat more than it has been beaten. I answered the question. The whiteknights descended.

  2. Perhaps all you former SB players with a better memory than I can help me out with something that's been bothering me. I can't remember which server I played on initially but I remember some of the larger guilds that were on it. It was Vorringia, I remember that much, Vicious Cycle held the Sinking Isles, War Pigs were in the west of the mainland, OPP was somewhere I can't remember but they were always getting baned by someone. Of the major guilds those are the only I can recall, this was 13 years ago, mind you.  


    Can anyone remind me which server this was?


  3. Great name. I have an avatar and a signature that would go great with that name.


    Episode VII

    The Ban Awakens


    The COMMUNITY has vanished! In it's absence, a new batch of mods has risen from the ashes of the PANNTROOPERS and will not rest until the Dregs and Slack, the last voices of the community, have been destroyed. 


    With the support of Slack, CheckYoTrack leads a brave resistance. He is desperate to find the rest of the COMMUNITY and restore peace and order to the forum. 


    CheckYoTrack has sent his most daring board warrior, Headlight, on a secret mission to the ruins of the original SLACK, where Primal has discovered a clue to the communities whereabouts....

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