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  1. Seem like U.S East Siege 4 is not spawning lumber and metal bars or slow spawning. US West Siege 3 trying to build up wall seem to be a issue
  2. A Crow has Fallen - Coolwaters

    May my thoughts be with his Family and Guild. He will be missed in game
  3. After sometime playing the game when I would die. my screen would go blue as if in crow form. I can run around however I cant collect mats or work with the world chests.I had to do a full client reset to be able to do anything again. Had a few issues where mat would lag between transfers from inventory to bank/SB or inventory to Wall building. also some mats flying into rocks and not able to collect them.
  4. Arrows inventory

    well looks like 5.3 quivers!
  5. well looks like my little break is over with. Time to go ham on the weekends again
  6. Update from the AI Guy

    Good read. I would like a little more meat to it, like how NPCs effect the server load
  7. Crow Control Productions [CCP]

    To bad if this is fake, I loved killing PL in EvE. I was hopping to do the same here.
  8. Test Environments: Official Discussion Thread

    I would like to see all the skills we can currently train work before we talk about skill wipe unless this would fix things.
  9. Test Environments: Official Discussion Thread

    well so much for going to play FF14 if this is coming soon. I think a full wipe would be killer "bad". Specially with us still in the Pre-Alpha/Alpha area of the game. They have not fully given us the tools to be able to do everything in the game. Specially with recipes for crafted items. Now once we moved to Beta of the game then heck yea.
  10. There a reason why Archtype/Class skill training mainly have stats signed to them and most discipline have all the skills and passive. This would cut almost any reason for a refund in training.
  11. anhrezcf​ try getting the skills it does help a lot more for Slag then the potions do. I was testing it out all weekend.
  12. Sugoi - The Elite Academy - (PvX/NA)

    Any guilds or groups looking for a challenge? Instead of sneaking around trying to jump newbies and harvesters, just speak up. We are happy to bring a PvP team to match your numbers and fight you fair and square. Contact Uya or Cuddles to set up your appointment.
  13. The Ranger Toolkit and CC

    Well as Ranger is a specialist. I have never seen them as a great 1vs1 fighter but a great group fighter. Which is why they have always change many things about ranger. Ricochet Shot has never been that great but does get better when you have higher training. Explosive Trap has been played with so many times by the devs to the point it used to kill players when they where nocked up and great when combining with other archetypes like confessors and myrmidon. stake could be good if they looked at how its CC worked and the plus damage it does. Melee abilities have been again played with by devs to find a good balance with. I remember for a few weeks plate melee rangers where the way to go. "Spin to win" ranger needs a lot of TLC but I don't see that happen till we get near the stalker and they really work on timing and hit boxes. With a bow we can do the most damage in game if we can hit anyways. So this could be why they have not done much with us as soon as they do fix things like hit boxes they will have to change our damage and they just don't want to open that box just yet.
  14. Problem with the Vessel System

    This is how I look at things. For the starters the crow systems makes me always think of the movie the crow meets Ghost in the shell. "anime and the book" So to me the crow is your spirt that is looking for a new body to take over. However it cant just take over any body that has an other spirt inside of it. So your spirt may lose its gender identity as its starts moving between so many bodies and look at vessel to inhabit nothing more then a form to take. So motivating it to move/make vessels that will do the job it wants to get done. Another big motivation for this is to server its pantheon god it follow which gave the spirt the ability to move between vessels and not lose its memory of what it had done in the pass.
  15. Xeilias - NA

    With the game looking at a soft launch in the next 4-6 months line are already being drawn in the sand. the anticipation to see what happens in that time is going to be great! Welcome Xeilias to crazy town!