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  1. What happens when two crows try to take the same vessel? How do you prevent a crow from being used as an invisible/ immortal scout? Picking up a new vessel allows you to gain new skills, can you gain new recipes that way as well? Are the new recipes permanent?
  2. If you are really attached to your Initial body/Vessel, there could be design considerations to let you keep it enter a campaign as just your crow ( maybe allowed to take additonal resources... bad news it drops where you enter and you need a body to go pick them up) Switch vessel out in your EK and enter the campaign as your backup As it is voxel terrain, bury your initial body and take your crow to get another once in campaign, put your initial vessel into embargo, then go find another.
  3. So being that a god selected you, what are the benefits to the gods in relation to your vessel?: (such as) Better training speeds for certain skills related to the god’s portfolio Ability to more easily locate vessels that have significance to the god Absorbing some skill from a legendary hero vessel related to a god Retaining some portion of skill advancement from a vessel (this would help reduce the disparity between VIP ad normal accounts) Are there negatives? Edit Such as: All combat vessels are taken, so you get stuck with a miners/farmer/merchants body you may get an odd skill you don’t normally have, but you will fight as your primary archtype at a reduced skill rate
  4. I have to admit, I was waiting for the arguments to start over whether likes could stave off hunger, were EK resources or could be used in campaigns. And whether disgusting likes are better than pleasent likes
  5. true, though I don't think I have tasted it in 25 or 30 years, but it seemd in line with the game and seemed better then Elder Crow, or Grumpy Greybeard Crow - Hmm, perhaps I should have gone with Grey Crow.
  6. I expect how to do this will be an interesting problem. Aside from the ending loot%, it could be used as a driver to keep sides competing, if the winner can affect the rules of what the loser leaves with. If you don’t like Guild X, shift their embargo to RNG when they kneel. If you don’t particularly hate Guild Y and want to keep their allegiance, leave theirs as players/guild choice. Because it is good to be the king/guildmaster If you lost, but never had to kneel, you get to keep your choice, or possibly get to keep your choice as long as your points are within X% of the winners. Thus it becomes a political mechanic for campaigns. Actually for the four bands: Three Faction, Gods war, guild vs guild, Free for all; the mechanic may need to be adjusted for each one. Perhaps what the gods do to each other through their proxies is fixed, while the GvG and FFA are more flexible.
  7. One thing I think needs to be considered, How does hunger affect fish and game? does it make it unedible, or act like a poison or mutation on the players? along similar lines, does hunger affected hides have different properties than normal hides?
  8. Building on what PopeUrban said, combat can be (if not already is) be seemly random enough without RNG. In addition to the stats, we will also have effects from changing seasons (which may affect races and archetypes differently), and possibly interesting interactions with the terrain. If they want to expand the randomness, they could add weather, equipment interactions with elemental magic (does metal wear or break quicker in cold?) and hunger, etc. If we are looking at RNG or risk taking, outside of combat, something like collecting food affected by hunger could be a risk. What happens when you eat meat that has been affected by hunger? And what other areas of the game that risk taking could make life more interesting? some of the rogue-type games have done coming up with clever mechanics that could spawn ideas
  9. another question is, if hunger affects all mobs and critters in the world, does that make them uneatable as some point? and would a hungry corrupted critter give different materials than a normal critter
  10. that could be interesting, then it become the equivalent of a chest - until someone destroys the voxel. then you could have a field full of corpses and possiblly not have that big a hit on performance.
  11. poisoning food, that is an interesting mechanic. I wonder if there could be other interesting combinations between alchemy and cooking/brewing?
  12. I think, it would need to be more of ground moving then destruction. If you make voxels disappear out of the game, some players will destroy the world just for fun. But, if you make it just moving from one place to another, mostly they will get bored of it. and there would need to be some time limitations based on type of materials you are digging through. i.e. digging through dirt is easier than stone. and you could really mess with players, in the case of dirt voxels. The first time you dig up a dirt, turn it into a voxel and a half - just to represent the real world
  13. I would hope, with there being a food mechanic in the game, we see both cooking and brewing in the game. and seeing 50 drunk minotaurs charging across a field would be most awesome.
  14. Considering there is a limit to backpack space, I wonder if there will be the ability to cache food - and of course a way for other players to search for caches. And... if there is a way to loot food from other players, it would make for a rather brutal winter season.
  15. One of the things I would want to know is if there will be different sets of music, one for the EK and one for campaign worlds. And, in the case of EKs, can I select what I want to play (or others to hear) in my EK. it could be part of customizing an EK to a players taste.
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