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  1. I Pledged gold and am #4787 on the pledge list. The brief research I did showed that most gold backers are in play test right now. I'm worried that My invite got lost in spam or I didn't get sent one by mistake. Is there any way to find out if I'm in the current play test? Sorry if this subject is in another post..
  2. Survival. I love games like Rust and Ark Survival, so I'm really hoping that staying warm and fed are integral parts of the game and not just a concern for the first fifteen minutes while you get a large supply of food and coast the rest of the campaign. We will see!!
  3. Yup, it's a hard life. Definitely worth though.
  4. I can't really speak to joining in on another wiki, but we will keep it in mind!
  5. I have been on these forums for quite some time posting here and there, but now that Alpha is on it's way, I am going to be on here a lot more often!! I am also part of the CrowfallWiki edit team and will be spending a decent amount of time getting that up and going again. deathGrab is my guild name and the rest of my guild mates are already on the forums and also on the Wiki team. I'm excited to see the game progress and ready to get into alpha 2.
  6. Post Post Post!!! We need peoples opinions! Don't be like me and drop off the map for months either!
  7. Welcome!! Have fun and take breaks while reading the entire forum!! There is a lot!!
  8. Project has definitely not been shelved and we will all be starting up again in the very near future. Keep your eyes peeled for updates as they will be coming in soon. Pretty excited for the wave of info from the pre Alpha and Alpha 1!!!
  9. The CrowfallWiki Will rise again. Due to various IRL stuff, we had to go on Hiatus for a long ish while. Now that Pre Alpha is starting we are going to discuss new layout ideas and set some content goals in place. All of us are going on a camping trip together this weekend and will be brainstorming on how to get going again smoothly. We love the game, but RL got in the way for a bit We will steal the Community Wiki back soon enough. In the next few weeks, look for our thread to pick back up in the forums and also a REZ post from Ratchet (Boss Man) I'm excited to get going again
  10. I think It will be awesome!! I also don't think that all $70,000 is put in a separate bank account only to be used for developing that particularstretch goal. It goes into the game in general for 2 ply TP/ top ramen for the crew..... You know, the important stuff!
  11. I would love a sit mechanic... Risk vs Reward. If you sit down, you may get ganked!!
  12. The more combinations the better IMO. I want it to take a long time before all the recipes are known
  13. Situational crafting is a really cool idea. Maybe when your next to a powerful creature and you craft a sword with certain ingredients, it imbues some of the mosters aura in it, kinda like soul gems in Elder scrolls.
  14. Having multiple posts on a fairly broad subject isn't really a bad thing. I enjoy seeing multiple people's comments about a similar subject. Instead of policing for double posts maybe you could include your thoughts Jihan? (even if it's for a second or third time)
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