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  1. PvP idea: Outpost: try adding a decrease controlling over Outpost over time as a way to get the faction that control it have a reason to come back and interact with it. also make the campfire be treated like a player made campfire with food to restore your food counter as a increase reason to stick around. Forts: While I don't mind the lockout timer to give people who cap it a chance to uses a fort for strategic positioning or crafting. It needs to have a small lockout timer needs to be taken off of a rotations and base on a 3 hour lock timer which is a good time to be able to do things in a fort. This vulnerability thing in its current form make the game slow as there no reason to fight over a fort till the last 15 minutes of the hour. if you don't like that idea then rotate it on a 1/2 hour base not one hour then and then makes sure 3 to 4 keeps are available each 1/2. you can get to every fort and fight everyone off in 1/2 hour. Keeps: Needs to be vulnerability once a day minimally. Uncle Bob: You want to put uncle bob back in his place. There needs to be more ways for groups and guilds to make up points loss by not owning the keeps. While a faction should be rewarded for holding keeps by getting the most points. With the current timer system it punish the small guilds/Alliance who are more active and rewards the larger Guilds/Alliances who can play more casuals only needing to show up on big fights. You should reward the more active player base of your game not the casuals as this is also hurting this game at this time. when a player only need to be on at key times ever few days for major fighting it allows them to leave your game to play other games. which in turns hurts your active player base who are scraping the bottom of the barrel for fights. specially when your not planning on adding PvE content/Raid to keep your active player base with things to do when you have timers running your game. While I think longer lockout timers from Siege is good for when dregs comes out. This hurts your faction style game. Gods Reach: Liking the new Gods Reach map however both do need to rotate every month to keep it from getting stagnant. resources need to be lowered for materials ranks even on mobs I would love to see it Basic Gods Reach 1-3 for resources adding a NPC like combat map zones were the mobs are 3+ levels Infected Gods Reach: 1-7 resources adding a NPC like combat map zones were the mobs are 7+ levels Knowing once a wipe does happen this will change everything and will need to be adjusted but i think this could solves some of your system issues till your able to fix the current design of the coding. Temples: Get rid of crafting station from Temple and move them to the free city or give the free city some type of bonus like resource cost. This would make the the free city more of a reason for players to want to set up shop in it. Another suggestion is that the free city is the place were players spawn into once they pick their faction however needs to run to their faction portal to get to the temple to get into the World by making this place the starting zone or the main port back to the temple give more opportunities and reason for players to want to stop and check a vendor. EKs: Were is the love for people who enjoy playing in the EK's I have a ton of Ideas of how to make EK's great again! Final Note: stop shutting the forum post so quickly I would like to be given a week to think and articulate my post better.
  2. How i feel when on Elkin as a mount but he its not in game yet ----- Still feel Pretty--- Might have deleted later
  3. Once they start to add taxes and keep upgrades with gold it will start to have more value. However just like a lot of other things in this Pre-Alpha things have value things lose it value very quickly. Things are added that are useful things are added that not I feel gold was a large crutch for leveling and gave it a value that did not make any sense with the value they were charging for items in the vendors they had. Makes sense in my mind that they take it out while they re-work item value and get that down pat. For the leveling part of the gold its good to take it out so they can get feed back from other items they are adding for leveling to see if its worth the cost of gaining xp for what you put into farming it.
  4. Blob vs blob combat! https://youtu.be/7MqWGpvNuyc
  5. I dont know why this video keeps playing in my head after all this time.
  6. I cant wait to see what they are fixing with the patch notes. I hope its some of the bigger issues with crafting.
  7. I cant wait to see them in game. I see this post 1st thing that comes to mine is were getting much closer to farms right?
  8. when I seen the picture I figure it was about time they say something. I remember them talking about no ships a year or so ago in a stream. Now I wonder 2 things. Will they have it that players/guild could make moon gates for themselves so they can go between there own keeps and forts (Like in eve) Will the places they have moon gates set up going to be open area or will they be in special places like Temples were players/guilds can control the area to try to keep enemy players out.
  9. May my thoughts be with his Family and Guild. He will be missed in game
  10. dinorage

    Arrows inventory

    well looks like 5.3 quivers!
  11. well looks like my little break is over with. Time to go ham on the weekends again
  12. Good read. I would like a little more meat to it, like how NPCs effect the server load
  13. To bad if this is fake, I loved killing PL in EvE. I was hopping to do the same here.
  14. I would like to see all the skills we can currently train work before we talk about skill wipe unless this would fix things.
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