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  1. Neat, more info on the gods that will rule the Crowfall universe... Still waiting for what looks to be an Elken god...
  2. Well say merchant guild or independent third parties. I think they might work, if an army is wrecking poorly made socks for third parties who do you think stuff is going to be sold to? it's self-policing in a way.
  3. Anyone ever play Bladestorm? It was a little pretty simple medieval game on the Xbox 360. The way archery was done in that was pretty good I thought. Though that was while controlling groups I believe it could be scaled down. My memory may be failing me and it may not be as good as I recall but it seemed fun. What I remember is for short bows aiming in a straight line that arced with slight movement, and with longbow being forced to stand still but shooting in an arc at a bubble, the farther away you shot the wider the bubble was.
  4. Uh, then why would you be on their team? Sorry I didn't really think this through, other people explained somethings.
  5. When did they say this? Did I miss something? (link if you could)
  6. I'll probably scout or bounty hunt, hoping the falconry helps me out in that regard...
  7. I really hope Disciplines will synergize with one another. Different things you can unlock (skill wise, passive, whatever) based on having a combination of certain disciplines. Ex. Taking both Animal Tamer and Rider disciplines gives you the Breaking In bonus(like how you have to break in a horse), giving you the passive ability of - Being better at taming horses (or) - Horses you train are less likely to panic (or) - Horses you tame stay tamed (meaning once tamed they remain tamed, even after taming past the amount you are allowed to have, useful for supplying your buddies with mounts). Little things like this add to the game a bit, I feel anyway, any thoughts on this?
  8. The cloaks should probably be able to hide prestige classes, but not archetypes themselves as they are race locked and it would be pretty hard to hide the bulk of a Champion or Minotaur.
  9. Why do you say that? From his back story I thought he was human, big butchers son.
  10. Im not even part of this conversation and I'm starting to hate you. (Someone from San Antonio)
  11. I like the idea, but it having functionality would be nice. Like being able to see if someone has a weapon (see a scabbard), making it be harder to carry a weapon without scabbard etc. Cool idea though, and yes it would likely increase cost of arming but... how often do you have to replace a scabbard?
  12. How about when you send a falcon* up in the air to scout, you don't actually get the information on what it saw until it comes back and lands on you. It goes up, does a sweep, comes back down, and finds you, and then updates your map with whatever it saw. That way if it say, dies, before it finds you again then you don't get the info on what it saw. The RvR for this could be the longer it stays in the air the more likely it is to be spotted, shot, or attacked by another enemy players bird. *whatever flying bird.
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