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  1. In Moon temple If I looked out over a grassy field my frame rate dropped to 10. While in sun temple and running over rocks FPS was 60-70. Manually adjusting visual settings had no effect on the frame drop until......I lowered my Brightness from 1.0 to 0.50-0.20. Dropping the Game setting brightness while it was day time to 0.20-0.50 kept my frames above 60 and I could turn the brightness up as it got darker in game. FYI @thomasblair
  2. This is currently not reflecting the increase in mitigations on the character mitigation page. I'm assuming it should show the increase like Overwhelming odds does or other mitigation boosting skills. Can you please look into this. As you can see i have a barrier active and my Mits are not showing the increase from the talent. @vkromas @thomasblair
  3. Alpha Ulti is 350 soul power. after training. Reading is power.
  4. The Dodge "glitch" is also effecting Double jumps for Guinies and Fae's. It also not letting Radical Clerics Flash of light CD reset. It's also not allowing for Ultimate powers to be used while you are effected as well.
  5. New Update for 7/9 Centaur Dodge does not work half the time. Don't know if it has something to do with the new keeping inventory open while moving (much needed change thx). Champion Throw Hurlbat tool tip states 40m but only hits enemies within 14m. Champion Leap in mid leap if you get hit it knocks you out of the air and dizzy downs you. Don't know if that's intended, being a combat ability I really hope not. Champion Neckbreaker is also not working 100% of the time about the same frequency of Centaur dodge, again don't know if its linked to the new inventory menu open while move change.
  6. Fae Knight: Onslaught Ability will not work. Skill is greyed out. When clicked it states "Not enough energy" even when energy is full. Chain Attack will not pull enemies. Tried on multiple enemies of different types. Rune Caster Disc ability Sanctuary lets you cast the ability over and over with no cool down, created an endless amounts of visual effects but does not apply the buff for the ability.
  7. The only problem with this implementation on Disc to vessels is that the Disc don't get better as you level them up. A white Field Surgeon is the same as a Legendary one except I can slot the Legendary one into my Legendary vessel. All the work require to get the same result I can achieve from a vendor for 500 gold doesn't give me a feeling of Accomplishment. The disc should get a slight increase as you upgrade them so when you finally find 9 of the same combat souls (of which the drops are completely random), it feels like I actually accomplished something. The Quality of the disc should be gated by the quality of the vessel, I.E Legendary disc can't be equipped by any vessel quality except Legendary but Legendary vessels should be able to equip any quality disc. The amount of gathering it takes to get a good quality Legendary vessel is enough of a chore, adding the scavenger hunt of collecting 18 combat souls and 27 minor disc just to be combat ready is not necessary. Please re-evaluate this system of Disc's, Thanks and continue the great work. @thomasblair
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