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  1. Wonder if there will be any craftables or upgrades via disciplines that will affect this mechanic at all. I've yet to play a mmorpg where movement speed/mobility actually made a difference during prolonged pvp fights.
  2. Thanks. Ya'll playing anything in the meantime?
  3. I wanna give my congratulations to Crowfall and its community: First for the successful Kickstarter and second for the successful theft of my time and money. Snarkiness aside, I think a little bit of self-introduction is in order. My name is Brian, but you can call me Howarethings. I'm a college grad from UC: Riverside, California. My major was a B.A. in Asian Studies w/ an emphasis in Foreign Language and Comp Lit; I'm currently finishing a teaching credential, so I can work overseas. My hobbies include games, reading, martial arts, tennis, and long walks on the beach... I'm a bit on the younger side of RPG players , but I'd like to think I've played my fair share of games. In lazy chronological order it might go a little something like this: Online PC Games~ Warcraft III Ladder (ICCup and NA-west), Warcraft III Customs (Doomsday, Ultimate Footmen, and Custom Hero Arena), World of Warcraft (Beta to Cata), Starcraft II: WOL (Diamond), SWTOR, TSW, Archeage, and lastly LoL (Solo: gV Fives: Plat V) As far as books go, my favorite genres are probably philosophy, fantasy/sci-fi, and chinese Wuxia/Xianxia novels. Finally, I practice Wushu and tennis as passing hobbies in a vain attempt to get a little bit of sunlight during the daytime. Feel free to ask me any questions. I'll try and answer them to the best of my abilities.
  4. Thnx twinkle toes Yup. Realized that as soon as I made the post ._. Also has this been confirmed by devs? Like nothing in the EKs?
  5. Just wondering to what extent will there be quests, tasks, stories, etc. I've tried looking for posts about the answer to this question, but there haven't been any clear answers. I understand the motivation behind campaigns, and I'm as curious as the next guy to see how a player driven campaign is going to do; However, I have a genuine concern regarding the extent the game going to leave the lore by the way-side? For a little bit of context on where I'm coming from: I think league of legends has some funny/interestingly written characters; However it's a moba so there's no chance you'll ever see that writing put to any use in game. In the end, the story only functions to justify why certain characters were designed a certain way, which kinda takes the role-play outta mmorpg. Also if this discussion is taking place in another thread, I'd really appreciate a link ^^ Thanks
  6. On your opinion: 1) What's wrong w/ fetish pornography? 2) I don't really mind if this is your point of view, but you should try explaining why it matters to you; rather than saying it's just "unusual". You've clearly stated you find it ascetically distasteful. Why is this so when it apparently is not in other cases. Your explanation that you know of other stories and lores, in which this is incorporated well in, is merely begging the question. Instead you seem to jump to a completely different point entirely (i.e. The male character lores are upright and noble while the female one is ruthless and evil.) to which the following question needs to be asked: So what? 3) I feel slightly compelled to note that "objectification" is a bogus term that really doesn't have a place in a serious conversation about sexism. It's just too vague a term in that it can literally mean anything regarding the relationship between two entities. Any linguist worth his salt could tell you that the passive construction makes it absolutely meaningless when trying to make a point about the treatment of someone or something. 4) Thanks for not going down a censorship route. I really think that tropes, typecasting, and stereotypes are something that deserves to be discussed in regards to entertainment. Not because of their overall impact on people, but rather as an sub-discussion about artistic/creative representation of ideas in a story. It's a valid point to say that tropes are overused, in accurate, and un-engaging to our Epicurean senses. If you really believe that you need to make a larger point about society and behavior, I think you'll probably have better luck participating in the nauseating conversations taking place in the cesspool of an echochamber "Feminist Frequency".
  7. Since we're on the topic of digging holes, has anyone considered a class that specializes in constructing traps (i.e. pit falls, trigger traps, Indiana Jones boulders, etc.)?
  8. How many of you will be making vids or blogs about your alpha experiences?
  9. So who has links to all the info we have on the lore so far? I've got this http://crowfall.com/#/news/war-of-the-gods-part-1 and http://community.crowfall.com/index.php?/topic/740-011515-templars-champions-and-a-cryptic-tree/. What am I missing? Edit. 11:27 3/29 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Y81IphGnWA and this... I'm curious to see how developed this world gets. I hope it's not like league of legends, where the story doesn't come into play at all hopefully we keep the rpg part of the mmorpg!
  10. Sickkk. A post about a guild for people that don't like "guilds" ^^ IMO guilds with too many rules and internal politics are like fraternities, fellowships, etc. That is to say they're basically high school clicks for people who are far to old to call them that anymore. A list should be made at least of people who actively are willing to play the game this way.
  11. Thanks for the read! Extremely helpful
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