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  1. I have claimed my rewards and I do have them showing up on my account, but I can't seem to find that elusive "upgrade" button. maybe I have a case of the dumbs? Edit 1: I can upgrade my pledge if I go to www.crowfall.com and click on " Pledge Now " I mean I see the packages and a discounted price.
  2. Hey bro, well as I found out doing what another friendly member pointed out to me. Is that yes you will be able to upgrade, or get new rewards for your pledge. They are still working out on the shop and figuring out somethings but as soon as that feature is available we will be told this. You can find a little more information here: http://community.cro...ceweb/?p=149891 Additionally this is from the email sent by them: " Soon, we will announce the grand opening of our web store where you will be able to upgrade your pledge package and/or purchase additional pledge rewards if you so choose. Following that, we will add the ability to purchase gifts, such as packages and items, for your friends. "
  3. Thanks! Sorry man I am at work right now so I didn't quite had enough time for it. but thanks for pointing all of those out.
  4. As a contributor - early bird 2, amongst my rewards is Beta 2. I wonder when should I expect the email with the code. Additionally at the time of the Kickstarter I didn't have enough money to back anything Higher, are there any plans for upgrades or bonus that you can purchase while the game is developed? I really would love to continue support on Crowfall, I've been following this game for a while and to be honest with y'all. It's all that I have been waiting for a while in the MMORPG genre. (I am the type of consumer that is often labeled "cash cow" I love throwing ridiculous quantities of money at games I enjoy)
  5. So I understand that people are slowly getting their codes for KS?
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