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  1. I feel you. In the stretch goals, an Asia testing server is listed, but hasn't been delivered yet.
  2. Got it, thanks team. Appreciate the info. I'm a goal oriented dude, so working towards something is like 90% of the fun. Next goal for me is gear, then a new Vessel. Thanks!
  3. Thanks for the replies all! Levels on a vessel are permanant, correct? For example, if I level a Druid into Storm spec, that vessel will permenenatly be a Storm Druid vessel?
  4. Had a gander at some EK shops, seeing vessels for sale there that are a bit better than the base. Curious if right now they're work buying. As a secondary question, are Vessel's permenant or do they degrade and die off eventually?
  5. That was indeed the problem, thanks mate. I was not aware you were properly locked into the campaign. Thanks!
  6. Hey all, Getting this error when I try to enter my own kingdom. I hit "Launch Kingdom", it loads fine and when I hit "Enter World", I get the "No Scenarios Found" error. In addition, the little gear icon to change location does nothing. I've tried all the basics in troubleshooting, but no dice. Anyone run into this before? EDIT - Quick note, I've found this pertains to all EK for me, even other peoples. They show as online, but I cannot join. Thanks!
  7. Not yet, I'm still continuing to attempt loggins. I did a repair, it did download a dozen half meg patches, but the version didn't change. I'm wondering if maybe there's a client/server mismatch. Keep trying brother!
  8. Hello! Anyone else having this issue? I cannot login, every attempt I get an error 504 after about 1 minute of attempting to login. Hope there's a quick fix so I don't miss out! Thanks!
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