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  1. Jamadin

    Paladin Class

    First of I wanna say, I've seen Crowfall come along way from when it first was in kick-starter and initial testing. I had skeptical thoughts about Crowfall being a great game it had potential for. ACE has done a fantastic turn around from the initial combat testing and is really starting to live up to the game I had hoped it would be. I am posting in this thread again because 85% of what the Templar and the Paladin discipline turns out to be, will decide whether I play this game for years to come or not. I am the kinda of person that doesn't play multi classes, toons, or characters(whatever you wanna call them). I prefer to master one and be the best at it than to play 3 or 4 and just be average at them. I grabbed very well-rounded posts that can help draw out the direction I would like to see the Templar go as I know ACE is getting close to developing it if they haven't already. I started with this one because IMO I feel like this describes the Paladin promo class the best, and I feel that a Templar is very similar to that of the Paladin itself. Instead of a light heal though giving that healing is light to begin with in a pvp game. I would much rather see protection buffs, and cleanses. For Example, The Paladin's big ability some called (Divine Intervention) which takes all the damage from nearby allies, up to say 35 meters and applied to the Paladin instead for the next 15 secs. I would like to see defensive and support abilities like that instead of healing. With the images given by Crowfall of the Templar I defiantly see them wielding that 2H Mace or Greatsword(which is more likely) than a Sword and board. I see the Templar as giving off Radiant glow spells rather than some sort of fire as the Confessor already has this. I like that fact that they should be able protect themselves or allies depending on circumstances by stoppng damage or cleansing debuffs. I'm pretty sure everyone when they think of a Paladin they think hard to kill support character that doesn't do absurd amounts of damage. I would really like to get back to this concept in Crowfall. There is a BIG difference between hard to kill and unkillable(aka Overpowered)though. More often than not, being hard to kill is balanced with the damage output of the character.In a 1v1 scenario if a massive damage dealing character meets another that is hard to kill you think great now I'm dead cause I can't kill him.The reality of it is he doesn't do enough damage to kill you either and after about 5 minutes of brawling you both go your separate ways. I would like to see the Templar played around the idea of having power at the start like mana more like a rogue where he only has like 6-10 points and spends the points by using certain abilities, and regaining them as the fight goes on. If you build up power like you do with rage it will feel like playing the other Archetypes just with different abilities. I would like to have a different feel to the Templar than the other melee Archetypes.Again with the Templar I think there is nothing wrong with having them walk around with a big 2handed Mace or Sword,do less damage and be more of a support role Archetype. I would introduce some new and different gameplay as well as strategy to this great game. I have tons more to say but let's start with this as its turning into a TLDR and I don't want that. Let me know what you guys think of these ideas. Jamadin Future Templar Player (fingers crossed)
  2. Jamadin

    Paladin Class

    Well, While we are all having flashbacks to the great WoW days when the Paladin was feared by everyone. Not because they would two shot you or that they were just running around healing everyone. Paladins were known by everyone for there superior fighting abilities.(No you Call of Duty fans that doesnt mean most kills)They were ALWAYS the first ones to rush into combat and the last ones to come out of the fight. There superior fighting skills were instanta killing tactics or rushing in and just throwing up tons of heals. The true great Paladin players were supreme fighters because of there ability to SUPPORT there entire team through the fight. They did very little damage to there enemies but they centered the fight around them because of the damage they could soak up and the ability to keep the enemies focus attacking them, while the allies attacked from all around them. And Just to throw this in there, to ALL you nowadays WoW players these epic battles that were going on NEVER happened inside your arena and battlegrounds. They were outside in just a random area that people were trying to control to charge tolls but it was some of the most epic battles that lasted for HOURS not minutes. This is a serious thing that Crowfall will have to get right. I think everyone here in chat feels the same way about that. I have some seriously epic battle memories fighting as a Paladin and you would be surpised at how many people actually died in these battles. Another thing to note is very RARELY were the fights every even or in our favor. You cant ever forget battles like that, and I'm totally looking for some New Found love for the Paladin in Crowfall. WoW has since nerfed and ruined the epic battle days of the Paladin. But have no fear my Brothers in Arms, The Paladin will see its day in battle again and it will be fought and won on the back of the Paladin and Glory will be his. Don't worry the Paladin will always survive by the Power of the Light. Here's to the Paladin and in Hopes that it will live up to its name again in Crowfall, cheers. Jamadin Paladin Battle Master
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