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  1. Just a few small thoughts on this, If you are willing an able to do VIP and financially support the growth of the game. That is great and you should be able to and, be given a reward for it. I started supporting the game in 2015 and, will keep supporting it threw VIP. There has to be some short of advantage of a VIP vs non VIP. You are keeping the game alive. Not everyone will ever be 100% happy but the game will be fun VIP or non VIP.
  2. Thank you everyone for your response and input on this issue, i had lost this post and was unable to check it.
  3. I am not sure if this has been brought up, but i am sitting here doing some school with metal covers of my favorite RPG songs of the past. Chrono trigge,r zelda, final fantasy. It brought a thought to my head of how important it is to have great music in games. Because if you don't or can't play them anymore the music is with you forever. So this brings me to my point, is I really hope the music of the game will upbeat and something to remember for years to come.
  4. I am not sure if this has been asked about our not. But our account name being the that all can see. My question is will this be able to be changed or will we be able to make a crow name on game launch.
  5. Although I haven't played crowfall yet and seen how well the action combat will flow. I hope they looked into games that have done good and bad with it. Like tera, that is some of the smoothest action combat I have ever played. I am praying crowfall is atleast as smooth as that. There might be many other games I haven't played with better.
  6. We need more video. We yearn for more gameplay. Feed our hunger for footage thank you
  7. My idea on the pay over time was to slowly upgrade. So that as the alpha test progressed, I would fall into the frist one I make it to paying overtime. I see it in my werid head like this. two trains on a track. One train is going a straight line (alpha), the other at an angel (me Paying over time). At some point in time we merge.
  8. I play SOTA, it is what sparked the idea
  9. I was wondering, if I dropped 38$ to get started. Then every paycheck drop 5$- 20$. would it build up to the next tier package. Example: I drop 38$ then next pay day I drop 22$ = 60$. Would I then get the perks of the 60$ packagee? Sorry if this has been asked already. I have been looking For this answer in the forums for a while. No luck lol
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