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  1. The number tweaking will be done eventually but for now I think making abilities require weapons is the way to go. On the downside with low pop testing it is harder to handle grave yard camping if the campers are decently organized but that hasn't really been an issue for my testing at least.
  2. I think being a skeptic about that is pretty reasonable. I'm curious if people will be interested enough to constantly dole out the money for these things though or if it is a short lived fad (EVE having comparable systems could be insightful). I'd agree a trade once VIP would make it harder to use in this way, looking forward to seeing how all these systems are handled!
  3. Since this is another item that will effectively determine power levels, it is clearly subject to being P2W. I would expect them to manage the power curve so that regardless of somebody having a 100% effective specialization tree with the best gear for their vessel it wouldn't make them capable of winning fights they would never have won before. That's probably where I draw the line on P2W but of course different people will have different definitions. It'll be something that will be hard to get a good feel of until much closer to release though I'd guess (and something that is seems easy to modify if needed).
  4. I'm going to be annoyed if I need 3 accounts to play all the archetypes without deleting probably a month of skill training. I'm likely to just get 2 more accounts and not subscribe if that is the case unless they introduce special world rule sets where characters can be insta max trained.
  5. If you meet the criteria (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Accredited_investor#United_States) it is pretty easy to become one (account sign off kind of thing saying yes you do have the assets).
  6. Hard to say what the exact rule sets will look like. Regardless, you can of course manage your characters possessions in a campaign (be it finished goods or raw resources). Crafting and resource gathering are likely to be major campaign activities that will heavily influence the winners and losers of that campaign, providing better gear and utilities like siege equipment. The embargo from the FAQ, iirc, is for the transfer of goods only from the campaign to your EK. The import rule set is entirely something else. There are no restrictions as far as we know about what can be put in the embargo but I don't think the embargo (or items for that matter) have been fleshed out completely yet.
  7. I'm not convinced crafters are going to have an easy time not being part of a group (but super duper highly desired in one). Maybe in the some of the campaign types with big "teams" where you can have an easier time trading with non guidie types. But for the most part being able to obtain high end mats are likely going be difficult to manage solo (which seems in your wheelhouse for challenges) unless you are a very good crafting ganker (which sounds awesome).
  8. Sorry I can't tell from the forums (or I'm just wonderful) was that directed at me or unknownxv? Edit: I've never seen this before but I love the negative word -> positive word translation that is done.
  9. As others have said if it doesn't impact actual gameplay and is cosmetic only, whatever super hard core grind achievements they add are fine with me. Probably your best way forward. I'm still not convinced with crafting, it isn't like somebody is going to put in disciplines to crafting and train it up without crafting anyway, there would be no point. The best (hardest to craft) items will be from people who make their character a primary crafter for those items. They are likely to still be rarer (aside from in dregs possibly) because of the mats needed will be rare and things break. We also don't know how finely crafting is split out yet (1h sword crafting vs general weapon crafting for instance) I don't think, so I'm not worried about people who aren't primary crafters making top end items as it would be too many failures for the mats spent. Perhaps you can add visual flair to items you craft after certain 50k crafting achievements, would that be adequate?
  10. I think darkfall is the closest you are getting to what you want here. Unfortunately for you I don't think the thing you want is something that even a niche group of people Crowfall's size is interested in. Maybe there could be an endless campaign mode or something with the rule set you describe but it seems hard to implement within the known system. As to being able to detect ban macro use, yes it can be done to an extent and I imagine there will be anti-botting implemented in Crowfall. That said, it is a game of whack a mole and it is impossible to completely remove even in a buy to play game (WoW invested a ton in anti botting measures and it is still rampant). Also Crowfall isn't going to have a large team and removing botting incentives a priori is going to make things much easier on the team.
  11. I actually don't really like this much myself, I'd much rather have one character I can swap skills sets/abilities out on that I can get to eventually do all things. That said this is not such a game and I don't know how much of a difference having a crafting alt will make since you can only have one character per campaign. Of course you can craft better things in your eternal kingdom or if your group is stick without a crafter you could play that. The former doesn't really seem to be important to me and the later would be at the expense of playing something you want assuming crafting is an alt you are just doing because.
  12. Yea my hope is that as long as I hit the right archetype I'm probably going to be happy. But if it takes most of a campaign to get to a promotional class that could make choosing wrong really hurt. It also really depends on how many abilities are tied to skill levels vs disciplines, archetypes and promotional classes.
  13. My pain point of it taking multiple campaigns to max out your skills comes from certain crucial advancement decisions are permanent. If you get close to the end only to realize the build isn't for you, it may mean a completely new character. And maybe that is a year out at that point and that hurts experimentation too much for me. Of course it really depends on how much you can do with the faster points of progression vs the the slower points (can I get to a new subclass and new skills quickly basically vs the maximum) and we'll see how it plays out in the alphas and betas. I don't know about runes or gear, sounds like more ways to splice up campaigns =). It definitely should be only for glory rather than being able to shuffle items back to eternal kingdoms (and that would suit me just fine).
  14. Indeed, I don't know if it would work but it is something I'd like to see attempted at some point and hope the design doesn't limit this kind of thing from being possible. One thing I really enjoy about the idea of this game is the ability for them to experiment with game types and see what works and what does not for the community.
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