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  1. Realy.... Did loggin yesterday to campain and did buy the 2Missing knowledge for leather and today i made my Blue Disc. Got disconected and got patch 6.3.00. All gone.... i know we are in beta but would be realy nice to have the 24kgold i did spent for the domination dust. Realy starting to feel this game. even in beta is gona be a waist of time for me.
  2. Reading the comments from others i feel im realy unluck. Im a solo player (crafter none pvp )and harvest all the stuff myself. Runecraft took me about 100 tools. to get 3Knowledges (took forever to get the first1) Also im at 50+ Advansed boots now (make 10X5 add boots) and only 1 Knowledge. Only loggin only for the pasive exp not to max out. lost intrest of the game as it is now
  3. Got 3 now. Think i got 2 by making poor qualiti tools.
  4. I must be unlucky than. Made about 75 advansed runestone tools and no soul. Made them with my runecrafter. Thats why i started this post.
  5. Any one know if you can get the runmaker knowledge? (green/uncommen) by making Advanced runestone tools? or do you need to use green basic mats Thanks
  6. Yes i Also think it's strange that vendors take Upkeep cost when they ain't up. Would be nice if Vendor EK would be online When you play the game. As i understand now you have to be in/on your Ek to keep it up.
  7. Like the ttile is saying. Whats the dif between green/blue Minor discplines?? I colected 3green "The Reaper" and combined them to a blue one but both give 0.5pips in Harvest power. Also is there any dif between green or bleu scroll-case Discipine? Thanks
  8. A Ranger gets the quiver proficency If he takes Archer or Warden as promation class in his talent-line. But if i try to make quivers it ider gets Exsotic or elemental. And you can only use them with an Major discpline. Is there a way to make a Basic Quiver?
  9. Oke. Thanks. Didn't check bug-forum...... should have been the moost logical place...
  10. How can i reset my EK to just the beginning parcial. i can't remove or add parcels. if i look at the (edit)map i see the start with 2 grassland parcels can't put them into my Backpack. but if i run around in my EK l i can run around 2 grassland, 2shire, a moutan , a wood and a pond, tryed relogging. saving, changing name. im out of options.
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