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  1. It has been mentioned before and I will mention it again as a point of reference. Albion Online. Albion was a dying game that was saved by a series of good decisions from the developing company. At one point less than 10k people were playing it, now it's closer to 300k. ' We need fair fight mechanics (To fill-in the times when siege windows aren't open). Albion Online is an excellent game for you to examine, if you need ideas. Albion Online has 1v1's in the form of corrupted dungeons. Lethal (Lose the gear you're wearing), non-lethal (Lose no gear), and multiple iterations in between. This gives people choices. If someone logs into Albion and they want a little dungeon PvE, it has that. If they want Dungeon PVP, it has that. Wana keep your gear? It has that. Wana risk your gear but be able to take your oppositions gear? It has that. Choice is key. I love the ideas behind Crowfall and I'm a big fan of J Todd Coleman and Gordon Walton. I would love nothing more than this game to have 200 or 300 thousand people playing it concurrently. I love that they didn't go for the safe cookie cutter MMO that is so common. At the same time I will tell you what we currently have is not enough to retain a large active player base. These guys have to eat. 10k players at 15 bucks a month is NOT enough. A couple of suggestions for content that are simple: Corrupted Dungeons: Player vs Player dungeons that are entered by finding a point of interest in the open world. You enter from one end and are placed in a dungeon doing PvE (While you wait for someone else to enter the dungeon at a different point). You and one other player fight each other in the dungeon, the winner gets loot and can chain into the next corrupted dungeon. The loser gets thrown out and can look for another corrupted dungeon if they want another 1v1 fight. Hell Gates: Same idea as a corrupted dungeon but different scale. In Albion Online there are 2v2, 5v5, 10v10, and I believe 20v20 Hellgates (I've never done anything larger than 10v10). The larger the party the better the loot. The point is you can get guaranteed fair fights. The entrances to corrupted dungeons and hellgates are out in the open world. BTW Devs, if you want more ideas on how to fix your game. Contact me, I'm an old man full of ideas that can help you.
  2. You're right, I'm sorry, it isn't safe. WE MUST BURN YOU AS A STEAK (Rare plz).
  3. After considering your argument, I agree.
  4. Look at the video, it only charges "fast" if you're hitting another player from what I've seen. By fast I mean 35 seconds, not that fast. I will admit, the double escape was too much. I almost still wish they'd replace it with something more geared toward assassination. Something like a non-purgable poison that does 3k damage in 5 seconds and ignores resistances.
  5. I did not realize that. Does it not work with PvE? You are 100% right, I tested it. It does not take 2 minutes, closer to 35 seconds, if you're hitting another player. Unfortunately now we are only able to have one charge. I wish the information you so smugly shared with me was apparent in the game. Maybe in a tool-tip. I still think we might be better off with a different ult rather than a single charge of Shadowstep in this form.
  6. Shadowstep appears to have been gutted on the test server. 1 charge instead of 2. Takes approximately 2 minutes to recharge. 750 resource cost vs old cost of 500. I think we might be better off getting a different ult altogether. I'm struggling to determine if the variance in recharge rate is intended or a bug. https://streamable.com/3bnth5
  7. Shadowstep appears to have been gutted on the test server. 1 charge instead of 2. Takes approximately 2 minutes to recharge (Outside of combat). 750 resource cost vs old cost of 500. I think we might be better off getting a different ult altogether. https://streamable.com/3bnth5
  8. This feels like a massive overreaction. The Fae is fine. You won't be gaining any altitude after you jump but I'm not sure that we ever should have been able to do that anyway. Here's a video of what it looks like now. You can hear me slapping my space bar trying to get that extra jump after the double dash. It's not going to happen, but it's not the end of the world either. https://streamable.com/neyj7w
  9. I don't understand the purpose of posting on the forum if you think it's a dead game. If you think the game is dead - move on. I think the population is going to ebb and flow quite a bit in this game. We're at the end of a campaign. I'm sure there are less people than there were a couple of weeks ago, but I'm also sure that's going to be normal. I personally believe the population will increase dramatically when they re-release the hunger dome. The game does need work, but I'm still enjoying myself most of the time. The reset mechanics built into this game offer a unique opportunity for ArtCraft to learn from its mistakes. The campaigns we see now may end up being pale shadows of campaigns in 6 months. The potential is still there. I personally believe that Gordon Walton and J Todd are going to improve the game substantially. This isn't the final product, this is just the first iteration of the product they promised.
  10. Ruthlessness on Vandal increases piercing/crushing/slashing damage bonus +10 and piercing/crushing/slashing damage bonus cap +10. The thing is the promotion class Vandal deals poison damage type with basic attacks. So their damage is not focused. Would it be possible to either add poison to the piercing/crushing/slash damage bonus OR to remove the poison damage type for the basic attacks and make it something that will benefit from the Ruthlessness buffs? I don't think this was intended as a way to reduce basic attack damage or Vandals, but I feel that is what it accomplishes. If anyone sees something I'm missing, I'd love to hear it.
  11. Appreciate the guide, I actually made this exact build before I watched the video.
  12. Serrated Blade's bleed breaks Shadow Step. See video for proof. Monsters also pop you out of stealth at range when you Shadow Step. https://streamable.com/4o6a5s
  13. So your statement is a bit confusing. When you bootcamp Windows on a Mac you're running Windows on the Mac. It's not a virtual machine, or some other tom-foolery, it's just Windows running on a partition that's on your Mac. Which leaves me wondering what exactly you mean by it's not compatible?
  14. People need long and short term goals. The passive system offers plenty of long term goals. The short term vessel grind is something to keep people out in the world and occupied. Is there a better way to do it? Maybe, I'm not a game designer so I certainly don't know what that way is. The idea they sold us doesn't bother me. A weekend grind to max out a vessel seems ok. There is an additional benefit to having the vessel sacrifice grind, It's a resource sink. Some sort of progression system is needed, the passive system is just what they originally chose. I believe that they added the sacrifice grind because they were concerned about how impatient people are. People want visible progress right now (People are already asking for head starts from day 1 on the forum). I don't know if I'd call the sacrifice grind a straight vertical power creep. From what I understand (Please correct me if I'm wrong) you max out your vessel in a weekend. Then if you need a new vessel a month later, you do it again. When your campaign ends, maybe you can export the vessel, maybe you can't (Depending on campaign and whether or not you won). It's not so much that I find killing bad AI exciting, it's more like I can't always count on human beings to provide me with all my content. I know it's a sandbox, but even a sandbox can be made more interesting by providing some PvE content. The current game loop, from my limited testing, seems to be harvest, craft, kill till you die, repeat. Would it really be so bad if they threw in a little pve? Maybe a dungeon or rare spawn that drops some slightly nicer crafting resources?
  15. NO VIP no tome creation, that simple. I'm sure tons of people will hate this idea, but it seems like there will be a ton of problems if anyone can just buy an account, and farm tomes at no cost forever. I also like the way Eve does this, you can only start creating injectors (Tomes) once you reach a baseline amount of skill(s) points. This is also working under the assumption that you will not be able to redeem tomes past a maximum amount of time, which would be the potential time for a player created on day 1. In other words, you can't buy tomes to level up skills ahead of the people that started with VIP on day 1. Full disclosure: I have 5 years of VIP on two accounts (One for me, one for bro), so i'm definitely biased.
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