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  1. Teleporting anywhere you want takes away the tactical perspective of the game. The enemy needs to have their advantage of time when they have planned perfect push for a frontline away from you, while holding the front where you fight.
  2. tbh I would prefer mastry specific stats rather than general stats... this system is flawed and can be seen in many games... its impossible to find balance when people always flock to the activity that gives the best results. However in this game the stats are cosmetic, so they probably dont care much in general.
  3. yeah its a garbage collection simulator for the moment
  4. You get better in things by doing them. In PVP you can gain progression with your own skills. so you might not notice the problem here. In farming you get zero progression with your actions and you are stuck with your crafting or harvesting goal... you can not do anything. Its a computer that gives you points per second - all you have to do is wait. The problem is that people will have goals with the progression the game is offering - not only to buy better gear to fight in PVP... you have to take it in consideration that it is so, and people want to be able to affect the result - FEEL the result even more than just seeing it happen. The dopamine dose... the feeling when YOU... YOURSELVE progress and are able to make a weapon of dreams.. maybe sell it on market trying to make profit to buy more resources and do another of those weapons... I think you have balls to come claim to me that I do not understand my goals in this game. If I have a goal to be able to farm lvl 10 nodes... I do not want to sit on my hands and wait... no... I want to do something to be able to do it. And if you claim that buying better tools is the solution... well... then I do not know why I am even playing if all I have to do it buy my way to my goal. Thats not the purpose of a game. The purpose of the game is also the journey. Not just instant gains you can get by doing nothing...
  5. rebranding daily quests to missions is kinda cosmetic change ;)... I would rather want to see complete freedom of what activities you do... since thats how you would play the game. And you would get rewarded with XP to that specific field. Then you would not have to worry about making certain activities exactly equal... since it would drive players to stop playing PVP for instance if the reward for PVP could be gained by crafting easier
  6. I know there are changes to come, which none of us know about yet. So might as well be these things have been addressed in the next patch. However I saw it important to raise this topic, as there are people who consider that there is no issue in first place. So the understanding of the issue needs to be there...
  7. But the point is that you get the progression in something you feel is fun... not a daily quest. The system works following: -you play a game and do the things you like... you get the XP from there. There is max cap so you do not have need to play more than what is considered normal. so nothing would change - just that there would be reward doing activities you like doing - and differentiate your character in the market.
  8. It is not mindless timesink, when it is about getting progression from what you like doing in the game. So just play the game - you are not going to be left behind, since everyone could progress the same max cap. Well why play a game in first place if you feel normal gaming is timesink?
  9. I am adding it here, since I am quite sure it would disappear in the other thread I wrote it out. Problem: -with no online progression people get demotivated and do not see point in some activities (offline progression is the most important) -if you grant online progression people see it as a time sink, which will require you to play to be able to compete -people with crafting / farming profession goals get turned off with the idea that you can not ever be the "best", when everyone is progressing the same with offline progression So solving this issue: Make maximum XP cap / day to achieve from online activities. Make different activities to grant points in that specific field. All points could be used to progress what ever mastery you want, but conversion from activity points to another activity points would result in a loss of points (ie. -40%). This would allowe people to specialize with their online activity. -you can get maximum number of XP points / day (that is just point cap)-all activities generate XP (PVP, PVE, "farming", crafting): each of which generate XP to that specific mastery pool -the max cap is global - the sum of the different points (PVP, PVE, "farming", crafting) is the max cap... -the points that you gather can be used to boost any mastery - however converting PVP xp to boost crafting would result in a loss of points (-40%) -(PVP-> class?, PVE->race?, crafting->, "farming"->exploration...)
  10. My style for going for development is to gather information of users, their goals and anticipation and then try to understand different aspects. That is what we need now as well, since in the end you will enjoy the game more if there is more people playing it. So it comes down to trying to figure out how things could be solved that it takes account different aspects and in respect of the vision of the game. People usually tend to think that there is only one or two solutions. There is so much more of it. The reason why we cant see it is usually that most of it has not been tried before - and the situation is completely different here than other games so we cant just take one thing out of other game and say it will work here the same. So we need to be able to think through goals - what is the goal of the player - why?... how do we balance it out so that its both fun and rewarding? There is different scenarios of the future and it usually helps more if we talk how different participants would play their role in certain scenario.
  11. yeah... so fighting in forums over how the game should work is not about making the game better, but making it better for your guild... makes sense now But I guess its normal... people in MMO games fight in forums to make their class / race / guild what ever aspect better. Its frustrating though, when you are trying to think the game in bigger picture. People are food for the PVP. They also pay for your fun... since the more theres money - the more there usually is fun.
  12. I feel like you think you are so good in thinking whats best for everyone. But you have proven to be very narrow minded not being able to see other aspects than you own. You need to remember that everyone has different goals - or they weight the goals differently. You need to remember that there are people who are motivated by different things. Winning a campaign is good fun for sure, but it might not be the ultimate goal of all players. Some people have everything bet on it... some people just log in to have fun... others are motivated into progressing in their profession etc. If you forget the motivation reasons why people log into game, then you will lose them to log into the game no more. Crafters, farmers etc. they are PVP content. Without them you will lose tons of fun and "player generated" content.
  13. I think you went too narrow minded right there - and you are not trying to see solutions to the problem. They could just as well generate XP caps per day. So after a one or two hour of gaming / day you would no longer progress. Or certain maximum XP cap / day. Actually now that I said that... it would make a lot of sense and a damn good system. So the idea; -you can get maximum number of XP points / day (that is just point cap) -all activities generate XP (PVP, PVE, "farming", crafting): each of which generate XP to that specific mastery pool -the points that you gather can be used to boost any mastery - however converting PVP xp to boost crafting would result in a loss of points (-40%) There you have it. Your problem is solved and we created a way for players to specialize themselves with the activities they do. BTW - should I make new topic about this to make sure that the developers have noticed this idea?
  14. Well look - they have content in game and offline leveling system, which are not in sync. I have no reason to go farm low stuff to craft poorly made socks gear if after a while I could do better without even touching the low level nodes. And do I need to remind you that one of the core ideas in this game for PVP is farming resource, PVP DROPS! and crafting. If you lack of motivated farmers, you will lack of "player generated" PVP content.
  15. who said that? and basically no-one is suggesting removal of the offline leveling - just suggesting something meaningful aside of it
  16. I wonder if that would really help the case... if theres plenty of posts, I guess there is an issue that needs focus. Somehow devs should need to indicate also the volatility of the problem
  17. If you are a crafter or plan to be one - progressing something else than crafting isnt really going to make you happy when ou sacrifice your crafts for cosmetic stats which have no meaning for you. The victory conditions are set by players in the end of the campaign - not in the beginning. And even more so as the online leveling is not existent... I am calling for being able to progress my leveling through the activities I am doing. However there needs to be fine balance between these - online and offline leveling. Also I do want to have some limits to the leveling - so that you couldnt play 24/7 and get progression. Other games solve this with daily quests, but I am not fan of those and this game is not really about it anyways. Still there are ways to do it. So lets say I am training crafting - then I could also contribute to the crafting training with the activities I am doing... then I would also feel that it is more fair in the progression sense. Letting everyone just progress the same amount is stupid as hell.
  18. Once you get the intermediate gear, there really is not anything to do than just offline level. There is nothing to do in game to make you progress for your goal - what ever it may be. I used to go out and gather stuff - which I then tried to turn into better rune tools, in a crafting progression which too often fails. I didnt succeed. Bummer. The tools break again and in the end I was not able to get any better resources. The loop starts again. YES I KNOW THE PROGRESSION COMES FROM OFFLINE TRAINING - AND THATS' THE ISSUE HERE I can not do anything in game that would have any significant meaning in long run. The most important thing is to offline level. Once you realize that -the high rank nodes and trees drop the same basic stuff that I get from low rank nodes, then there is no longer reason to gather low stuff... -you can not progress your character with online gaming - so then whats the point? -all of your progression; getting better gear, crafting better stuff and so forth comes from offline leveling... -there is no point wasting any resources trying to craft better gear now as you will be able to craft better stuff once you just offline level (so why waste any resources either) Then you simply just stop logging in untill the offline leveling is done. Hell... you can even calculate how much time you need to stay offline and you don't have any reason to log in. Well I am sure there will be a lot of players saying I am doing something wrong and should do this or that... However this is my expression of the game as a new player and the developers should really have this feedback. So what to do to solve these issues: 1. make low level nodes drop something that the high level nodes dont drop (this makes economy viable for low trainer players as well) 2. Make meaningful online progression (you could gather same points you gather offline) 3. Make offline progression so that people need to login to select which specific perk they are training... now you can just stay offline and gather 200000 points untill you log in
  19. As the class uogrades are not published yet I suppose some new skills could come. But yeah... instead of leveling them offline it would make sence to level with kill xp or so. Fight clubs are not problem if killing same player would grant you xp only once or twice a day.
  20. So after claiming you know so much about the game and all the claims above, you are saying that... 1. Basic items you craft being in middle of woods have meaning in economy ( they do not) 2. You would never need another item after making basic crap infinite... I suppose with your logic no-one would ever need better armor if the basic whites from vendor 30 meters from spawn would be infinite. Your logics fail at every level. There is never an excuse to annoy user nor there is an excuse to claim someone elses experienece is wrong. I am sorry if you fail to understand basic stuff, like whats the matter of discussion here. Actually you have not understood anything. And even times clain against your own claims. On top of that I honestly feel you have issues. Wall of texts over a basic axe? Defending the idea that it needs to picked from bag thousands of times, kust since it makes so much sense. Wall of text explaining to other players their experience is wrong? Continuosly arguing about something you are so sure would never work... why even bother? To relieve yor pain here... I can tell you that I will not return to this topic, so you can go on. I think your mental issues need someone to stop it here. (Ps. I am not ranting. This is my real conclusion about the issue)
  21. Firstly you make it sound as if this was somehow hard to change ^^. It is not. You just change durability of the basic stuff to infinite. Yeah the picking right tool from bag automation would need few lines of code, but is definately not hard to do at all. It is not that I wouldnt be able to craft right tool over and over again, slot the tool over and over again and then choose right tool for the job over and over again. It just is annoying. Thats not why I spend my freetime in games. I just see its meaningless in game design way, and the game should automate the things which are meaningless. Theres a reason why our guild has lived for 15 years and manage to call for arms over and over again. Its not my or other players pride. Its that we do not (with few exceptions) pick wrong games to play.
  22. I am afraid there is nothing to be said to make you understand whats bad design or good design in UX perspective. You have no clue, and have hard time to understand it. Talking about the sinple tools is not about makking same case about the high level tools. It does not mean we should take the main mechanics of the game away. You can just change the basic tools to have infinite durability. It wont break anything. It only takes away meaningless crafting, which doesnt even contribute to material sinks, economy and the basic tools do not even have ppssibilities for experimentation. Im sure you would love our guild whooping your ass. And would love seeing people playthis game in general... But like I said - I am not going to suggest any game to our core as a guild game, if it fails to satisfy at evaluation phase. Its not about the basic tools alone, but should it be game designers goal to annoy the user with things that are completely meaningless, then it is our duty as guild experience designers to make sure we do not join such game :). You wont have many times to mistake with such choises untill people would stop arriving to chosen pvp games, and it would basically fail our promise.
  23. You are mixing bad design to "making game hard". I like hard, but I hate bad design. These things have nothing in common. I do not call for themepark ffs. Dont put words in other peoples mouths. I am requesting fantastic user experience, which doesnt take fun away from the meaningful things. And there will be single players joining without a guild. They will decide the fate of the game, since they either invite their friends or they do not. Like me... I will either get our guild of hundreads of players in game or I will contribute in the fact that we should skip the game. It can go either way. Currently I am on a mission for possible guild preparations. If we play - we play organized and seriosly. And we are always top guilds. Always. We are futilez. Everyone gets ganked. We dont go into your theme parks. No... we come wipe the floor with your ass. With your knownledge of UX design I wouldnt go and put word on devs mouths.
  24. "This aspect of the game was designed by, and for players who enjoy gathering resources." Who said people who enjoy gathering will enjoy constantly do same tool to gather? There is no indication of that whatsoever. "The game is annoying if you try to play solo, you have to work within a network of players and there is no way around this fundamental truth of design." Then it is a bad design if a newcomer has not in begin time to enjoy the game alone. If he doesnt already have friends in game - he will probably not then stay long enough to get friends.
  25. Look - i dont care if better tools will make it better. I care about mine and other player personal experience, when it comes down to testing the game. It is basic rules of user experience design: do not annoy the user. There really is no excuses to do so. And like i stated in my post - there is no point in gameplaywise whatsoever to make basic tools to simply break up. There is no need for such material sink and it is not needed in the economy. Do not annoy the user - this is damn rule from 1990s... why do we have to have this discussion in 2018? There is zero reasons to do so. Absolutely zero.
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