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  1. "grew up in the arcades of Hong Kong spending stupid money on Street Fighter 2"  Haha I used to be a arcade junkie myself back in the days. They kind of went out of style here in the USA

  2. How does joining work when you have higher tier packages?
  3. Hi thanks for the welcome. I had original intentions of running a guild like the dark and light court of fairy. My character was basically a fop who acted such to throw off his enemies. My whole ranking system was gonna be based on flower titles. What tier is your guild leader? I am not even sure how it works when it comes to parcels and stuff when you join together. I know I have a bunch of stuff like a castle and other varied perks.
  4. Hi I might be interested in joining. I am not sure currently what I am doing because I hold one of the higher tiers.
  5. Explain the obvious on what her archetype role is meant to be again.....What I am saying is that role just doesn't seem to fit to me or what i was hoping for. The abilities are more akin to a fire elemtalist where I was I guess hoping for a more priestly fire melee type.
  6. I don't like that the Confessor is a range attacker. My idea of a Confessor is someone who is up and close proclaiming your sins in your ear torturing you with her powers to submit. For a holy zealot warrior I would think they would want to be up and close where she can brand you for all your sins. You don't break someone from far away....you break them up close so it is personal. So she should have some kind of branding attack and subdue stuff like stuns and something that does a bunch of pain. Maybe some big power that you actually break a persons will and you have confessed. She might have some kind of ongoing ticker stack that goes up and down showing how many people she has broken and caused to confess. Just a thought.
  7. Haha and I show up late and clueless!
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