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  1. Hello i have a bug, i think. It's that i have to train ALL the previous skills in order to be able to train the next skill, not just one of them, and i got a picture to further illustrate it. As you can see from the top picture, i have fully trained both 'Incredible Intellect' and 'Incredible Mana' skills and i CAN therefor train the 'Mind Basics Mastery' skill. But as you can see from the lower picture i have only fully trained the 'Two Handed Staff Expertise' skill and not the 'Gaea's Final Gesture' skill so i can't train the 'Essence Affinity' skill. I'm assuming this is a bug
  2. I entered the Sorrow campaign and i then wanted to look at my skills for a bit longer, so while i was entering the campaign i did just that. However when i then finally came into the campaign it looked like this. Just wanted to let you know.
  3. Is this the list of your favorite submission or is it the list of all the ones who entered? Because if it's the latter, then mine isn't there. https://twitter.com/ThyMarX/status/712243835317964800 But if it is the first then i can take it as a man crow, i just wanted to know because i'm not totally sure by the way you have worded you "PANDERINGs: SO MUCH TO CELEBRATE" news. Just wanted to know
  4. Hey there, the name is ThyMarX or whatever, call me what you want, and i wanna join The Lantern Watch, if i'm allowed. I am so custard hyped for this game it's stupid, the last time i was this hyped was for ESO but that turned out to be a bit of a dissapointment in my eyes, so i have high hopes for Crowfall. If the info is needed then im planning on making a Druid, since i like supporting and all in all, make sure everyone is okay, i'll probably be of the "casual" group of players, but if the game lives up to my expectations then i'll probably go way more in on pvp... and socialising..
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