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  1. That's probably my issue then. I have all of the stone walls and the capital parcel, they're in my spirit bank (and some are placed in my EK). It's the castle itself that is missing, and I know I've had it before (the greybox version) so I thought I'd have it again. Thanks for the in depth reply. Guess there's nothing to do at the moment but wait.
  2. Good afternoon all, So, I can't seem to find my Kickstarter Large Castle anymore. I placed it in my EK quite a long time ago, before the latest EK/spirit bank wipe. Now, I don't appear to have it anymore. Going into my backer rewards, I can still see it there, and it looks like I can claim it again (the little check mark in the claimable box is there, and I can click on it), but when I try, it says "There are no entitlements that quality for being consumed on this account". If anyone has any insight, that'd be appreciated.
  3. You should have your invite. What are the names of your friends, I'll invite them too.
  4. Corrupted Essence shall reign, I pledge my might to Sir Kritus and Corrupted Essence

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