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  1. If you resort to reporting because you cannot handle adversity on an internet forum you will be crushed in this game. Hence why you want a PvE campaign.
  2. How about the Devs focus on what this game is about instead of your attempts to avoid PvP due to lack of skill?
  3. PvP games, actually, are killed by people like you. You. A member of the thin skinned masses of the new generation who have been brought up to think they deserve a trophy for simple participation. The generation that thinks they have to be coddled, treated as they are entitled, and are a special little snowflake deserving of their crappy PVE campaign. The generation where adversity is to hard so things must change to fit your needs instead of the community. People like you ruin communities. Get good, man up, or get got. No one here cares about PvE. It isn't part of the game. If you could use a simple iota of what shred of intelligence you have you could have easily found you were just another scrub posting a topic that's been posted a dozen times before. I guess that's to much to ask of people today.
  4. I don't care about profanity being filtered. But, there are a lot of non-profane words that are censored and it seems a bit ridiculous to me that in a PvP mmo that the most thin-skinned section of the community are constantly coddled to. That is why almost everyone I know in the Shadowbane community have written off Crowfall.
  5. Good idea IMO. If someones morality gets to low they could get permanently banned from the server or something like that.
  6. As I walked 1,500 miles of the Appalachian Trail this year I had a Crowfall pin on my backpack. The Crowfall pin traveled to many landmarks including two National Parks(Smoky Mountains and Shenandoah), Gettysburg, the original Washington Monument, the various sites of New York City, and many other areas. You may photoshop the CF logo but I brought the CF logo. GOML photoshop scrubs.
  7. Still managing the waste around here.
  8. Who gives a poorly made socks? If you don't want to read the thread anymore don't read it. Quit trying to stifle conversation because you are buttmad about the direction the thread has gone.
  9. lol I can tell you don't often play PvP games.
  10. Me and Headlight beat the game today. FInal boss was easy.
  11. But yet youre still here! I wonder who the morons really are around here.
  12. First step is to lose your virginity...I see we have a lot of work to do on this.
  13. Is this this beta male club? I will be your instructor on growing some testicles today.
  14. I'm sure their HR will be in touch with all of you personally inform you of their hiring and employee information.
  15. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YrLk4vdY28Q&ebc=ANyPxKqyAiPuWO5qQiLb5MHAkze7CmZtYiZQIsCX8b9lR0vUStnsMPA11QhJ3jQquuZEe-Y-hmqqVBMWz_miQCpsWArz5U-t3Q
  16. lol if you think the lack of activity is due to development activity you are an idiot. Of course we always get to hear VN chime in with his passive aggressive virginspeak.
  17. Well, the forums are dead and the community has been horribly mismanaged by ACE. It was directly marketed to the Shadowbane crowd. Play 2 Crush was thrown all over the place. What happened when the Shadowbane community entered the forum? The moderation was locked down tight. XcomVic was brought on as moderator and was absolutely terrible at his job. In the first month a good portion of the community were dejected. It would go downhill from there. The Report system was constantly abused and despite many reports being without merit they were still acted upon. Doc Gonzo, who was the best moderator on this forum was removed causing a further rift. It was a debacle the way that was handled. The forums eventually became pay to post because nothing fosters a community like making them pay money to have discussions. Later anonymods were introduced and people were making alts to get in and chat logs came out showing that IPs were being compromised by trolls who were able to become anonymods. That breach was never addressed. However, anonymods were only able to see IPs for a little while. Moderators no longer can. So, after 10 months of harsh moderator action, continuous mishandlings, and repeated debacles the community is dead. 95% of the Shadowbane community who were excited about this game do not want nothing to do with it anymore.
  18. They one star it because it's a stupid idea in a PvP game.
  19. The Lore is pretty generic fantasy schill to be honest. Not that interested.
  20. Remnants being like three people. No one wanted to play on the Emu anyways and almost none of the core played. I haven't even seen Chet on in weeks. There was no way we were going to make a proper showing.
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