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  1. Was on Gorath till the NGE. Pesoj Maub - Big Game Hunters Krayt Oasis
  2. I remember all the broken bits with such fondness. Heading to C-net to get your buffs so you could wear your armor. Don't forget to tip the macro begging fat rodian. Running the corvette with my Big Game Hunters guild, the mobs shooting you from the other side of the map and three floors beneath you. Rezzing and continuing to run till the black bars made you hit the cantina. Hunting Krayts with BGH and setting up our city right next to the Krayt Graveyard. Logging in and having a Krayt kill me in my house. The time our guild leader declared war on the Bounty Hunter Guild because their initials were close to ours. The time the nightsister spawned in my campsite and killed us all after a rancor hunt. She then took a hammer to all of our swoops. It was all broken and we made the game. The players really were the driving force. Broken quests, broken mechanics, but the game was fun because of the screwball stuff we would do. I love and miss all the good times, I try not to think about the NGE.
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