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Everything posted by checkyotrack

  1. Jesus Christ this kid has a Tenth Mountain patch as an avatar...
  2. Happy birthday again, CheckYoTrack.
  3. Congratulations. You're dieing. Welcome to the club. I hope you are successful in your bid to pour human emotion into a video game instead of those around you while the pointlessness of existence bears more and more down on your mind. Have fun dwelling on the void.
  4. Noobs cried, mods died, CheckYoTrack lied, and then forum censorship was nigh.
  5. We be walkin' through walls and machine gunnin' trebs. Movin' duped gold and hidin' from the Feds.
  6. The Dregs. If you aren't playing The Dregs you are bad.
  7. Why do you need to "prepare" for a delay? Does a video game affect you this much?
  8. TL;DR guy. I don't know what you said but I'm sure it could've been done in a paragraph or less.
  9. Yeah, it's true that I am going to have more people than all of you. It's also true there is nothing you can do about it. Keep crying nerds.
  10. A non-factor returns. Okay.
  11. The server's regression has never been more apparent.
  12. Anyone who plays the lottery is an idiot.
  13. I plan to have several accounts logged in at the same time to assist in dupes and cheats.
  14. This should not be on the second page.
  15. Considering Heater has spammed one of my characters with death threats twice and I have absolutely nothing to do with any of this leaves CP with little leg to stand on, regardless of the truth. Futhermore, I agree the picture thing went to far. Your guild posting a picture of Fatboy's kid is to far. Unsubstantiated claims and second hand accounts do not give you a pass on that behavior. So, drop the act. No one actually believes anyone called anybody. And if they did, nobody knows who it was so this is slander.
  16. Much like my ex girlfriend I have to hear hints for a month before she finally tells me what she wants.
  17. Star Wars Episode VIII: The Dropping of Kylo Ren's Balls
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