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Everything posted by checkyotrack

  1. All I know is, if that I lose, the other side had more groups than me. Always.
  2. This thread is somehow on page six and PvE is still for losers.
  3. There's no Dungeons. read the FAQ, read a book, get good. Thread over.
  4. What are factions? It's that something that happens outside of the Dregs? Sounds carebear.
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j-DGOUY3coQ
  6. How to beat the zerg: Get Good.
  7. Monetarily I am not invested in this game at all due to a hot shirtless pic I sent to Pann and the generosity of another forum member. Emotionally I am not very invested either as it is just a game. It will not alter my life if it is poorly made socks.
  8. Looks cool. Waiting for the opportunity to test so I can run away alot dominate again.
  9. Look! It's this thread again! That search function too hard!
  10. Neo-capitalism is a misnomer. Neo-capitalism is just capitalism. It has always been corruptive and destructive. Nothing has changed.
  11. I think you're overthinking Crowfall a bit too much, mate.
  12. I would hope this game isn't as bad as Game of Thrones.
  13. I would hope this game isn't as bad as the Elder Scrolls series. Also, as someone who supplements my income by writing, 2-4 pages in an hour would look like trash.
  14. I did play a pretty good Necro at a bane last week.
  15. Do we have enough offended people to start a committee yet?
  16. Now that's a Kickstarter I would get behind.
  17. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e4swpxuHVTs
  18. LOL is this kid still going on about PvE? I can't wait until he gets wrecked in game and comes to the forums to cry about how PvP isn't fair.
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