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  1. Trammel epitomized the profit over content model that has taken over gaming. Ruin the vision for the almighty dollar.
  2. I mean it's okay. You want to co-rule with your partner and no one is against that.
  3. I hate it when VN makes me laugh.
  4. And after having been explicitly told it would be allowed.
  5. Sometimes old men have to get good to. Get good or get got gramps.
  6. Maybe you should quit being so mad and get good.
  7. From what I have seen of the community tear production will not be a problem.
  8. The Hunger Dime is boring af. It's essentially playing a round of Death match when the same people on the same map over and over and over...and over... And Arena PvP is for losers anyways.
  9. GG on making a duplicate Star Wars thread to announce your going to do something everyone else is doing. You truly are a revolutionary.
  10. Only losers will be playing in Gods Reach so who cares?
  11. Yeah, I got tickets to tomorrow's 7 PM showing.
  12. Number one target of the Carebear Agenda.
  13. Anyone playing this? Currently in early access beta and a lot of fun. Would be a lot more fun if it was a full on MMO with more political and meta features. Still haven't had this much fan in a sandbox in years. It's open world PvP, you can build a fortress block by block with the proper resources, everything is destructible at all times, full loot. It's always quite satisfying to bust into somebodys place, kill them, take their stuff and knock it down. If anybody wants to roll we got a place and a group going. We're always sieging, stealing, murdering, and generally trying to make people quit the game.
  14. But, guess what: There are no dungeons or PvE raids in this game. Honestly, the amount of threads about PvE in a game about PvP is absolutely mind boggling.
  15. Good to know there will be carebear levels for you unskilled players.
  16. No, you apparently have no idea what it's about. You claim to know tis a PvP game but are posting an idea for a PvE dungeon. There are no dungeons. There are no raids. Take that junk back to WoW.
  17. You do know this game will not have PvE dungeons, right? You do know this game is about PvP, right?
  18. So, if you would like to donate to the charity Pann mentions the website is: http://www.getwellgamers.org/ I threw in $20.
  19. Was looking forward to a Christmas album, honestly.
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