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  1. So your statement is a bit confusing. When you bootcamp Windows on a Mac you're running Windows on the Mac. It's not a virtual machine, or some other tom-foolery, it's just Windows running on a partition that's on your Mac. Which leaves me wondering what exactly you mean by it's not compatible?
  2. People need long and short term goals. The passive system offers plenty of long term goals. The short term vessel grind is something to keep people out in the world and occupied. Is there a better way to do it? Maybe, I'm not a game designer so I certainly don't know what that way is. The idea they sold us doesn't bother me. A weekend grind to max out a vessel seems ok. There is an additional benefit to having the vessel sacrifice grind, It's a resource sink. Some sort of progression system is needed, the passive system is just what they originally chose. I believe that they added the sacrifice grind because they were concerned about how impatient people are. People want visible progress right now (People are already asking for head starts from day 1 on the forum). I don't know if I'd call the sacrifice grind a straight vertical power creep. From what I understand (Please correct me if I'm wrong) you max out your vessel in a weekend. Then if you need a new vessel a month later, you do it again. When your campaign ends, maybe you can export the vessel, maybe you can't (Depending on campaign and whether or not you won). It's not so much that I find killing bad AI exciting, it's more like I can't always count on human beings to provide me with all my content. I know it's a sandbox, but even a sandbox can be made more interesting by providing some PvE content. The current game loop, from my limited testing, seems to be harvest, craft, kill till you die, repeat. Would it really be so bad if they threw in a little pve? Maybe a dungeon or rare spawn that drops some slightly nicer crafting resources?
  3. NO VIP no tome creation, that simple. I'm sure tons of people will hate this idea, but it seems like there will be a ton of problems if anyone can just buy an account, and farm tomes at no cost forever. I also like the way Eve does this, you can only start creating injectors (Tomes) once you reach a baseline amount of skill(s) points. This is also working under the assumption that you will not be able to redeem tomes past a maximum amount of time, which would be the potential time for a player created on day 1. In other words, you can't buy tomes to level up skills ahead of the people that started with VIP on day 1. Full disclosure: I have 5 years of VIP on two accounts (One for me, one for bro), so i'm definitely biased.
  4. I always figured that Alpha meant they have the entire game-loop in place. They definitely don't yet.
  5. I agree. I believe Mark Jacob and Andrew Megg will see this through to a good end, even if takes 7 years. Have any of you guys played it at all in any of the tests? I've had access and tried it a bit. All I can say is i'm really hoping that the upcoming Dragon Circle and beta are more game, less technical demo.
  6. Did any of you guys end up playing this? I've been playing it lately, sometimes I love it and sometimes I hate it. They fumbled pretty hard in several different ways. Server in Paris is the biggest pain point for me right now. Tough to play with 160 -200 ping.
  7. Actively grinding requires my time. One of the main reasons I backed this game during the Kickstarter was the passive progression. I want to play games, but I don't have any interest in spending the majority of my time grinding. I think the passive time based progression system will slow down progress and place it behind a time gate which will definitely alleviate the race to the end syndrome prevalent in most MMO's. I feel like this will create opportunites to have fun at multiple different points before the 'End Game'. You previously mentioned that the weekend grinding in Shadowbane seemed more interesting and rewarding. This is that, isn't it? Seemed like a brilliant idea to me. It is a different wrapper, that's definitely true, but I don't know if that's all it is. Of all the systems I've ever seen in any MMO, this is the one that has me most interested. It seems balanced and well thought out. Is there a game with a progression system that you can point to that is superior?
  8. I personally hope they never put in CC like there was in DAOC. It's not fun to be stunned or mezzed for an extended period of time. I hope the CC in this game is of the type that allows for a counter other than, dodge this or lose every time. I'd rather have my opponents fight back than stand there and die because they don't have CC in their group.
  9. I actually like Vikingnail's idea about a campaign with a true reset. I feel like this is a legitimate option that they could easily pursue in the future. I actually feel like this highlights the greatest strength of Crowfall. The ability to make multiple different types of players happy is huge. VN and other people that want a reset can get a reset campaign with some nice hardcore options if they want them. People who want something more casual like myself, can get that too. There's no reason we can't have our cake and eat it too, is there?
  10. Thanks for the reply, I've watched Blair's he definitely doesn't talk about playing Albion Online in there. He definitely seems like a great guy from that Murder of Crows.
  11. Why do you think they're abandoning zero import campaigns? I really hope they're still planning this. I really liked this idea. =(
  12. I recently read that @thomasblair was playing Albion. I'm very happy to hear that the team play some of the games currently on the market, especially games that have some similarities to Crowfall. I'm really curious regarding what Blair's takeaways were from his experience in Albion Online. In many ways I feel like Crowfall could be the next evolution of a game like Albion Online. Can anyone point me to the posts where Blair talks about this?
  13. Sandbox Interactive did NOT ban people for having multiple accounts per IP. I have 3 Albion Online Accounts.
  14. Dungeons, mazes, pvp? Man I’m drooling. The emergent gameplay opportunities are real. I’d love the the idea of them opening up map making to the community, could make for some amazing times.
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