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  1. Blob vs blob combat! https://youtu.be/7MqWGpvNuyc
  2. I dont know why this video keeps playing in my head after all this time.
  3. is it just me or does it seem like the patch notes feed back pages are lock really quickly as soon as a new patch is comes out to the point i feel i should stop what i'm doing as soon as I see something wrong to post it then try to make one mega post so it make it easy on the team to find everything I see that is not working.
  4. Crafting stalls placed in EK are still moving on their own for placement and no way to change it.
  5. I cant wait to see what they are fixing with the patch notes. I hope its some of the bigger issues with crafting.
  6. 1. Admin System message needs to be a Different color to avoid information loss in wall of text. Caps lock does not always help. 2. Have a options in the vendor to buy/sell more or less than a stack. Give the seller the option to pick if they want to sell a stack as a stack or individuals 3. Spawn in the EK dead after disconnecting from the Campaign world. 4. Why is the crafting station called a Stall now? 5. Other nobles to be able to bring up Eks they are nobles for. 6. When trying to place a capital city parcel that was player made. Having issues trying to align with areas that it should otherwise be able to. However due to textures overlapping with other parcels it will not allow it. 7. Nobles or vassals need the right to add players to the EK. Even if its done on a the ek map spawning spot 8. Crafting station are turning again when trying to place them in the Guild halls and keep. 9. when placing a player made parcel you have to restart the Ek to be able to uses tokens.
  7. When trying to add a parcel to another players Ek after gives the rights to I get Submission Failure - You do not have Enough Cells to Place this Parcel
  8. means the server is not on. I was hoping for a reason to why we went from servers coming up to the team went dark and said nothing. Im just hoping its just something with the server and nothing bad at the office.
  9. cooking spelling I know I should not be to talk about spelling but im sure its not grilled sandwhich
  10. EK's Placement When trying to place crafting station in building, stations would fall through the floor and would have to increase elevation to be able to place them into building. When Entering the gate from the outside you port all the way to the very top landing area. Wall even one for one don't want to align with each other making it very hard if not impossible to seal off walls. Spawning When Spawning into a EKs sometimes I don't re-spawn in the place I log and i Spawn some were on the other side of the map. Joining Other Ek's If my one character started a personal ek that character cant go into another EK's and as of right now cant even start its own ek if spawned in the open world.
  11. EK Map The map is looking great when you start placing parcels however the issue im finding or just not used to is to much nose when trying to fit parcels together. It would be nice to have a interface were you can turn on topographical map or a Flat Map to allow the user to work between placement and what best for what they would like to do Placement Having issues on the Town Parcel to place Stronghold Building Keep Throne Room X-Large. I uses one from the medium keep pack and one i had solo and both could not be placed. Harvesting Only happen two time however when farming mats I had items fall into the ground and when walking over to were it i saw it land i did not pick it up. So may be items are falling through the map.
  12. I cant wait to see them in game. I see this post 1st thing that comes to mine is were getting much closer to farms right?
  13. when I seen the picture I figure it was about time they say something. I remember them talking about no ships a year or so ago in a stream. Now I wonder 2 things. Will they have it that players/guild could make moon gates for themselves so they can go between there own keeps and forts (Like in eve) Will the places they have moon gates set up going to be open area or will they be in special places like Temples were players/guilds can control the area to try to keep enemy players out.
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