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  1. No significant difference between most classes.

    Yep they will go a long way by adding intuitive race/class restrictions on disciplines, I'm hoping since disciplines haven't been in long that they were always planning to do this anyway. If they weren't planning to restrict them much then that is a huge misstep.
  2. No significant difference between most classes.

    Well there are about 3 people on the forums that predicted this based on how they were implementing things, the good news is that they still have plenty of time to balance and define their classes and roles. More choices for everyone isn't always better. People need to be restricted so they learn to play with the hands they are dealt and learn to adapt and innovate and avoid FOTM metas that EVERYONE can jump into. This is also a problem with convenience oriented gamers screaming that they want all options available and easy to attain at all times. Whether ACE accidentally walked into this issue or whether they were just trying to get their classes and abilities in game before a true balance pass is what I wonder about. I hope it was the latter.
  3. My suggestions as of November.

    No it should be part of a ruleset, because good players don't need all of the information being provided these days. Just like in other games there are addons that can provide even more information, but they are considered crutches and in tournament play most of them are not allowed. Your attitude is part of the problem, not specifically with this subject, but the mentality in general. Anytime a player feels something skillful "forced" on them they complain about it. They should be content as long as there is a ruleset that serves their preferences, even if it isn't labeled the most hardcore ruleset. There is a skill in extrapolating information without needing it to be spoonfed to you, a lot of gamers don't have that skill, that's fine, but they shouldn't be rewarded for not having that skill with crutches, at least not in the most hardcore rulesets. As long as you have some sort of ruleset for you and hardcore players have some sort of ruleset for them all is well right?
  4. My suggestions as of November.

    This is an inaccurate way to look at it. You have guns with very different ranges and behaviors, elements like different types of grenades, and different terrain to change the behavior and types of fights more. I know combat would be harder for players of a certain level if they removed some of the freebie clutch information, but right now this game has a very low skill-ceiling and it's going to need to start popping if it is going to be successful. Clearly the developers have changed directions on many things many times and the best someone like me with tons of competitive experience can do is suggest them things that will actually make a successful game closer to their greater vision. Your logic is basically the same flawed logic that people tried to use before any big change happened to the game, good or bad. "OMG they did things this way so this must be set in stone for their vision".... no sorry it doesn't quite work like that, first thing is first they need to make a good game. And good PvP is at the core of that. They will not have a good PvP game by making too many concessions towards a lower skill-ceiling. Honestly it reminds me of their old heavy animation lock root motion stuff, same arguments made then, just as flawed then as the ones being made to oppose certain things now. I'd love for hardcore rulesets to remove a lot of these crutches and I don't care if they give the crutches to people in softer rulesets, just give the good players a place to actually unleash their skill instead of keeping them skill-capped by others who only want the game to be as hard as they are capable of handling. I'd also like to clarify that I never just suggest things based on my preferences, I suggest them based on what would be good for the game. People that scream "omg this isn't the game for you get out" anytime they are afraid of an idea tend to want bad games. This game isn't going to be for anyone if it can't pop as a PvP mmo. CF combat is going to look unmarketable if you just have tons of HP bars, spell fx gluttony, and nothing to truly discourage poor positioning and clumping. Perhaps the people that play the game a bit too much right now are a bit too desensitized to how the rest of the gaming world will perceive the game. Basically the top end of your preferences is going to end with CF looking like this at its best. Here's a nice video of a smaller scale pvp fight with switching off and on of UI Now add to that friendly fire to create calmer and more tactical spacing and positioning and a toning down of spell FX and imagine how much better combat will look/feel/play.
  5. My suggestions as of November.

    If it isn't too late I really think ACE also needs to clean up the visual clutter in combat. The lack of friendly fire is making the run-of-the-mill loose positioning and often clumped up combat. I'd also like to see them remove the floating HP bars and names, if they need to have a name and hp bar pop up when a reticle locks on someone for a while but seriously the floating bars are just also very par for the course and they make combat look and feel awful, on top of the fact that they are a crutch rewarding players with low situational awareness. Skilled/coordinated groups can keep track of what spells/resources an enemy force has pretty well, giving people all of this free information has really lowered the skill-ceiling in games over time. If you look at the explosion of the PvP battle royale type games right now you'll see none of them require HP bars. Players just learn how much damage they do with certain guns with certain types of shots vs certain types of mitigation and play accordingly. Allowing room for analytical thought like that in all sorts of aspects of combat helps increase a skill-ceiling. I really wish ACE would cater to skillful play instead of giving players a ton of free information and listening to the people that associate good aim with "twitch" when in reality twitch and aim are only heavily related in games with really short TTK. Hitting a railgun flick shot on someone you saw out of the corner of your screen is twitch. Knowing where a guy is going to appear based on a predicted route and pre-aiming your lightning gun there and then tracking it on him for 7 seconds straight is not twitch.
  6. Tanks can easily exist in a game with an intuitive physics system and kit designs. CF is not doing well here but there is still time for ACE to clean things up. The game would have been better with dynamic arcs and distance on abilities, too much straight line shenanigans. On top of it tanks should be the majority of hard CC in a game, they should be annoying, you should have to address them or get heavily punished in the rhythm of your play. Some of this is tied into the initial designs for class kits, some of it needs to be handled through more restrictions for who can use which disciplines. This stuff is totes obvi to people with highly competitive backgrounds, giving everyone everything is not always good for pvp and the illusion of build diversity gets quickly washed away from very clear metas that everyone adheres to because you gave everyone everything and didn't force them to adapt in more unique and creative ways. Since ACE is pushing back release to somewhere in 2018 or beyond they again have plenty of time to deal with balance later, but will it be enough? Time will tell. There are probably some decisions they've made that are too late to go back on that will ultimately hinder the depth of pvp. I'd rather ACE push the majority of CC onto tanks and focus a lot of the other roles and disciplines onto counterplay based on buffs and debuffs through resistances and all the other things that involve + or - damage and mitigation that aren't related to actual CC.
  7. If ACE had infinite resources you could see small to medium guilds working together to succeed in creating a competitive "big" EK. The reality of it is is that crowfall is currently a number dependent game, which means the guilds that will be getting most of the best stuff will rely on numbers, and they will funnel that back out to the EKs and dictate where all of the most desirable stuff ends up. If ACE can come up with lots of rulesets and develop a playerbase large enough to keep the machine going then sure they could figure out ways for small and medium guilds to compete with larger guilds, but they have yet to show much of anything that doesn't favor large zerg type guilds.
  8. People want easy, so there will be a few giant EKs where most people congregate to find what they need. Maybe at times you might end up doing trades in smaller EKs for whatever reason but generally serious guilds are socializing on third party voice apps so as far as trading goes why not just go to the largest EKs with the largest populations that are more likely to have someone that has what you need or wants what you have.
  9. You won't want to get tangled up with one of these in one of the later seasons.
  10. Fractured Can't wait to see combat footage on this one. Maybe it can be albion done correctly.
  11. When

    Most likely 2018, least likely after 2018.
  12. Umm Crow-ns definitely fits with crowfall's theme. I think the direction of the store changes is good long-term. I think something ACE could do that would be very smart is to take the time now, before any more major store changes, and figure out exactly how EKs, Campaigns, and all of the stuff available in the store will all relate to each other and be used and then make it as clear to the community as possible so that there is no confusion for anyone that buys anything in the store. We've already seen many changes to the store and items over time, let's hammer this stuff out once and for all and stick to it. All of the changes can cause people confusion and they might get upset if things don't end up behaving the way they thought.
  13. Progression and Release

    They will wipe all before soft launch. Soft launch is like their version of a release but it will be missing a lot of originally planned features. It's basically like real release but with lower expectations, whether those expectations involve polish on how the game plays itself we don't know. In my opinion the game is 2-3 years away from a quality release, right now they seem to have delayed into 2018, but even a 2018 soft launch seems like a bad idea too me.
  14. Nightmare in Dreg (Battle Royale mode)

    Hunger dome will probably show up in EKs and if it has enough ways to be adjusted it could be like BR in some ways with player made designs/maps/layouts perhaps. This can be a good or bad thing as it can distract players from the CWs. H1z1 is a good example of what BR can do to alternative game modes. Though of course daybreak made it a lot easier by giving terrible support and updates to their survival game mode.
  15. Progression and Release

    Keep in mind, soft launch is kind of similar to early access. They are calling it soft launch because a lot of their intended features will be added at some date afterwards. That being said, it is really up to ACE if their version of soft launch will be very polished and release-ready quality or whether it will be similar to other early access stuff that feels very unpolished.