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Everything posted by checkyotrack

  1. Hey guys happy Joe Cain Day. If you make it down to Mobile I'll buy you a beer.
  2. I'm not that much of a gamer. I log into Shadowbane a couple of times a week and fire up my N64 now and again.
  3. It would seem the PW supplied with the ventrilo info is incorrect in some way.
  4. I just got the Skype app on my phone. It doesn't tell me when people add me.
  5. You can PM it to me. I am actually a really nice guy and a good addition to any ventrilo.
  6. I kid the kiwis. I love the kiwis. The All Blacks destroyed the U.S. like 82-13 a couple months ago. I need to get back to NZ...
  7. In don't have access to that forum. I just want the vent info.
  8. I was looking at Wyoming but the scenic areas I'd like to live are not as cheap as Idaho Falls.
  9. I've been planning Idaho Falls for years. Two hours from Yellowstone. And hour from the Tetons. A couple hours from SLC. Super cheat cost of living. Cold. Snow. No humidity. Now that I have my full VA disability I can afford to raise him somewhere nice. We will spend every weekend outdoors. I'm gonna teach him how to snowboard. Life will be great.
  10. I do more than post on forums, you know. I take care of a child. I'm house hunting, driving back and from forth from Mississippi, planning a move.
  11. The NZ All Blacks really suck but at least they're not as bad as Aussie teams.
  12. You don't know the half of it. Would you like to see my drawings?
  13. Well you can have your crappy lantern. Ill roll with my NorthStar® Dual Fuel™ InstaStart™ Lantern $139.99 http://www.coleman.com/Product/3000000944#.VN7NCd_nbqA
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