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  1. Track is a Shadowbane reference for my Carebear brethren. In SB you can use a power called Track to see who is in your general vicinity and get a direction where that. So during PvP you gotta check track.
  2. This thread needs more compliments about me.
  3. Mayonaisse? In cake? Disgusting.
  4. Havent got a thing. Not worried about it. Ill continue my early retirement. Anyways, I forgot to get my chocolate cake mix.
  5. Bad start to the day so far. Had a job interview for probably the best opportunity I've had in my life. It was an online interview with it being and out of State job. I thought I was rocking the interview until the interviewer logged out halfway through the interview.
  6. I am not fully convinced that bridge will provide adequate shelter during a rain.
  7. From what I understand I am exempt from all moderator action for trolling today.
  8. Why are you so rude? I'm definitely not going to like your post now.
  9. Lol OK. Instead of one angry mod this is in fact a conspiracy to take away your like button.
  10. .....thank you for the obviously not chocolate cake.
  11. Because it is a absolutely critical for some peoples ego TO HAVE ABSOLUTE CONTROL.
  12. This means SOMEONE must have cried so hard to the forum admin they decided to just go ahead remove the feature.
  13. The coating has to be chocolate or this is a no go.
  14. The powers that be are so insulted over a useless feature they removed it from an entire section of the forums. "We gotta take this super important volunteer position seriously guys! I mean they're liking each others posts!"
  15. My cake is chocolate actually. I accept nothing less than chocolate.
  16. I used to work a lot with the Alabama Hiking Trail Society building and maintaining hiking trail all over the State. I learned a lot.
  17. There is a lot of swampy areas. But there is also mountains and more navigable waterway than anywhere else in the U.S.. The Tensaw River Delta near Mobile is second only to the Mississippi river delta. All this wetland and river systems gives Alabama one of greatest natural diversities on the continent. There are many species who are only found here.
  18. Other than a few isolated spots of the Western Olympic Peninsula in Washington and an isolated spot of the Southern Appalachians(particularly Transylvania County, North Carolina where moist Gulf flow meets orographic lift creating a temperate rain forest similar to the Olypic Peninsulas West Coast) Alabama is by far the wettest State in the United States. Even in our worst droughts we get far more rain than the well known wet cities of Seattle and such. In fact Mobile gets well over twice the amount of rainfall Seattle gets. Earlier in 2014 we had nearly to feet in a day.
  19. I think the Southeast is really the land of trees and and water.
  20. The movie looks.like.crap. Channing Tatum is a terrible actor. More psuedo-scifi trash.
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