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  1. This is simply incorrect. The game is more likely to have population issues by being a softened pvp mmo with very little pve offering.
  2. I warned of softening things too much, how 1 concession leads to another leads to another. This game has become a lot less fierce than what we were originally presented with.
  3. Well this doesn't seem very play2crushy.
  4. Always nice to see my ideas from years ago make it into the game. ACE are an experienced bunch and they always seem to figure things out. I just hope that this helps people understand the nature of game development and the fact that when they tell you they are doing multiple phases or passes on things, they really mean that, and the sky really isn't falling just because the first version of something isn't deep or "fun".
  5. Leader Boards

    If you have leaderboards that provide certain types of information people may start playing the leaderboards as the game, and not the game itself. Remove the leaderboards, and have people focus on the actual game.
  6. Leader Boards

    Leaderboards are pretty stupid for a game like this tbh. I can see how they enhance some elements but tbh it focuses on the wrong things. Imagine a game with no leaderboards where you just had to go into the game worlds and figure stuff out over and over each time you played. Instead of having Joe your Paladin class officer who you secretly notice focuses on Killing Blows at the expense of positioning when he thinks he can get away with it who you also know made his friends watch him play single player games on super nintendo all day growing up instead of letting them take turns.
  7. Camelot Unchained

    Completely irrelevant, if it was proximity chat then built in voice would matter.
  8. Tomes P2W Model

    P2W elements are convenient to those who are willing to pay. Gamers have been conditioned to convenience, they think these p2w elements help their play experience but in the bigger picture they erode the integrity of a game and the game eventually dies. There are of course exceptions, CF won't be one of them. These same people that want games to be watered down and made easy for them are the same people that often wonder why there are no good lasting games that can keep their attention for years.
  9. Tomes P2W Model

    There's a lot of mental gymnastics these days to justify bad systems for the game, it leads me to believe they might be strapped for cash if they want to monetize this way which is inevitable failure in the long term. Eve is not crowfall, it will not share much overlap in the type of players it attracts. A lot of the systems borrowed from eve are just not good for an action combat pvp-centric game in 2017. I'm always a wait and see how things shake out kind of person, but honestly some of these p2w lines they are trying to push are pretty condemning for the longevity of this game.
  10. If games can do hardware bans maybe crowfall can use similar to make it so one CPU = one account. I mean they did say they were marketing to hardcore gamers, the type of people that care about their computer hardware, so they shouldn't really be worried about joe blow on a pentium 4 who shares his computer with 3 siblings.
  11. Make it pay to play

    Their logic for allowing p2w is that the game doesn't have as steep a vertical progression/power curve.
  12. Introducing Minke (English Community Manager)

    Hail and well met.
  13. Either you can make harvesting a mini-game with a lot of depth, which would be a waste of CF resources anyway, or you can try to dress it up with pretty fx and animations for the type of people that may be duped by that type of superficial presentation for a while, which is also a waste of CF resources. The core of the harvesting complaints is that people find the grind too severe, something easily adjustable. Those that are complaining because they go out there and harvest solo and then get killed really have no business playing this type of game if they don't appreciate the joys and dangers of doing things solo in pvp games.
  14. Some people don't find it fun to craft, they shouldn't craft, some don't find it fun to harvest, they shouldn't harvest. Like I said before if people have mechanical complaints about the act of harvesting that is one thing. Logically crowfall should not cater to solo harvesters, nor should it cater to people that scream unfun anytime they lose. Outside of making some sort of deep mini-game to the act of gathering a material harvesting is always going to be hitting rocks and waiting for the reward.
  15. Testing isn't going to help ACE figure out what is fun when the testers can't properly contextualize what they are testing. Fun is a matter of context, you tell people to hit rocks in an environment where numbers aren't balanced at all, and their work constantly gets wiped, and they aren't going to have "fun". You give it permanent meaning towards fueling a campaign victory in a launch environment and populate the world with hundreds all playing for realzy and things are different. Right now ACE is catering to too many complaints from people that miss the point of testing, it's creating a very poor game that will not do well at launch.