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  1. As you get higher in FPS the screen tearing is less noticeable because each frame is more similar to the last compared to the large changes per frame with low FPS that cause large rifts and noticeable screen tears.
  2. The reason they 'were desirable at times' is because of screen tearing, which I mentioned in my edit. The screen tearing becomes completely unnoticeable if you are running at 2-4x your monitor's Hz, the screens that are being smashed together are trivially different from each other and the tear lines become impercetible.
  3. Nope. Your monitor refreshes at an even rate, your computer does not render frames of a video game in even intervals, it'll be unsteady. If you have a 60 Hz monitor and you're running the game at 60 FPS, there will be frames in which no changes have occured because the gap between two rendered frames longer than the refresh delay on your monitor. The more FPS you have than your monitor refresh rate, the more the movement you see will be evenly divided across each frame and therefore smoother. EDIT: After doing some research it seems that having higher FPS can sometimes cause screen tearing, but screen tearing becomes less and less noticeable as you get significantly higher FPS than the monitor's refresh rate. It's probably better to cap at your monitor's refresh rate if you're only passing it by a minimal amount of frames.
  4. People are poorly made socksting all over that @mortalman guy but actually having FPS significantly higher than monitor framerate gives a far more even and smooth experience, he's definitely right. That being said, 300 is a custard stupid target for this game. 300 is barely needed in a precise game like CS:GO, anything above 40, preferably around 60, would be acceptable for large scale fights, and 120 should be the target for small skirmishes.
  5. I'm not sure if this is correct but let me know what you think. Currently VIP membership is priced at $15 dollars a month. In one year, that would be $180 dollars. If you buy multiple copies of the game instead of paying for VIP, you will not only get an extra archetype training slot out of it, each of your chosen archetypes will have their own unique main skill training slot. To even use VIP to its maximum potential, you would be restricting yourself to archetypes that could play well off the same trained core skills (if you skill into combat, I guess this matters less to pure crafters and explorers). For instance, my friend buys the game, and subscribes to VIP at the same time that I buy 4 copies of the game. One year from now, his account can play Knight, Templar and Myrmidon competitively, all of them have the same abilities in regards to crafting and exploration and fairly similar combat stats. I now have a Templar, an Assassin, a Druid and a Confessor each with specifically tailored core skills and unique crafting/exploration capabilities. He has spent 30 more dollars than me. The vassal system allows me to use the 4 characters pretty much the same way I would use 4 characters on a single account. It seems to me that VIP pricing needs to be rethought or more features need to be added to it to make it worthwhile.
  6. Guys, let's also not forget that the endgame of any MMORPG is guild drama, and friendly fire can only enhance drama.
  7. Not a needed feature. If collision is implemented properly, the smaller groups will always move faster anyways (unless the large group is incredibly organized, but if they are then they deserve to be rewarded for it). Not to mention the premise makes no sense. Why would extra footsteps on the ground make it deteriorate anyways?
  8. You're evaluating Crowfall as a themepark RPG. The truth is though, for emergent gameplay to actually get interesting, there needs to be a sense of danger. Not only that, but there needs to be several of these "nuisances" that create a sense of scarcity in the world for the player controlled economy to work at all.
  9. Well the confusion is understandable considering it was mentioned several times in their early marketing videos and whatnot. And the reason people are concerned about its inclusion is because it has a significant bearing on the development of a healthy meta-game in which organized groups can pick apart the undisciplined chaos of a zerg.
  10. Does anyone else think that instead of hard animation locks they should simply reward players for standing still. If it is in fact a physics based system, then it would make sense to grant some sort of stability bonus. If there was a 20% bonus to damage for being still whilst swinging, players would have the choice between dealing more damage and retaining mobility in any given situation. Or, perhaps there should be a small window in every skill to cancel out of it, with a dodge or another skill. In any case, I definitely agree with some of the others about how animation lock is looking so far and what it means for the skill ceiling of the game.
  11. Pets should definitely have an HP pool and be removable from a fight. It should cost significant resources to be floating a combat pet at all times. Pet strength doesn't need to be balanced against other pets but rather against the amount of resources any pet consumes. (Both initially and for upkeep) I would like to see significant character investment required as well (in terms of skill training) to use combat pets, because granting every single player a combat pet is just going to clutter fights.
  12. Yeah, thread title was super misleading. Came here to rant about lack of mobility and stealth until I read the follow-up comments.
  13. This may have been suggested before but my search didn't turn anything up. Has body temperature as a survival stat been explored at all? It would add another layer of danger to the winter season, it could potentially add armor diversity and would force you to make camps when travelling which could lead to interesting player interactions.
  14. If there is a monk class I hope it's staff based.
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