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  1. katlight

    The Hive

    That's what I'm here for, Nick. To make up for your brazen hard-headedness. (I'd call it what it really is, but I'm not sure how strict the censors are on this board. )
  2. Wow. I wasn't sure that this was the game for me, but this concept is FANTASTIC. I can't wait. It's adaptable, so if you find something we love and things we don't, you can work around that. The devs can try new things so a short period and see how it works without throwing the whole game off balance. if we stink at a campaign, we get the chance to learn from our mistakes and start fresh.. and if we dominate we don't get to perpetually sit on a pretty throne. LOVE it. Plus, from a player continuity standpoint, if real life forces you to step away for a while, it doesn't have the "so I had to leave for a month, everything I've ever done has now been destroyed" problem that you run into with games like EVE, etc. Can't wait to see how this works out in practice! And count me among those who really wants to know what specifically the "Hunger Resistance" stat is for. Does this mean CHARACTERS can be infected with the Hunger? That would be epic.
  3. Did you just.... make me the priestess of the Care Bears? ...I am surprisingly okay with this. As soon as the game opens, I will begin taking confession.* *confessions may or may not be used as blackmail or currency for my own benefit*
  4. that information about yourself made me so happy you can stab me anytime lol

  5. I'll bite. I got into wizards because (and I realize I'm a walking stereotype) I can play it with my kids and teach them the straightforward mechanics of games, with time for explanation and strategic discussion in between spell selection. It's a good foot in the door, so to speak. I stay because, frankly, I like my guild. Which is kind of a sucky reason to stay, considering that there are no actual guilds in game, but in a game so large there's a good players base segmented into TONS of smaller groups, and I've found my tribe. I am here because that tribe has come here. I want to hang with my tribe and kill people. What I'd love to carry over: - safe areas. I'm all for PvP on the open streets, but I want to be able to retreat to a town or guild hall, what have you, and be able to have short period of gameplay where you don't have to be CONSTANTLY on guard. - equitable character design options. I'm cool with having she-elves running around in gold bikinis if you're into that, but don't MAKE the she-elf wear the gold bikini, give us some armor options. And let the guys run around in a loincloth or something if they want. - PvE-wise, bosses and dungeon with "cheat" dynamics that break the normal rules of play. Give me a challenge. - lots of attack/manipulation options. I don't want to sit there mashing the same 5 buttons over and over again. I want lots of options with different mechanics. What I don't want to see carried over: - micro-transactions and the game-breaking gear brought on by them. In bold because seriously. Don't do this. - lack of a good guild system - a cyclical, always-first or always-second turn system. So many disadvantages. Although if I'm being fair Pirate101 did a much better job with this. - lack of character backstory. - a jump mechanism that does nothing. Seriously. Worst design ever. - the unwillingness to tweak or nerf as necessary. If you made a mistake, don't try to cover it up or introduce whole new stats to offset your error, just fix the problem or nerf it. Of course in W101 that problem was largely due to the fact that the issues were caused by microtransactions, and there would be have an outcry if people spent money on gear/stats/what have you only to have it nerfed immediately afterwards, so maybe this could be nipped in the bud by not having microtransactions. I may have mentioned that before. Please no microtransations.
  6. WSAD for me. While I love click movement too, my mouse gets a little twitchy when the batteries are starting to run out and I've occasionally found myself running sideways into random mobs for no apparent reason. In this game, that kind of accident could lose me my crap, and generally speaking I like my crap.
  7. The only thing we Canadians are afraid of is that the US will finally decide to deport Beiber back to us. Also possibly that there will be a duct tape shortage, but that's more of a "when hell freezes over" kind of fear. Absolutely, give me a night cycle, and a good long one at that. And weather! And make it affect gameplay. It'd be awesome to see people running into an opposing army for battle and slipping on ice or something.
  8. katlight

    The Hive

    When the Mercs and Duelists join forces, the result can only be TOTAL DOMINATION. Ooooorr excessive skillet cookie eating. Preferably both, but I'm admittedly okay with an either/or scenario.
  9. katlight

    The Hive

    Can a mercenary pretend to be a Duelist? Cause if so, I'm in. I will not, however, pay tribute to any man. Unless the tribute is FOG staffs. You can have those.
  10. Deal-breakers: Having to spend real world money for game-breaking gear. Lack of a good guild system For me personally, it crosses the line into too hardcore if going offline is taking a risk. I don't want someone breaking into my character's home and raiding my gear while I dare to sleep at nights. I'm all for night raids and wreaking havoc on guilds, but at least have a mechanism to keep a single character's stuff safe.
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