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  1. Plentiful Harvest skills are not applying correctly to Skinner Profession in Winter. This is my current bonus. I am Maxed skinning 100% trained with these nodes trained alone: I should be at 3 Plentiful resources in all types of animals. Adding a Skinner rune to my character increases the number to 3, it is a problem with the skill training nodes not the runes. @thomasblair @vkromas
  2. Log in for the first time and on new Campaign and get stuck in the Loading zone forever bug that clearly wasn't fixed. Not fighting the loading screen for a 2 day campaign.
  3. Clerics Tend Wounds power only heals the first tick of healing and doesn't heal after that. Stoneborn have no eating animation. Pillars of light from Portals are showing up randomly on the map not near any portal.
  4. You need the artisan crafting minor it allows you to make the basic toxin.
  5. Durability on gear is extremely low. I made a Advanced set and after a few hours of leveling with the guild its already almost completely broken. Now I have to stop and farm some more before I can continue to level the guild. Please re-address the Durability values. @thomasblair @vkromas
  6. Scrolls are not unlocking the Runestones and Gemstones on the crafting tables with the scrolls equipped. It was working before the downtime and patch yesterday now it's not working.
  7. These Passives do not work with Cleric spirit hammer attacks. I just farmed Beast tribes for over an hour and neither passive worked on the mobs or myself.
  8. On test the Basic attack Rubies are coming out like this: After finishing the amulet the stats are: On a Rare or Blue amulet of Basic attack damage on live the Values are: Is this intended or a fix to Basic attack damage amulets?
  9. In the new EU Campaign The Trials of Malekai, all nodes are dropping less materials? Across the board Ore, Wood, Stone and Skinning. Did we get a ninja nerf or is this another oops?
  10. Keeps happening, Can clearly see there is a hammer and shield equipped.
  11. Skinning animals at Rank 9 only drop green/ white quality hide. Dying puts a copy of all disc runes into your inventory. My weapons are equip on my vessel but I am punching mobs as if I have no weapon on and I can't remove my weapons to fix it. Armor pieces are showing up missing on my character UI. Can't remove them to fix it but recalling to the BH puts them back on my character UI. Crafting/Gathering seals can not be crafted, all of them come up as unexpected results. Items that stack in your inventory are showing a 0 count and not the correct number.
  12. https://youtu.be/DKztgTuhOrg I can confirm this as seen in the video the server has a heart attack and my FPS goes from 160 to 13 before logging me out of the server.
  13. Strength of the Legion is still broken, it only gives 39 attack power to teammates rather then the stated 75 attack power.
  14. Divine order does not reset the Cooldowns of the cleric skills mentioned in the tool tip when used in the Arbiter Talent tree. Walls on forts are immune to damage, even when hit with a treb.
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