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    ThyMarX got a reaction from MiracleMax in Sat, January 7 - Mon, January 9: Bugs, anomalies and tech issues FEEDBACK   
    Hello i have a bug, i think. It's that i have to train ALL the previous skills in order to be able to train the next skill, not just one of them, and i got a picture to further illustrate it.

    As you can see from the top picture, i have fully trained both 'Incredible Intellect' and 'Incredible Mana' skills and i CAN therefor train the 'Mind Basics Mastery' skill.
    But as you can see from the lower picture i have only fully trained the 'Two Handed Staff Expertise' skill and not the 'Gaea's Final Gesture' skill so i can't train the 'Essence Affinity' skill.
    I'm assuming this is a bug since the skills says "You must train ONE or more prior skills in this tree" and not all of them.
    I hope that's usefull.
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    ThyMarX got a reaction from JamesGoblin in Fri, Dec 16 – Sun, Dec 18 - Bugs, anomalies and tech issues FEEDBACK   
    I entered the Sorrow campaign and i then wanted to look at my skills for a bit longer, so while i was entering the campaign i did just that. However when i then finally came into the campaign it looked like this.

    Just wanted to let you know.
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    ThyMarX got a reaction from JamesGoblin in The Lantern Watch (Welcome Home)   
    Hey there, the name is ThyMarX or whatever, call me what you want, and i wanna join The Lantern Watch, if i'm allowed.
    I am so custard hyped for this game it's stupid, the last time i was this hyped was for ESO but that turned out to be a bit of a dissapointment in my eyes, so i have high hopes for Crowfall.
    If the info is needed then im planning on making a Druid, since i like supporting and all in all, make sure everyone is okay, i'll probably be of the "casual" group of players, but if the game lives up to my expectations then i'll probably go way more in on pvp... and socialising... as well as crafting, well, i would just overall invest more time into the game.
    I hope to hear from you.
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    ThyMarX got a reaction from Tyrant in Sun, April 10 - Bugs, anomalies and tech issues FEEDBACK   
    I just encountered a interesting bug.
    I played a knight and as did one of my teammates, he though was afk, or laggin or whatever, he was standing still. So i decided to fool around a bit and ran straight into him, making me run on the spot because he was in the way. Then something strange happened, his charectar started running as well, with about half a second delay to when i started running into him, and when i began sprinting he began sprinting.
    It's a funny little bug and i'm currious as to how it happens.
    Also i have been walking on air this playtest, after i, as a knight, charged over a the keeps ledge,  and have traveled through walls because it was so laggy. I was inside the keep, at the fire, then ran out of it because enemies came and i was alone, then after i had run for a bit i teleported back inside the keep and started slowly and lagging back to where i had fled to, through the walls.
    Hope it helps
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