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  1. Put 5.3 on Test this Friday

    Even if the game itself isn't playable, it should still be possible to post pictures of the skill trees so folks can have some idea what to expect... (MY guess is that people care more about this than anything else)
  2. For once, I am going to agree with Vikingnail. Harvesting isn't about having "fun". If I want to be having fun, I'll play Total Warhammer or Bridge or Lemmings or some such. Harvesting is about making a contribution to your guild. It is about doing the work that is necessary so your team can excel. The fun comes latter when you and your guild mates are able to do things that other people can and you understand that you contributed to this. For all intents and purposes, I think that the harvesting system is pretty close to complete. Come game launch, people are going to be out there punching rocks and picking up doobers. There might be some tweaking of individual parameters, but I suspect that the game loop is what it is. When people going around bitching that "harvesting is too hard" or "crafting is too hard" what they are really saying is "I want something for nothing". Here's the thing... Something that you can get for nothing in one of these games is pretty damn worthless. It will get old almost immediately and you're going to be right back where you started. So stop the damn whining and grow up. This time around, you screwed up and Anthrage did well. Learn from your mistakes rather than throwing yourself a pity party.
  3. Choices No Longer Have Consequences

    Thanks for the clarification
  4. Choices No Longer Have Consequences

    Here’s another possible refinement wrt training tomes that might help alleviate some folk’s concerns. What if the time bank / training tomes were specifically linked to a node within an individual tree? For example, I am training the Tier 2 node for Exceptional Picks in the Excavation Tree. When I bank time, be it through either the Time Bank OR a Time Tome, the only thing that this time can be spent on are the three nodes that spawn directly after T2 Exceptional Picks. (Gem Chance, Motherload damage, etc) This restriction is a relatively simple change that would self limit many of the behaviors that people seem to object to. From my perspective, the “scary” thing about the train tomes is the potential for players with multiple alts to double/triple/10X dip into individual training trees. Imagine the opportunity for a crafter to be able to advance down Crafting Experimentation points Crafting Experimentation Success Crafting Recipes All in parallel (training one branch while using 15 accounts to power level the remaining branches). If you design a system in which training tomes are struck to a node, a lot of this goes away. This change means that the alt accounts that are creating the training tomes are going to require 4X as much time to advance down the trees as the account that they are feeding. (The alt account needs to train a node once so they can max it out, and then train it a second time to create the tome for the primary account. At the same time, the primary account is advancing twice as fast down the tree). As such, the alt accounts are going to get further and further behind in the tree. In turn, this means that you’re going to have relatively large numbers of training tomes available for the lower tiers of trees and progressively fewer the further down the tree you go… In short, this sounds like a good system that people can use to catch up / respect, but not so good for power leveling to the end. This will, necessarily, mean that folks will be able to go relatively “broad” quicker than they could earlier. You can have characters who are advancing to mediocrity in crafting / harvesting /combat. However, it feels like this is what folks want plus the deep specialists will still be protected. (I'd also argue that having tomes be specialized will be beneficial for the economy, but thats a whole different story) Thoughts / comments welcome
  5. A Crow has Fallen - Coolwaters

    Very sorry to hear about this. Beyond the obvious loss to his family and friends, this is a real loss to the Crowfall community. I certainly didn't know Coolwaters well, but he came across as a good guy...
  6. WTF are Boulders

  7. I think that folks are confusing fixed costs and variable costs. Consider the classic case where I need to get up at 3:00 AM in order to start training a new node. The fixed cost for this act is setting the alarm and getting up at 3:00 AM The variable cost is the number of skills / characters that I need to click on. This takes what? A minute to switch between characters? As long as I am smart and keep my alts well synchronized with one another, the variable cost of having 10 or so alts is going to be completely insignificant. This type of system isn't going to have any real impact on alt proliferation. Here's why I like the concept of VIP's getting big training pools I'm going to be on vacation in China for three weeks starting on October 4th Which, of course, means that 5.3 will ship on October 6th I'd prefer not to be complete screwed out of three weeks of training when I get back That is something valuable enough for me to pay for
  8. I understand that this was my own fault, but there is NO damn reason that a fessor rezzing at a fezzor statue wants to delete all their stuff. Please hard code a warning or some such because I'd like to be PVPing right now rather than spending a couple hours harvesting
  9. WTF are Boulders

    And what do I do with them? I am guessing that its either a material for construction or, alternatively, something that can be broken down into stone or some such however its not clear how to proceed
  10. Memory isn't getting freed when I close the game. Just shut down Crowfall, went over to play Total War Warhammer and Warhammer was bitching about lack of memory for the graphics drivers... Had to reboot to free stuff up
  11. Harvest Elken for leather?

    Hell, why limit this to leather... "Long pig" beats apples any day of the week...
  12. So, what are we supposed to do with our stuff now that the weekend comes to an end? If we Spirit Bank it, we burn through all out imports / exports. If we keep it equipped, we risk server resets....
  13. Well.. We know that item 3 isn't in the game yet. I'm guessing that this feature has not been completely implemented and that some classes are further along than others.