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  1. Teleporting anywhere you want takes away the tactical perspective of the game. The enemy needs to have their advantage of time when they have planned perfect push for a frontline away from you, while holding the front where you fight.
  2. tbh I would prefer mastry specific stats rather than general stats... this system is flawed and can be seen in many games... its impossible to find balance when people always flock to the activity that gives the best results. However in this game the stats are cosmetic, so they probably dont care much in general.
  3. yeah its a garbage collection simulator for the moment
  4. You get better in things by doing them. In PVP you can gain progression with your own skills. so you might not notice the problem here. In farming you get zero progression with your actions and you are stuck with your crafting or harvesting goal... you can not do anything. Its a computer that gives you points per second - all you have to do is wait. The problem is that people will have goals with the progression the game is offering - not only to buy better gear to fight in PVP... you have to take it in consideration that it is so, and people want to be able to affect the result - FEEL the
  5. rebranding daily quests to missions is kinda cosmetic change ;)... I would rather want to see complete freedom of what activities you do... since thats how you would play the game. And you would get rewarded with XP to that specific field. Then you would not have to worry about making certain activities exactly equal... since it would drive players to stop playing PVP for instance if the reward for PVP could be gained by crafting easier
  6. I know there are changes to come, which none of us know about yet. So might as well be these things have been addressed in the next patch. However I saw it important to raise this topic, as there are people who consider that there is no issue in first place. So the understanding of the issue needs to be there...
  7. But the point is that you get the progression in something you feel is fun... not a daily quest. The system works following: -you play a game and do the things you like... you get the XP from there. There is max cap so you do not have need to play more than what is considered normal. so nothing would change - just that there would be reward doing activities you like doing - and differentiate your character in the market.
  8. It is not mindless timesink, when it is about getting progression from what you like doing in the game. So just play the game - you are not going to be left behind, since everyone could progress the same max cap. Well why play a game in first place if you feel normal gaming is timesink?
  9. I am adding it here, since I am quite sure it would disappear in the other thread I wrote it out. Problem: -with no online progression people get demotivated and do not see point in some activities (offline progression is the most important) -if you grant online progression people see it as a time sink, which will require you to play to be able to compete -people with crafting / farming profession goals get turned off with the idea that you can not ever be the "best", when everyone is progressing the same with offline progression So solving this issue: Make maximum XP cap / day to
  10. My style for going for development is to gather information of users, their goals and anticipation and then try to understand different aspects. That is what we need now as well, since in the end you will enjoy the game more if there is more people playing it. So it comes down to trying to figure out how things could be solved that it takes account different aspects and in respect of the vision of the game. People usually tend to think that there is only one or two solutions. There is so much more of it. The reason why we cant see it is usually that most of it has not been tried before - and t
  11. yeah... so fighting in forums over how the game should work is not about making the game better, but making it better for your guild... makes sense now But I guess its normal... people in MMO games fight in forums to make their class / race / guild what ever aspect better. Its frustrating though, when you are trying to think the game in bigger picture. People are food for the PVP. They also pay for your fun... since the more theres money - the more there usually is fun.
  12. I feel like you think you are so good in thinking whats best for everyone. But you have proven to be very narrow minded not being able to see other aspects than you own. You need to remember that everyone has different goals - or they weight the goals differently. You need to remember that there are people who are motivated by different things. Winning a campaign is good fun for sure, but it might not be the ultimate goal of all players. Some people have everything bet on it... some people just log in to have fun... others are motivated into progressing in their profession etc. If you fo
  13. I think you went too narrow minded right there - and you are not trying to see solutions to the problem. They could just as well generate XP caps per day. So after a one or two hour of gaming / day you would no longer progress. Or certain maximum XP cap / day. Actually now that I said that... it would make a lot of sense and a damn good system. So the idea; -you can get maximum number of XP points / day (that is just point cap) -all activities generate XP (PVP, PVE, "farming", crafting): each of which generate XP to that specific mastery pool -the points that you gather can be
  14. Well look - they have content in game and offline leveling system, which are not in sync. I have no reason to go farm low stuff to craft poorly made socks gear if after a while I could do better without even touching the low level nodes. And do I need to remind you that one of the core ideas in this game for PVP is farming resource, PVP DROPS! and crafting. If you lack of motivated farmers, you will lack of "player generated" PVP content.
  15. who said that? and basically no-one is suggesting removal of the offline leveling - just suggesting something meaningful aside of it
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