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  1. Also cant craft wall sections. Wood or stone
  2. *Cry of Joy* I did it I made the Mountain Citadel Parcel before resets It took about a week with mats and coin widely available which I think is fine. Only 4 issues I have 1. Wish there was soil on the Parcel/vendor vendor so I could speed up crafting time so im not spending most of test crafting to try to test EK stuff. 2. You need to look at the tokens that are given at the Mountain Citadel as it has almost the same amount of tokens as a Capital city. Till this is change its almost no point in crafting Capital Parcel– 32 Squares Building Tokens XS S M L XL 14 18 41 16 3 Defense Tokens XS S M L XL 220 160 80 40 0 Mountain Citadel Parcel–32 Squares Building Tokens XS S M L XL 9 18 46 16 3 Defense Tokens XS S M L XL 220 160 80 40 0 3. For the time it takes to build a Mountain Citadel its very meh. Maybe I built the hype up for the time it took to build but I was very underwhelmed. 4. Would be nice to be able to uses my purchase Parcels in the craft so also quicken the build time
  3. Geomancy is a bit confusing now. While I like the idea of new items to build and if placements were working in the map editor i might see whats so different or special about some of the new parcels. However the way different parcels are build up into each other needs some way to be better streamline. Right now to see what I need to craft my final Parcel is to work backwards to figure out everything I need.
  4. Removed a parcel from the map it goes to my bag but does not get removed from the display map. If I add a Parcel to the map it does not show up on the edit map and is removed from my bag. Also does not seem like my Ek has shut down when I logged for an hour.
  5. Love the new quest in the EKs. I hope your able to do something more with the EKs and the player experience @jtoddcoleman any chance we can get the basic mats for stonemason for building Parcels and homes so I don't have to spend most of the day breaking down mats Also seems to be a bug were if you remove a parcel from a ek editor and update it still shows up in the editor when you or another player goes back in. you can pull the parcel out and it would seem you have double but when you go to save it gives you a error. sacrifice Pits missing as a display but if you walk over to were its at you can still interact with it
  6. Hey everyone of Crowfall. January 22, 2015 Sugoi made a post looking for semi-hardcore PvP players. Over the 5 years we grew to a good size community, starting in Grey Box Hunger Dome to now in Alpha. Five years of memories and knowledge gained from every up and down. I myself joining during the Hunger Dome as I made YouTube videos and streamed every time a test came up. Cuddles and myself have talked these past few weeks as we figured out what we wanted to do for Crowfall. Five years of hard work put in by many of the active player base and allies, and it needed to be decided if we come back for Alpha or close our doors as an active guild in Crowfall. This is the time to do it, as the current system would allow us to climb the ladder and stay top five, or we just walk away, close up shop and move on, letting Sugoi fade in the Pre-Alpha phase of the game. The game itself has also changed. Some good, some bad, and still a few ugly things that seem to want to stick around. It’s still a fun game if you’re looking for a game has a large focus on PvP, especially when the balancing comes in. The game was to come out a few years ago. It was pushed back for good reasons, but the delays push the game further down the pipe. As time has gone on many people’s wants and needs for this game has passed. Many Admin and Officers still want to play the game, but have moved on from Crowfall as being a top priority. So it was decided that Sugoi will be closing the door on Crowfall however active members will be joining with Knights of the Golden Vessel Thanks for the great memories and I hope to see you in Crowfall. Dinorage
  7. Pack-pigs! 1. when they follow you it looks like the way they are chain they are still following the player base on distances. So if you have three pigs on how far away they are from you. So if they lag or are pushed away by being next to each other you will start to lose them. 2. Pack Pigs don't like hills or Stair. 3. they fall into world elements really easy like portal areas.
  8. If Alliances are something that are not plan in the near future giving guild leaders permission to give safe passage commands to allow other guild or factions access to keeps and forts would be great. This way it could create a dynamic for smaller guilds/groups to have access to stuff they would normally be shut down on while allowing small or mid-size guilds who can take these place a way to bring in resources in different ways by trade agreements. It would also be nice if you looked small capture points and may be treat them like more ways to stay active in game buy making them different tier of difficulty. So Small Campfire spots 1-2 players can take 3-4 for towers and a encampments which takes 5+ players to take. You can have it collect resources for people who might other wise just skip them. It can be set for every 15 min to an hour for who is holding the spot to loot. It could be in a chest that sit in camp when its able to be looted so you can have people stalk waiting to gank players who do try to collect it. It does not build more resources so if the guild or group does not take it when its ready it just stays full till looted for flip. You can even make it small resources that have to be process to force more pvp.
  9. Keeps have a way to keep them safe in less then 30 min & Forts do not. After the Forts and Keeps fights are done there is nothing more to do then Roaming and Campaign Cards.
  10. We need Merchant skills back please. I know for test having vendors buy-able is important so im kool with it during the testing. I cant wait to make a vendor even if right now people cant crafting vendors yet till we get graveyards. However i'm so glad you finally added Vessels needed to make a vendor been waiting for that for a long time specially to help necromancer's but just allowing anyone to have one once it goes live will hurt the people who want to focus on the economy side of the game. I would like to see the Merchant skill tree come back but upgraded. You have an open spot in the top area for crafting basic were it could fit in just fine. I think the people who worked on Star Wars Galaxies did a great job with that skill tree So using some of the ideas from that would be great on paper anyways 1 cluster being Efficiency, Hiring 1 Cluster being Advertising and Management 1 Cluster could be factories If you add the factories with Merchant skill tree you can kill 2 birds with one stone.
  11. Base on your information that you posted and me looking at the 60 different Parcels I should have and Buildings Im thinking they are working the parcels which are making them not available. Most of the Smaller Parcels outside of farmland I still have however any thing bigger then the L Shape Parcels outside of my 2 towns are missing
  12. Some of the forts and keeps have Parcels. I do not have all of mine. Im missing a lot on all my accounts.
  13. In the EK when you place parcels the backdrop goes black .
  14. Did you remove the vendor skills from the game permanently or are they coming back. As someone who enjoys specializing in marketing type stuff im really bummed out to see it gone.
  15. PvP idea: Outpost: try adding a decrease controlling over Outpost over time as a way to get the faction that control it have a reason to come back and interact with it. also make the campfire be treated like a player made campfire with food to restore your food counter as a increase reason to stick around. Forts: While I don't mind the lockout timer to give people who cap it a chance to uses a fort for strategic positioning or crafting. It needs to have a small lockout timer needs to be taken off of a rotations and base on a 3 hour lock timer which is a good time to be able to do things in a fort. This vulnerability thing in its current form make the game slow as there no reason to fight over a fort till the last 15 minutes of the hour. if you don't like that idea then rotate it on a 1/2 hour base not one hour then and then makes sure 3 to 4 keeps are available each 1/2. you can get to every fort and fight everyone off in 1/2 hour. Keeps: Needs to be vulnerability once a day minimally. Uncle Bob: You want to put uncle bob back in his place. There needs to be more ways for groups and guilds to make up points loss by not owning the keeps. While a faction should be rewarded for holding keeps by getting the most points. With the current timer system it punish the small guilds/Alliance who are more active and rewards the larger Guilds/Alliances who can play more casuals only needing to show up on big fights. You should reward the more active player base of your game not the casuals as this is also hurting this game at this time. when a player only need to be on at key times ever few days for major fighting it allows them to leave your game to play other games. which in turns hurts your active player base who are scraping the bottom of the barrel for fights. specially when your not planning on adding PvE content/Raid to keep your active player base with things to do when you have timers running your game. While I think longer lockout timers from Siege is good for when dregs comes out. This hurts your faction style game. Gods Reach: Liking the new Gods Reach map however both do need to rotate every month to keep it from getting stagnant. resources need to be lowered for materials ranks even on mobs I would love to see it Basic Gods Reach 1-3 for resources adding a NPC like combat map zones were the mobs are 3+ levels Infected Gods Reach: 1-7 resources adding a NPC like combat map zones were the mobs are 7+ levels Knowing once a wipe does happen this will change everything and will need to be adjusted but i think this could solves some of your system issues till your able to fix the current design of the coding. Temples: Get rid of crafting station from Temple and move them to the free city or give the free city some type of bonus like resource cost. This would make the the free city more of a reason for players to want to set up shop in it. Another suggestion is that the free city is the place were players spawn into once they pick their faction however needs to run to their faction portal to get to the temple to get into the World by making this place the starting zone or the main port back to the temple give more opportunities and reason for players to want to stop and check a vendor. EKs: Were is the love for people who enjoy playing in the EK's I have a ton of Ideas of how to make EK's great again! Final Note: stop shutting the forum post so quickly I would like to be given a week to think and articulate my post better.
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