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  1. Really cool , thank you Pann. Started playing again last week and forums have been great help but this will be cool.
  2. True , I agree which goes back to miners and resources people needing protection but to say crafters shouldn’t be able to craft in relatively safe location like their home guild makes no sense. That’s my only point I’m trying to make.
  3. Agreed but that’s why I said in the second post that attacking cities/keeps where crafters are Can and should be a thing but to make crafters extremely vulnerable all the time out in the open is over kill and not realistic.
  4. To add to this crafters in EKs are subject to important export rules which is their penalty. Crafters in dregs or campaigns are subject to city attacks with guards and protection (which is it how it would be in real life) in real life people are not building things in the middle of no where out in the open. If you don’t have the people to take on the building the crafters are in well get more people.
  5. Hi nightmarian, so I get what you’re wanting and what you’re looking for, however In real life when you go to war , where was the equipment made that you’re using? Was it made in the middle of the battle field? I’m guessing not. the only thing that should be a struggle is getting resources which then effects the ability of the crafter. which is going to be the theme of most campaigns. Outside of that crafters should maybe be vulnerable trying to craft siege weapons or something to the effect that’s needed in the battle field. Not exactly sure of the seige system works but I do know I’ve never heard of a war where the army had to bring in crafters to build guns from scratch while getting shot at. But I could be wrong?
  6. Thanks Arkade of the much better break down of what I like about this game, 😀
  7. IMO after coming back for barley a week and being an old Shadowbane player this game to me is a perfect blend of economy /pvp. If you have no leveling it’s a pointless FPS if you have too slow leveling and no safe zones to level (be it by saving sacrifice items or leveling in GR) then it’s not really pvp it’s a gank fest. I want competition , I agree resource characters (miners etc) need to be in unsafe zones and have guards but not really crafters. So far I’m liking everything I’m seeing , even the PvE is better then I thought it would be. at first i didn’t like the change to remove race/class passive leveling but the idea one can create join the game with friends a year after the game is out and be leveled instantly with help from friends is fantastic, he still won’t be good since he’s new and the base combat passive will still need to wait but he can most definitely help. I don’t know many games I’ve either not played or not gone back to because I would be to far behind. Those are just my thoughts on my recent play over the last week and what I see coming with the next 5.11 patch, haven’t been this excited since kick starter. ** only complaint is make EK an important and needed thing. 1. Having VIP lets you Keep your EK up for 24 hrs after log out? 2. if you want to use someone else EK you can designate that your home so that EK loads when you log in not a separate EK. Saves server memory and would be perfect for guilds honestly though I hadn’t heard Much on EK improvement’s so maybe these are Already a thing.
  8. Timer should be dependant on campaign, GR really should not have a timer
  9. Ahhh OK cool thank you!! The temple seemed like it had a good amount of people but no one was talking or knew.
  10. HI Kraahk, I did what you said and actually had a lot of fun playing however no one seemed to know where the artifact station was and I didn't see it next to the other crafting stations. I have a bunch of artifacts I saved.
  11. If I have store bought pack pig are these importable? Thank you, good to know fighting also gives xp thanks for how to play link, wasn’t sure how updated certain Links where. ** I hope you bring back the importance of EKs from what I’ve read they seem to have lost their importance and I have a castle to keep or not to keep (mild pun). Pretty excited to start playing again. see you guys in game soon, if I can get off noob island without a buff bot lol
  12. Dude this sounds like I'm going to noob island in shadowbane lol Thank you for this, most help I've gotten in awhile. I log in and have no idea what to do so I start cutting down trees and I don't really want to craft. I do have the base crafting / exploration as I must have started training at some point since last wipe.
  13. Thanks kraahk, The two VIP thing doesn't seem as helpful with only exploration / crafting involved. Someone in game said they maybe revamping it. If that's what they are using to fund the game im not sure that will be enough. maybe sacrifice bonus kind of like eso had its 10% xp bonus. What's the max level Per vessel? I'm going to try and get in game this week to get ready for decapathon 2 next week. I need to get use to talking on headphones as I'm old (40 lol) / shy and wsy too use to text games. Well hopefully I can sell castle in game or it might be worth selling for pennies on the dollar don't want to log into a big old Empty castle That doesn't do anything for me. Best way to get prepared for next week? Crafting or drops? Wish I had played more of these events this year.
  14. Haven’t played or kept up with crowfall in a year, I was sad to see passive training gone, with little time to play that was one of the features I really liked especially saving time to a tome for newer players to progress faster, seemed like a cool level/economy concept . But from what I read it seemed like it didn't work in practice? Anything other then afk SB power leveling I guess lol. Not sure if they thought about doing some kind combination where you can have passive training but also level in game buy trading XP or resources for time/pips like the current sacrifice, that way if you don't have as much time you still get some progression but if you play you are not time gated. However it seems like leveling is based on vessel and not by account now so maybe it’s not possible, really liked the by account system *Shrug* anyway the questions I have while I try and get re-familiar with the game before alpha. Since passive training is gone do we know what VIP does? Is leveling vessels slow? Dependent on vessel quality? Or We don’t know yet? Since xp is based on sacrifice can’t you just buy things to sacrifice? Once you get to a high level vessel what’s the end game of winning campaigns or dregs, are those resources specific to EK? Give some benefit to the next campaign Or we really don’t know? Thoughts? I have 2016 large castle and it doesn’t seem like the trusted traders want to give me much for it and since I won’t be able to play as much will I be able to sell these lands/forts/castles in games to maybe help buy much better vessels to lower my grind? Extra charcter slots in our packs, does this mean I have extra vessel to switch between? Best new player tutorial ? I thought I got a recent crowfall e-mail with a beginner tutorial but can’t find that email or know what’s the most relevant tutorial going forward? Prefer text (So I can be lazy at work) but video works I guess. Thanks for helping an old SB player, hoping this game turns out well even with what seems to be a lot of hiccups the last year.
  15. nice i'm glad its a big jump like that , excited for 5.8. I've only really messed with EK and even then randomly over the years
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