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  1. CookieMonster, I do play a hampster both for gathering and crafting. My criticism is from observing just how unbalanced it is and not wanting to be forced into playing it. It's the opposite of choice. I agree that my number 3 proposed solution would effect the pvp balance. That is why it's number 3 and not number 1, it was not my first preference. Ace would need to compensate with some additional dex, str, or whatever else. I am not saying guineceans need to be tuned down, just that by reducing their int it would poise as one possible solution to the homogeneity.
  2. I agree. I posted this in the weekly feedback to Tiggs several weeks in a row and this week as my number one complaint: the complete homogeneity of best crafter for all professions. Racial crafting bonuses are inconsequential due to experimentation cap. The third ring slot that guineceans get becomes the most important differentiator. I proposed three solutions: Update the crafting racial bonuses to be or include experimentation difficulty reduction. Lock experimentation difficulty reduction to a single craft making the 3rd ring inconsequential. Nerf guinecean int gained from stat bundles so they're not both the highest composite dex/int combo and also having the best racial crafting differentiator.
  3. Live Server Top 5 Crowfall likes (things you feel we're doing great on). Complex interrelated game systems Social Focus Thrill of combat and potential combat Live Server - Top 5 Crowfall dislikes (what you feel we could be doing better on or a pesky game mechanic that you don't enjoy) and how can we make it better? I dislike that there is such an advantage to having an extra ring slot as a guinecean that it makes the crafting racial bonuses of other races inconsequential. Fix this by either making Experimentation difficulty reduction specific to each craft, or change the racial bonuses to be or include experimentation difficulty reduction, or severely decrease the base and talent package bundles amounts of intelligence that guinecean classes get. As it currently stands the best crafter for most crafts is homogeneous, thoughtless and does not give merit to the racial bonuses currently placed in the game. You can have all the choices in the world available, if they are not meaningful then they are worthless. Similar to 1 above, perform an overhaul to gathering racial bonuses for races that cannot choose a stealth option. There is currently very little incentive to pick a non-stealth (guinecean for most or half-elf for mining) class to go out and gather with. I dislike that there are not enough simultaneous keeps to fight over to prevent alliances like WAX from being able to show up sequentially with 120+ people day after day instead of being forced to split up. A possible solution would be, more simultaneous objectives or alliance cap at the dregs level so only those actively participating in the dregs will be counted toward the cap to allow for guilds to not have to purge players that have been inactive for a week or two in order to try to match a hardcore, attendance required, alliance such as WAX's concurrent active members. Scale loot protection from gathering resources to be based on belt rank up to 50% instead of 50% at all ranks. Reintroduce rune seal making to runecrafting. Removing it and replacing with the RNG drop system of enchants made runecrafters just toolmaker and took away one of the two uses for high level quarry stone materials. Keep enchants as the blue quality version and allow runecrafters to make all quality levels.
  4. Likes: 1 Depth of gameplay: Interrelated harvesting and crafting systems, variety of race/class/domain combinations for building pvp characters. 2 Feeling accomplished when making character advancement due to complexity and difficulty. 3 Thrill of pvp at any moment. Enjoyment of similar sized fights. 4 Territorial control. 5 Heavily incentivizing player to player and guild interaction. 6 Plug and play/customization of future dregs campaigns. Looking forward to different sizes and rulesets. 7 Keep offense/defense where you don't know if someone will come or not and third party spoilers are possible. 8 Monetization non-intrusiveness. Dislikes: 1 Performance issues: swinging at players and not seeing their hp bar move, lower FPS during large scale combat. 2 Loading times. 3 When only one option is clearly best for something, the opposite of choice. First, the opposite: if I make a knight the choice of which race to pick seems worthwhile. It is hard to point to a single choice as the best by far. Each choice has something to offer. For crafting this does not seem like the case, you pick guinecean. ACE seemed to want to incentivize certain race combos for crafting by putting racial bonuses to experimentation into the game, but they become inconsequential due to the cap leaving guinecean as the clear winner with the best int/dex combo and the additional jewelry slot to stack a 3rd experimentation difficulty reduction. There are a few easy solutions to this: a) change experimentation difficulty reduction to be specific to a single craft so that having 3 rings on guinecean does not provide an added benefit. b) change the racial bonuses provided to some classes to be experimentation difficulty reduction instead of experimentation. c) change the stat spread of guinecean to not be the highest int/dex. (I prefer this option least as it impacts other areas beyond crafting.) 4 Feeling that there is a conflict between advancement and fun. FOMO - Fear of missing out. 5 Change of runemaking seals to an RNG drop system for enchants. Why take both a sink for high level quarrying materials away and change a system that gave runemakers a job other than making tools away and replace it with a bad monotone RNG drop system? Crummy skills nodes as roadblocks to other more desirable nodes in talent tree: see Knight Retribution Strike. 6 550k price tag on making one legendary/legendary crafter with few avenues for accumulating such wealth in the short term. #increase gold drop in dregs by a multiple of at least 1.5 to at least incentivize dregs farming over safe zone. 7 Losing large scale pvp because of being outnumbered 2:1 or more. Not having enough simultaneous fort/keep objectives active to prevent a zerg from defending everything simultaneously. The most recent dregs campaign was better at this having to zone through multiple zones to get to certain keeps. Hopefully the Alliance changes move us toward a better place with this. 8 Lack of technical details of in game mechanics available or on tooltips: -Are all slows, and dazes the same value? -Hovering over a debuff you can see the % decrease, why not put the value on the tooltip for the ability? -What happens when you apply both armor penetration and armor buff while at the armor cap? Which order do these get applied? -What are the damage formulas? What effect do resistances, pdm, armor penetration play in the damage formula? -What are the loot tables for plentiful harvest? -What are the loot tables for critical harvest amount? -Does increasing critical harvest chance increase the opportunity for gathering a secondary drop resource such as blood/bone, minerals or gems? 9 Lack of out of game information and resources. Crowpedia, crafting requirements, even viewing in game map remotely would all increase engagement with game when not able to actively play. 10 Lack of more sort categories in the bank such as crafting materials. -In campaign bank. 11 In game chat system. 12 Game does not direct players to join guild at level 1. 13 20 second log out timer in safe zones/when EK shopping. Question: 1 Do you foresee Artcraft eventually "selling out?" Will their desire to make a good game be overcome by the desire for profits? Will they allow their culture and product be forcibly chipped away at? See corporatization after being taken over: Ultima Online, Shadowbane, World of Warcraft etc. . 2 Can I control a big overpowered thrall dragon for an in game, world destroying, end of campaign event?
  5. It used to be part of Runecrafting. I'm wondering why ACE took it out and replaced it with the current enchant system.
  6. Without empirical data it's hard to make any statement one way or another.
  7. I would suggest the same is true across the board and that by picking a more in demand gathering profession you are already ahead. One quarryman can meet the non-mineral needs of a 40 man guild. One miner cannot.
  8. I will attempt to respond, from a supply and demand point of view this is good. Minerals main demand comes from player vessel inserts: philosopher stones. Once a vessel is constructed it will not deteriorate or break. Understanding that you have six character slots by default, you will need one vessel of each quality level per character and then not really require any additional vessels until you delete your character and reroll a new one. On the other hand, gems have potentially an infinite demand as they will deteriorate and break. Look further: secondary to the special resource you collect a main resource. High quality stone has very limited demand, again mostly from philosopher stones and that demand is easily met while farming for minerals. Mining primary resource of high quality ore again has a near unlimited demand as it is used for armor and weapon crafting. Yes, you do gather minerals vs gems at different rates and they are incremented at a smaller rate of 2% vs 4%, but what is the comparison other than that? Looking at mining by itself without comparing to quarrying, it is useful, there is a large demand for everything you gather and upgrading your belt does provide a benefit. I would argue that you're comparing apples to orange with your argument and that you already have the better gathering profession picked.
  9. More than a week has passed and my issue has not been resolved. I exchanged emails back and forth with Jack Kirby. There is a bug involved in this issue. Jack Kirby wants to resolve the issue in a way that is me agreeing to forfeit my kickstarter package. I keep refusing and asking to be provided what I paid for in full. I feel quite belittled as he keep repeating to me the same message asking me to forfeit my kickstarter and just let him add VIP to the account, which is unacceptable. I've tried messaging Ace Tiggs to request some intervention. I've also requested for my ticket to be escalated, but again was belittled by Jack Kirby informing me that no further escalation was possible as he is the top dog regarding CSR. I provided my telephone number to them seeking to resolve the issue. A week and all I get are curt, cut and paste responses to my emails asking for follow up. I tried calling the only telephone number that comes up when you google Artcraft 512-694-2318. It goes straight to voice mail. Is there way to get in touch with a human? Do they have a legal department that can explain to them how consumer protection works? Any suggestion on how to resolve the issue that is being bottlenecked at Jack Kirby?
  10. One of the selling points the game platformed itself on was that a campaign wouldn't be adjusted in the middle. For instance if there is a class build that is super overpowered they would like it have it's shine and then fix it at the end of campaign. As long as it's not a huge exploit causing the economy of the game to collapse if not addressed, I like this outlook.
  11. For gold farming, I would suggest Grim reaper major, death domain available only to FrostGuard. Use Ghost army: it's a channeled ability that does big aoe damage and has lifesteal.
  12. Should deal with this through the end of campaign reward split. Everyone joins one faction? Fine your reward ends up being 1,000 gold and 10 dust. Join the faction with 1/10 as many players and your reward is 10,000 gold and 100 dust. Also, don't allow for any faction hopping at all after the first season.
  13. Instanced 1 v 1 sieges are a straight downgrade from multi guild (allowing 3rd, 4th & 5th party) unexpected sieges. Assuming that since you're showing this proof of concept that it is coming regardless of our feedback, but this is one check in the "I don't like the direction we're going column" for me. Edit: I have reread this proposal. I really dislike what you're offering here. You're taking a good design and souring it because you cannot handle the technical aspects. Currently you can have defenders, attackers and third party with any group having any amount of players (limited by your technical architecture.) This IS the throne war game. When you swap it over to this forced 45% 55% A vs B handshake you've lost a core tenant to your game, politics. Here something you'll be missing out on with this change: after players finish defending their un-attacked keep they usually check if there is any action and head there to help whichever party is less of a zerg or whoever they dislike less. You're removing this unplanned interaction. On top of this you're stopping any, planned, out of alliance interaction. Say you have a zerg guild dominating the map, like a death or winterblades, sometimes you need the help of multiple alliances to compete. This is going to prevent two separate alliances from joining together against a bigger enemy. I will offer you a solution: Limit the size of guilds/alliances in general to a size that makes the likelihood of anyone being able to employ this strategy smaller. Alliances that can only muster up <100 people for keep defense eliminate the need to redesign your good system. If you do this along with slightly increasing the zone cap that outcome seems way better than what you're proposing here. Please reconsider this change.
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