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  1. Let's make 1-30 leveling more meaningful

    As the class uogrades are not published yet I suppose some new skills could come. But yeah... instead of leveling them offline it would make sence to level with kill xp or so. Fight clubs are not problem if killing same player would grant you xp only once or twice a day.
  2. Super annoying things

    So after claiming you know so much about the game and all the claims above, you are saying that... 1. Basic items you craft being in middle of woods have meaning in economy ( they do not) 2. You would never need another item after making basic crap infinite... I suppose with your logic no-one would ever need better armor if the basic whites from vendor 30 meters from spawn would be infinite. Your logics fail at every level. There is never an excuse to annoy user nor there is an excuse to claim someone elses experienece is wrong. I am sorry if you fail to understand basic stuff, like whats the matter of discussion here. Actually you have not understood anything. And even times clain against your own claims. On top of that I honestly feel you have issues. Wall of texts over a basic axe? Defending the idea that it needs to picked from bag thousands of times, kust since it makes so much sense. Wall of text explaining to other players their experience is wrong? Continuosly arguing about something you are so sure would never work... why even bother? To relieve yor pain here... I can tell you that I will not return to this topic, so you can go on. I think your mental issues need someone to stop it here. (Ps. I am not ranting. This is my real conclusion about the issue)
  3. Super annoying things

    Firstly you make it sound as if this was somehow hard to change ^^. It is not. You just change durability of the basic stuff to infinite. Yeah the picking right tool from bag automation would need few lines of code, but is definately not hard to do at all. It is not that I wouldnt be able to craft right tool over and over again, slot the tool over and over again and then choose right tool for the job over and over again. It just is annoying. Thats not why I spend my freetime in games. I just see its meaningless in game design way, and the game should automate the things which are meaningless. Theres a reason why our guild has lived for 15 years and manage to call for arms over and over again. Its not my or other players pride. Its that we do not (with few exceptions) pick wrong games to play.
  4. Super annoying things

    I am afraid there is nothing to be said to make you understand whats bad design or good design in UX perspective. You have no clue, and have hard time to understand it. Talking about the sinple tools is not about makking same case about the high level tools. It does not mean we should take the main mechanics of the game away. You can just change the basic tools to have infinite durability. It wont break anything. It only takes away meaningless crafting, which doesnt even contribute to material sinks, economy and the basic tools do not even have ppssibilities for experimentation. Im sure you would love our guild whooping your ass. And would love seeing people playthis game in general... But like I said - I am not going to suggest any game to our core as a guild game, if it fails to satisfy at evaluation phase. Its not about the basic tools alone, but should it be game designers goal to annoy the user with things that are completely meaningless, then it is our duty as guild experience designers to make sure we do not join such game :). You wont have many times to mistake with such choises untill people would stop arriving to chosen pvp games, and it would basically fail our promise.
  5. Super annoying things

    You are mixing bad design to "making game hard". I like hard, but I hate bad design. These things have nothing in common. I do not call for themepark ffs. Dont put words in other peoples mouths. I am requesting fantastic user experience, which doesnt take fun away from the meaningful things. And there will be single players joining without a guild. They will decide the fate of the game, since they either invite their friends or they do not. Like me... I will either get our guild of hundreads of players in game or I will contribute in the fact that we should skip the game. It can go either way. Currently I am on a mission for possible guild preparations. If we play - we play organized and seriosly. And we are always top guilds. Always. We are futilez. Everyone gets ganked. We dont go into your theme parks. No... we come wipe the floor with your ass. With your knownledge of UX design I wouldnt go and put word on devs mouths.
  6. Super annoying things

    "This aspect of the game was designed by, and for players who enjoy gathering resources." Who said people who enjoy gathering will enjoy constantly do same tool to gather? There is no indication of that whatsoever. "The game is annoying if you try to play solo, you have to work within a network of players and there is no way around this fundamental truth of design." Then it is a bad design if a newcomer has not in begin time to enjoy the game alone. If he doesnt already have friends in game - he will probably not then stay long enough to get friends.
  7. Super annoying things

    Look - i dont care if better tools will make it better. I care about mine and other player personal experience, when it comes down to testing the game. It is basic rules of user experience design: do not annoy the user. There really is no excuses to do so. And like i stated in my post - there is no point in gameplaywise whatsoever to make basic tools to simply break up. There is no need for such material sink and it is not needed in the economy. Do not annoy the user - this is damn rule from 1990s... why do we have to have this discussion in 2018? There is zero reasons to do so. Absolutely zero.
  8. Super annoying things

    Address here super annoying things. From user centered design perspective annoying things, which have no none to zero meaning in game should really be fixed. Let me start with gathering tools. What purpose does it serve that I need to make millions of copies of gathering tools to gather. I can not address enough how annoying it is to craft such basic item... again.... and again... i understand if my pick was looted from my body. Sure... but why does it have to break all the god damn time. Im sure you can find other material sinks than this... which are enjoyable from gamer perspective. The second thing is gathering in general. It is super annoying to have to slot the tools again and again and use right kind of tool. Why cant i just have one single ability for gathering and the guy would pick right tool for the job if he had one. I play games for fun and the current mechanics are far from being fun. Please automate the things, which are not that important.
  9. There is also a possibility to do mix of things. Picking up resources could put your recall in cd. When you get killed you would only drop certain percentage of your resources with random factor. Then this percentage could be tweaked between campaigns to balance things if needed. Then again - recall could also make you lose the same percentage of resources.
  10. For a moment - think different tactical and fight situations how with recall and without recall things could evolve... ENEMY ATTACKING BACKLINES: WITHOUT RECALL RESOURCE TRANSFER: Enemy forces are pushing far backlines in enemy gathering areas. Taking out convoys and resource farmers they get huge amount of resources. The defenders are able to retaliate on enemys way back to home. They go out and go hunt the attackers. They manage to save most of the resources and slay half of the attackers. WITH RECALL RESOURCE TRANSFER: Enemy tries to attack far backlines in enemy gathering areas. Someone in general chat warned everyone and all resources were instantly recalled to base. The attack scattered away and there was not significant PVP fights, since there was no prize to win. ENEMY SURROUNDS YOUR MIDDLE ISLAND: WITHOUT RECALL RESOURCE TRANSFER: This is it - its all or nothing. We can not get new resources for the defence - we will fight till the bitter end. All resources banked in the base could potentially be taken by the attackers. But the best thing we can do now is to defend them to the last man. Some special ops were able to sneak away with bit of resources and hid them to the mountains. We fought like warriors. Defended to the last man! But eventually we ran out of men and resources - we got overrun. Enemy got bunch of rare resouces, which was huge win in their campaign. WITH RECALL RESOURCE TRANSFER: Enemy took over our back and we lost the connection to our main area! We could potentially lose tons of resources with the base. But no worries. When we are about to fall we just recall away with the most precious stuff. Well actually the most precious stuff left the place long ago... well... the same way - try to think a scenario and think how things would evolve with and without the recall.
  11. maybe the player should be able to keep his gear and some basic stuff like tools etc. but the resources should not be teleported
  12. Well it is not exploit in sense that its illegal. The feature is exploiting their own idea. And the reason why its called exploit in the title is that the issue is kinda crucial. They need to pay attention, since this could have too huge impact in game play and how people would play the game. The difference is in small, large, huge PVP frontal fights. And the difference of events and lead up events could be enormous. In one the PVP is tactial and resources play big role. In other one the resources have zero or no impact, since they can just be teleported to safety etc. There basically would not be hug rewards in battlefronts to be found.
  13. So let me summarize my anticipation how I see things could evolve in PVP world and then I explain what should be fixed so that it wont be exploited. RESOURCES & PVP - GREAT! Firstly - I love your idea of planetside style of campaign PVP world map, where you move between the "islands" trying to conquer the world with your cooperators. I also love how the resources play role in PVP and the idea how you play with winter making resources go more scarce. From human history we can tell that once resources are plentiful there is usually more peace. But history shows also that when resources are scarce there are more wars. Heck - even the google AI started fighting each other when in their resources game the resources got scarce. So you are on point with that. The faction / guild that can control the flow of resources and can wipe the enemy more of then than they get wiped themselves will domintate the game when the winter season kicks in. RESOURCES BEING LOCAL: I also love the idea how you make resources local so that you cant have "global" bank or magically transfer resources from place to another. This is also interestign in sence that if a faction has all resources packed on other side of the world, the war will not go too well on the other side of the world for them. Again - good system right?! THAT BEING SAID ABOVE - THE FACTION, WHICH MANAGES TO CONTROL THE FLOW OF RESOURCES IS WINNING THE WAR HUGE PROBLEM THOUGH The resources can be packed in your backpack and you can just teleport away with recall. This has to be addressed and we need to find proper solutions to solve this. Removing recall is a huge minus in gameplay experience, but something would have to be done. So here are few ideas to play around with: 1. Make (some) resources in bag such that they prevent using recall 2. Make PVP loot in bag such that they prevent you using recall for (x minutes of play time) (so for instance 15 minutes/20 minutes CD counte on PVP looted items) 3. Make all resource pickups have a CD counter forrecall option 4. Make each item you pick add x minutes on recall counter Any other ideas? Throw them in.