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  1. The people who want to do this will be doing this either way. Unless you IP block them from having multiple characters logged in at once, but that creates a completely new hurdle of challenges.
  2. I'm pretty sure the fact that you were have to buy another copy of the game will be enough of a reason for people not to have multiple toons. And for those few people who are dead set on creating multiple characters, they will be few and their impact will be minimal.
  3. With customization come the same issues. Remember, when you think how much effort something costs when creating a game, multiply it by about 250. Perhaps even more depending on your view of the game industry. All I want to say is that it isn't so easy as you think it is to create these options for the players. I'd prefer well thought out classes and looks more than a big nom out of the budget. But, I am sure they will eventually get their customization going, I just don't hope that it's one of their top priorities as I don't really see the need for it. (Also, read the second line from what they said, they do mention having a lot of custom looks for each Archetype can become problematic. Just wanted to say that before you were to throw it in my face.)
  4. Who would call you toxic? You merely voice your opinion in a very civilized manner. And I agree with you on what you trying to say. This game was supposed to be so much more than just Eve politics. I have never played Shadowbane myself but hearing about all the adventures and political disputes in that game made me excited of what this game could be if it were to follow that same vision. The discharge of Doc has certanly left a black spot on this game, and I hope it will mend, one way or the other.
  5. Any person I very much dislike? No one as far as I know. Perhaps there will be people on my KoS list once I find someone whom I enjoy fighting against, but for that to happen the game has to release first.
  6. I would go for the Stalker. Not because it does not seem to be interesting mechanically, I just find it dissapointing lore wise. All these archetypes have been created to fit the depressing mood of the world through their lore and looks, which the Stalker does not really fit in my opinion. One could also argue that the Guinecean fits that description, though with the Guinecean I feel it fits the part of comical relief. A sad depressing world only works because the good, nice parts reflect on one another. As a great writer once said: "Sorrow is but a reflection of love. Pain a reflection of joy. One does not exist without the other."
  7. Nothing starts out polished good sir. But with enough work and caring anything can become great, and knowing your other works, this won't be an exception
  8. They just have a certain vision with this game and to reinforce that vision they have decided to limit the players ability to alter it, artistically that is. Plus they find it incredibly handy that they don't need to worry about all the options players will have and want when customization becomes a big deal. The amount of work that goes into that is immense, even if it is just a slider or two.
  9. The idea of gods favoring you would be pretty nice, especially when you were to look at the new piece of lore that came with the wyvern. But I also think that locking such content is the wrong way to go. I would prefer it if you were able to gets certain, non game breaking, bonusses or even special items for in campaigns or in your EK.
  10. That is true, and I'm sure they will. Especially as one of their concerns was that it would cost too much if they were to do the game with very realistic graphics. But some extra effects, that are obviously toggelable, would be a nice addition to break the monotony.
  11. Wow, this forum exploded yesterday, too bad I was gone. But, to voice my opinion before it gets locked, I completely agree with the OP. If you decide to have people that are fans of a game, pasionate fans, be moderators on forums you should expect them to voice their opinion just like any other forum user would. The only difference being that the moderator would be in charge of keeping the forums nice and clean. Also, in my own opinion, I find a moderator that dares to voice his opinion far more interesting than one who doesn't. Why would you become a moderator if you aren't even allowed to continue using the forums like you're used to?
  12. Well, Ice stands for the winter so that's an issue way to explain the mainly blue palette. Also, the winter itself is usually boring. Think about the completely white, dead landscapes that stretch out for hundreds of miles, and in this game's case, will be eventually destroyed. What I would prefer is if they would make the blue more appealing. For example with particle effects or being able to see through the different parts of the body as you were through ice. Might not be possible with the art direction they're going in, but it would be pretty nice. Plus, they've only shown us images of a few creatures and most of them are still very much in development, so perhaps they'll vary the colours up a bit later down the line.
  13. Dang, I missed the newest stuff. Very nice work! Keep up the good stuff, good sir!
  14. I expect something very similair to this to be already in development. Also, let's say there is no dedicated promotion into a scout type character, there will still be promotions who are better at scouting than others so I don't think it will be an issue once the game comes out.
  15. I just see it as dedicating my time into a single archetype. Perhaps it's just because I've never had this issue as I'd rather play one class very well instead of ten poorly. And since this is a PvP centered MMORPG I am even more likely to just stick with a single archetypes and learn all the ins and outs there are.
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