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    Dedolin got a reaction from DocHollidaze in TEST Bug Reports (5.110 Phase 1) for 3/26/2020   
    In Moon temple If I looked out over a grassy field my frame rate dropped to 10. While in sun temple and running over rocks FPS was 60-70. Manually adjusting visual settings had no effect on the frame drop until......I lowered my Brightness from 1.0 to 0.50-0.20.
    Dropping the Game setting brightness while it was day time to 0.20-0.50 kept my frames above 60 and I could turn the brightness up as it got darker in game. FYI @thomasblair
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    Dedolin got a reaction from APE in 5.100 Snap Test Feedback Reports 8/20 - 26/19   
    Can we please get a GR or Campaign on test? Thanks!!
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    Dedolin got a reaction from oneply in 5.100 Snap Test Feedback Reports 8/20 - 26/19   
    Can we please get a GR or Campaign on test? Thanks!!
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    Dedolin reacted to Ussiah in 5.100 Feedback Reports for 7/30/19   
    Feedback for the week
    Now that we're at the end of the week I wanted to post a number of thoughts about this patch. Like others I took some weeks off to play another game but came back for this patch.
    The Good
    Drops - I will be honest, as a crafter, I was skeptical of adding drops because I thought it would reduce crafter value. Adding drops has made it MUCH easier for solo players to play and for guilded/experienced players to get their first set of gear. For once, at the start of the campaign not everyone is banging on my door for gear. Leveling Speed - I do not know the exact amounts for levels and how they've changed, but you can tell it is much easier to get to 20+ on a white vessel at least. Anything that makes it easy for new players to get started is a good thing. Crafting Changes - Removing the pip difference between colors has done a great job of flattening the power curve. I am a little perplexed on the Unique Cut changes for jewelry and nerfing crafter necklaces. Supposedly it was because one race would become obviously best. This will still happen but will just be a couple different races. Every high level blacksmith will go HG for the strength/pips etc.. I don't think you should play whack-a-mole with some things being best end game, it will happen no matter what. The Bad
    GR / Beachhead - I really hope you have been listening to feedback on this. We were told GR would be Rank 5 and below.....what happened to that? It is much to easy to farm high color materials with 0 risk. GR should only be max rank 5 and the same with Beachhead(not sure why we need beachhead resources now with GR). If it is due to leveling I have a number of suggestions. Easiest - ONLY have wartribe mobs rank 6-8 and no resources on these maps. This is my least favorite but better than nothing. And don't forget beachhead Rank 5 or lower or gone. Medium - Make White Vessels level off ANY rank of mob and keep the lock out of Campaigns based on an "achievement". So if one vessel makes it to 20, you can bring any level vessel into CW. Additionally change all ranks to 5 and below in GR and Beachhead. Medium plus - Make ALL vessels level off ANY rank of mob and change the amount of XP they give. (Rank 1 = 10, Rank 10=100). And of course limit everything to rank 5 or lower in GR / Beachhead The Ugly
    Too many people sitting in GR/Beachhead getting free resources. People will always choose the most efficient path. Vault bug is VERY annoying and I know you are working on it. I implore @jtoddcoleman@thomasblair to make some sort of comment concerning "The Bad" so that we know you hear us. It is EASILY to most complained about thing this patch, infact I hear more negative about that then the actual bug of the vaults.
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    Dedolin reacted to Samulus in The Trial of Arkon has begun   
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    Dedolin got a reaction from Ble in 5.100 Snap Test Feedback Reports for 7/24/19   
    Alpha Ulti is 350 soul power. after training. Reading is power.
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    Dedolin reacted to Phr00t in 5.100 Snap Test Feedback Reports for 7/24/19   
    Alpha Champ ulti is 500 soul power, not sure what you mean about 3 charges. 
    Myrm ulti should probably be 500 soul power as well though.
  8. Haha
    Dedolin reacted to PopeUrban in Offer Player Merchant Stalls More Options for Item Payment   
    Your subjective experience is not evidence of a trend. I have the exact opposite experience. I very rarely use gold to purchase anything because gold has even less use than dust due to said economy being screwed up. Any time someone not in my guild wants to make a trade they do not want to make it in gold. They want to make it in dust or embers.
    Just because I have never purchased a pair of roller skates does not mean roller skates do not exist. I would have a difficult time convincing the local roller rink that their business does not exist. Just because I live a farm and never engage in commerce does not make the dollar worthless. Your entire argument is predicated on information that does not match the current reality of crowfall.
    Dust has consistent value because it is a component used in all crafting. Every character needs to either craft items for themselves, or have those items crafted and thus, every character needs dust unless they decide to limit themselves to non-crafted items permanently.
    You require people to post gear on vendors for gold to have value. The moment there is nothing on said vendors, your gold is useless, and this happens rapidly due to there being no compelling endpoint for the currency. It requires, at a base level, someone posting items for gold that they don't actually have a way to spend. Due to lack of properly implemented sinks gold has no intrinsic value, only assumed value, and this is why it has failed repeatedly as soon as its temporary sinks are paid. We saw this when it had great xp ratios. The moment most people were done leveling characters, it became practically worthless, the vendors started vanishing, and those that remained saw extreme and rapid inflation due to the freefalling value of gold until the items that remained were of such low quality and high cost that they were essentially unaffordable for anyone that didn't already have a giant pile of unspendable gold.
    You only require gear to be a necessity for dust to have value. The moment nobody wants your dust, it is still useful to you. Because its primary sink is a crafting component used in all forms of crafting, dust has intrinsic value to every player. You will not run out of uses for dust because the things dust builds need replaced constantly. The only use for gold that functions this way is the saddle, and it is cheap enough there is no real compelling reason to acquire large liquid sums of it. someone can farm up a new saddle themselves in less than a half hour.
    I have plenty of faith that ACE is working on adding the appropriate sinks and necessary purchases to make gold valued by the majority of players as the default currency. However, as stated and in the present context, your argument denies both the reality of the current in game economy and the basic principles of supply and demand economics, and thus has no merit.
    I know you really wanted a mic drop moment here, but this ain't it.
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    Dedolin got a reaction from ACE_FancyHats in 5.100 Snap Test Bug Reports for 7/3/19   
    The Dodge "glitch" is also effecting Double jumps for Guinies and Fae's. It also not letting Radical Clerics Flash of light CD reset.
    It's also not allowing for Ultimate powers to be used while you are effected  as well.
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    Dedolin reacted to Ble in Warstory: Thank you, yes, you!   
    An elf sits on a chair and thinks to himself "Thank you Staff for running your mouth and uXa for manipulating the capture points system, without you guys we might not have motivated our members to come back and turn this campaign around in a single night".

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    Dedolin got a reaction from ACE_FancyHats in 5.100 Snap Test Bug Reports for 7/3/19   
    Fae Knight:
    Onslaught Ability will not work. Skill is greyed out. When clicked it states "Not enough energy" even when energy is full.
    Chain Attack will not pull enemies. Tried on multiple enemies of different types.
    Rune Caster Disc ability Sanctuary lets you cast the ability over and over with no cool down, created an endless amounts of visual effects but does not apply the buff for the ability.

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    Dedolin got a reaction from JamesGoblin in 5.100 Snap Test Bug Reports for 7/3/19   
    Fae Knight:
    Onslaught Ability will not work. Skill is greyed out. When clicked it states "Not enough energy" even when energy is full.
    Chain Attack will not pull enemies. Tried on multiple enemies of different types.
    Rune Caster Disc ability Sanctuary lets you cast the ability over and over with no cool down, created an endless amounts of visual effects but does not apply the buff for the ability.

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    Dedolin got a reaction from Ble in Upcoming Discipline Changes   
    The only problem with this implementation on Disc to vessels is that the Disc don't get better as you level them up. A white Field Surgeon is the same as a Legendary one except I can slot the Legendary one into my Legendary vessel. All the work require to get the same result I can achieve from a vendor for 500 gold doesn't give me a feeling of Accomplishment.
    The disc should get a slight increase as you upgrade them so when you finally find 9 of the same combat souls (of which the drops are completely random), it feels like I actually accomplished something. The Quality of the disc should be gated by the quality of the vessel, I.E Legendary disc can't be equipped by any vessel quality except Legendary but Legendary vessels should be able to equip any quality disc.
    The amount of gathering it takes to get a good quality Legendary vessel is enough of a chore, adding the scavenger hunt of collecting 18 combat souls and 27 minor disc just to be combat ready is not necessary. Please re-evaluate this system of Disc's, Thanks and continue the great work.
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    Dedolin got a reaction from JamesGoblin in 5.92.0 Bug Reports for 5/31/19   
    They are in the POIs where the Boulders,Ingots and Lumber are.
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    Dedolin got a reaction from JamesGoblin in 5.92.0 Bug Reports for 5/31/19   
    Made a purple(epic) major disc, Stat lines are the same regardless of quality. White and Blue have the same stats of the Purple quality. Is this just a place holder for now or is upgrading the quality going to do nothing to stat lines??
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    Dedolin got a reaction from JamesGoblin in 5.90 LIVE Bug Reports for 5/20/2019   
    Log in for the first time and on new Campaign and get stuck in the Loading zone forever bug that clearly wasn't fixed.
    Not fighting the loading screen for a 2 day campaign.
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    Dedolin got a reaction from JamesGoblin in 5.90 LIVE Bug Reports for 5/17/2019   
    Clerics Tend Wounds power only heals the first tick of healing and doesn't heal after that.
    Stoneborn have no eating animation.
    Pillars of light from Portals are showing up randomly on the map not near any portal.
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    Dedolin reacted to Allinavi in Why do harvesters expect it to rain purples?   
    There are 4 seperate passive talents that either aren't working or this is a micro-priorty focus on all the posting about drops, without the thought that most people are fully trained...
    *This isn't posted in bugs because every mention of it, brings out the nerf bat.
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    Dedolin reacted to Balathan in 5.8.6 Snap Test Feedback and Bug Reports for 4/4/19   
    So disc drop rates... lets start with animal world spawns...
    Animal world spawns are now the only way to drop major disciplines and to say the least their drop rates are poor. These are static spawns with 3 or 4 hour respawn times (we didn't bother to figure out which) that have a lot of health and are hard to find. Once found one would think that the long respawn boss would always drop a discipline. This however is not the case in our testing we killed 14 R4/R5 bosses with 0 disciplines dropped, we killed 3 R7 bosses with disciplines dropped 1 time and 1 R9 and it dropped that 1 time (these were all killed during night time, not sure if that is important). Now when discs drop they drop 4 and that is great but that drop rate on the lower ranks is abysmal and needs to be fixed. If these are 3-4 hour spawns that are static (meaning that once the time of death is known they will be pvp contestable) they MUST drop disciplines every time. I shouldn't be killing world bosses and getting nothing for it no matter what rank they are. We bounced the idea around them having guaranteed drops but the number of majors varied on rank. R1-4 1 disc, R5-6 2 discs, R7-8 3 discs, R9-10 4 discs. Given that from our few drops we had some overlapping discs we can assume that the tables are the same across all bosses and could be any major so with the system right now its almost impossible to get discs at all and the ones you do get you probably wont want. Please increase drop rates or rework how they drop on low ranked bosses.
    Aside from the drop rates there is a spawning bug... ill drop some pictures. ACE please fix

    Moving on to War tribe drops...
    We farmed with 3 people R8 Urgu for 3 hours and came up with 1 minor discipline. We killed elites, captains, bosses, etc and came up with a few runic weapon recipes (maybe 12-15 between us) but only one discipline. The drop rates should be increased on minor disciplines, i don't know what the percentage drop rate on that is but its not high. We need 3 per person and a lot of them are useless so only 1/2 to 1/3 of the minors people will actually use. This system needs some touch up before live or people will be minor disc less. Again I'm going to say that maybe the rates at which the runic components drop and the discipline drop rates need to be flipped (and preferably increased). 12-15 discs after 3 hours of farming with 3 people is not great but at least its something.
    This morning we killed 2 group bosses (evidently different then normal bosses) and they had a lot of loot (pictured below). This seems really backwards to me, if the minor drop rates are so poor why do the group bosses drop only 1 but they drop 4 recipes. With these drop rates we will be able to make 6 runic weapons a person before we ever get our minor disciplines. These realistically should be flipped so that when I kill one of these i get 4 discs and 1 recipe. But they had dropped loot both times we killed them so who could complain about that
  20. Confused
    Dedolin got a reaction from Scorn in 5.8.5 Snap Test Feedback and Bug reports for 3/15/19   
    On test the Basic attack Rubies are coming out like this:

    After finishing the amulet the stats are:

    On a Rare or Blue amulet of Basic attack damage on live the Values are:

    Is this intended or a fix to Basic attack damage amulets?
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    Dedolin reacted to Jah in Uncle Bob via Mega Alliance?   
    Because its not actually about population numbers. The faction with the highest population is the one that is crying about losing.
    People are whining because the winning faction is playing the game as intended.

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    Dedolin reacted to mandalore in Uncle Bob via Mega Alliance?   
    @jtoddcoleman If two 20/35 man guilds can ally together and break the game then that’s a community problem.  People refusing to make alliances and farm on par with the top guilds is your community being lazy and entitled; no mechanic is going to change that.  This whole drama started because people who didn’t wanna contribute as much got mad that their work horse left them for better allies.  
    Your organized veteran players are playing in a handful of guilds and have a huge knowledge avantage combined with a division of labor and an efficient chain of command.  The larger established guilds of two + years ago are mostly gone.  Sugoi and the UDL/LoD alliance have quit playing (for legitimate reasons) and it’s caused a power vacuum that the community has failed to fix. 
    I’m down for reward scarcity, I’m not down for rewarding mediocre behavior and second rate players.
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    Dedolin got a reaction from MiracleMax in 5.8.2 Snap Live Feedback and Bug Reports   
    Keeps happening, Can clearly see there is a hammer and shield equipped.
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    Dedolin got a reaction from moneda in 5.8.1 Snap Test Feedback and Bug Reports for 1/17/19   
    I can confirm this as seen in the video the server has a heart attack and my FPS goes from 160 to 13 before logging me out of the server.
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    Dedolin got a reaction from cyjax in 5.8.1 Snap Test Feedback and Bug Reports for 1/11/19   
    Strength of the Legion is still broken, it only gives 39 attack power to teammates rather then the stated 75 attack power.
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