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  1. I'm an Aussie, I kinda assume guilds would actually value us, since having a mix of people from different timezones would allow a 24/7 presence in the campaigns. Just imagine a campaign where one side is only Americans/Europeans? They'd wake up the next day and everything will be lost to handful of strayan's.
  2. I want to post the Unidan copypasta about Jackdaws so bad! Reddit has scarred me.
  3. I like the archtype approach because it makes the classes look more distinct. I still think the TF2 approach is great, as you can gauge the threat from every enemy based purely on their silhouette. This request is akin to people in TF2 saying "I want a big burly guy to be a scout!" You're right, it could work, but regardless of asset/art costs, it doesn't work with the current art direction, that I really like.
  4. I love how the female version some how looks more bad-ass than the male one. Well done to the artists!
  5. Anyone know if it's possible to change my username, or delete my account to make a new name?
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