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  1. nice i'm glad its a big jump like that , excited for 5.8. I've only really messed with EK and even then randomly over the years
  2. but better vessels are still crafted correct ? so you have a basic vessel thats gained levels (gained xp) but it would still be worth replacing with a crafted vessel of the same class correct? lastly , my account says I get 3 extra character slots , does that mean I get something like 6 total? I actually like these changes.
  3. Maybe dumb question cause i'm trying to catch up before 5.8 release. But how do vessels work now? Sounds like a vessel takes up a character slot (3 slots) but say I have my 3 slots full I get a better vessel is their an option to put one of my older vessels back into my bank to store for later or sell? or do you have to delete the vessel?
  4. are skill books still a thing? I've been out of the loop awhile I'm trying to re learn everything just kind of overwhelming while things keep changing.
  5. Late response , but its like Fantasy SC , wheres my LTI LOL but the way you explained it is perfect love this design. been sporadically playing , getting tips in general ect. Does anyone have a spread sheet for the Large castle pieces ? I spent hours trying to build a large castle (walls only of course) but struggling to figure out what pieces do what , I'll probably try and do a spread sheet if not , need more of a top down view to better try and build this monstrosity lol Kind of wish you could build building from the parcel screen but I guess elevation and all the building mechanics would need to be added to it *shrug* practice practice
  6. test download just finished , while I was waiting I was going through those links and videos (so helpful , thank you) really like Malekai.org I did have a quick question that I was trying to find in links is the clarification of characters and vessels. So i get a limited amount of places to store my vessels which are called characters ? each character can have a different vessel and each vessel (even the same race/class combo) can be better or worse depending on how it was crafted and if it has a discipline attached to it? I thought vessels where also lootable, is this only if its in your inventory ? are character / vessel slots going to be restricted depending on campaign ?
  7. ohh nice I remember watching this stream, but because I haven't logged in much in the last year I get confused what parts of the videos have been implemented. downloading 5.6 test now , thanks for all this info feel like i'm catching up in a short amount of time, not as over whelming as I was thinking.
  8. wow just wow , ya think i'm going to download the test server now
  9. on a side note the interface changes are amazing and the multiple combat / survival trays really nice its been about a year since I logged in more then just skill training
  10. Very nice !!Thanks Kraahk , just spent over an hour training lol and we will probably get wiped for 5.6 *shrug* still had fun running around EK to start asking questions in general. I feel like placing buildings is a little harder now , the purple grid thing is distracting and moving mouse is to sensitive , also I only have castle walls no castle building , is it not done yet ?
  11. Thanks everyone , I'll watch the videos and will start asking questions in global especially once 5.6 is out. Seems like a good place to start learning at some point i'll find my head phone mic , not my much of a voice chat gamer , grew up only with text chat (UO / Shadowbane ect) and never really transitioned into talking to people that I don't really know lol I feel old. but I'll get over it the sooner this comes out .... maybe Think I'll try and setup that large castle now , seems easier then before
  12. Original kick starter here and I log in every now and then (mostly to change skills or see if I can actually setup my castle lol) but its been a pretty long time and I never did much with combat (was pretty basic back then anyway) I do listen to the monthly web casts, however I still feel a little over whelmed and lost now and the closer we get to soft launch there more if feel I'm way behind on how to play basically is there any good links that are basically crow fall for dummies?
  13. ya inventory only word I can think of but ya I like it , I'm on board lol
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