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  1. This sounds very promising looking forward to trying this out in my phase if they have it by then. God concept keep them coming.
  2. From my experiences zerg guilds don't last to long don't worry about them. Sure they might dominate on some servers for awhile but once the competition is gone or nothing to gain the guilds get bored and move on. Much like streamer guilds. Also i thought it was said we can set up rule sets in the campaigns is so then we can limit how many people from each faction/guild/clan or whatever we choose. If so then a zerg guild will be null since if it is set up as 20 man groups or something then it would need the 20 best from the zerg guilds to win and most zerg guilds have numbers not really quality players.
  3. I will be going full tank for this game. Every game i have played recently i have not liked much and i am beginning to think it is because i have not being playing tank. Sure i might not do as much damage as the rest of the tanks or any dps but i don't roll solo in pvp and in this game your clan/guild will be your dps. Also if this game allows it i will do as i have in past games and go for the most mitigation i can for my tank so those who wish to fight me will get bored of the time it takes and try to flee.
  4. I think after looking at the way this class/race is done that it can still be a mitigation tank based on its thick hide possibly. With that being said maybe some self shout type of buffs will be added to keep him in line with the knights armor. This could also add damage debuff shouts to the class as well and maybe they can do sort of a stance dance with shout buffs and debuffs. This could make this character fun and challenging to play along with if the person could play it well awesome in pvp.
  5. The only real concern i have about naming is how short or long the name can be. That in it self can bring almost endless possibility to the table. Say naming from 2- 20 characters long gives you many options to go with in order to be unique. Not including the title the person might want to use.
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