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  1. We are planning on having horns as a customization option. It's kind of their hair option so to speak
  2. It takes time! To give a bit of insight, once a modeler gets a concept for a character it takes about about 2-3 weeks to model and texture the character based on complexity. After that the character has to get rigged so he can wiggle his arms around which takes about a week, sometimes longer for complex characters like the gryphon we've teased. From there it's off to animation which is a never ending task since it's the discipline that works closest with design and tech to make sure it works well with combat! All in all a character can be worked on for months as it works it's way down the pipe. Hope that gives a bit of insight! I studied martial arts for most of my life up to college. I don't study currently but it's something I'm considering getting back into. I took isshinryu and jeet kune do. Not styles I would recommend learning to defend yourself but they taught me discipline at least It's hard to say whose the most buff, I wouldn't mess with Blair though! I grew up in New york, I never thought I would end up down here. The weather is nicer and we have good food
  3. I'm a big fan of the Total war series. I can do work while having it going in the background and play a round here or there. Other games include Starcraft, and Luftrausers!
  4. Let's make it happen! Thank you! Soon enough I hope, he still needs to get rigged! The character shots are in engine though
  5. Tully's is a spitting image of him!
  6. Hey Guys! I'm excited to show you guys the current progress on the Male Confessor model! This is his high poly version from Zbrush. Soon he will be made game ready and sent over to be rigged and begin animation work. I look forward to sharing more updates with everyone in the future!
  7. Hey Isvrada, I can shine a bit of light on this. Our characters use what's referred to as a "dota" style workflow. As you mentioned we use the classic diffuse, spec, normal but we also use a few additional maps. To save on having too many textures we pack a bunch of different types of textures into each channel (r,g,b,a). If you were to break it down to a list; All of the maps our characters use are diffuse, normal, metalness, emissive, specular intensity, rimlight intensity, specular color, and specular exponent. It sounds like a lot but it ends up giving the artists a lot of control over how the characters look!
  8. Thanks for the feedback Vegas! You bring up some great feedback and it's something we are already taking a look at!
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