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  1. It does not. At least, not when I first consumed it. Tend to keep track of those lists pretty closely -- and even discovered an error at one point that they quickly fixed -- so that common errors wouldn't impact the rewards of people. But I honestly haven't looked at it in a while, so my information isn't up to date. Though once consumed, I know that initially it did not show the title in the rewards. Though as Kraahk mentioned, they're still reworking it and we've been assured that if we bought the packages or the buildings / land before this system changes officially, then we would be grandfathered into those titles. It's important for me as well, as it's one of the main reasons I bought what I did. Definitely want my Archduke and Viscount Titles. Now that we get multiple characters, I can potentially use them both. I don't know what the crowfall store looks like for you, but the deals that they kept open for Kickstarters will officially close at the end of this month. So if you want a little extra bang for your buck and support the project both, you could see if there's something of interest there. I'm not sure if it required a certain level of backer to see the different types, so I won't mention any specifics and potentially confuse someone.
  2. Arcane Enchantment Weapons for "Backer" levels and above (aesthetics only). Tax Free parcels were said to be Kickstarter only back then. Though we still have relatively no new information on what they are or what they do. Aside from that, unique colors for buildings and unique looking statues / horses. Investors of $100 or more during their first ever (and the first ever in gaming history due to new laws) official selling of their stocks to their players also get a Unique Colossus parcel that was said to only be available to those who invest in the company. Additionally, those who spent $1,000 or more or have invested also get access to Development Partner forums and Investor forums, as well as monthly reports of finances and their plans for the future. Though the latter is confidential, which is why you don't see investors posting about it as you would on sites like MMO-champion about leaks and such. There were plenty of rewards and incentives, but pretty much everything in game will be craftable / earnable and the unique colors and such will be tradable. Even Tax-Free parcels and the Colossus parcel. As far as I know, at least.
  3. Think it gets the point of what the game is about more directly. May spark more interest when directing someone here. I'll also take the time in this thread to say that I appreciate all of your communication and hard work on this game. Just because it's your job doesn't mean hard work shouldn't be recognized. As many hard decisions as you have to make on what makes it in and what does not before soft launch, it still feels good to have such a competent development team at the helm. From those who read and respond on here to the developers themselves. Big congratulations thus far on 5.3 and beyond.
  4. Bots are incredibly sophisticated nowadays. But it will be more difficult to make in that any old average joe won't be able to make such. Especially when you run into situations where you know something screwed up with an ability and you absolutely need to use a specific ability that has a specific purpose. There is a problem with "optimal rotations" spitting out things if you have good enough gear and skill, but the expensive materials will always want to be handled manually due to anything happening at any time. From a "good" or "excellent" or "bad" boost that you randomly get that could give you more durability or quality than normal, or needing to use your best "finish it now" skill since something happened or you figured out you don't have enough points to do it otherwise and would otherwise fail. But without boosts, that in itself only has a 50% chance of success. Or a skill that recovers most materials if you know you screwed up. Still percentages and chances, but you have outs and decisions at the costs of other things. Though what I am talking about is pretty simplistic as well. There are a lot of nuances. Such as "bad boost", you may want to hold off on trying to improve quality as your mindset is distracted. Maybe just use that turn to buff yourself with a buffing ability as trying to increase quality will be 1/5 normal effectiveness at the same if not higher price. Easy to spot, but a macro or bot may power through it. Just random events and some other things beyond the increased interaction.
  5. Poor choice of words / examples with that to show the importance of control. I did mention it was just an example and not to be taken seriously, but I just now edited it with parentheses and a time stamp (to show it was in response to what you post) to elaborate. Though writing this, I'll go back and change it more to avoid someone stumbling upon such and instantly assuming. I don't write much on this site since I don't PvP and don't want to talk about something that I essentially "gripe out on" and run away if I see anyone while harvesting. The tedium could be a problem, yes. Though such is also a gate for the highest level items and having more control versus a system deciding something. I don't mind someone auto-crafting things, either. Though a hands on approach is a jewel for me. But I guess I just like really in-depth features and doing things others don't want to do -- it gives a feeling of importance to a job. As for stats? I mentioned before, in another thread months ago, that I don't really pay attention to them at the moment as they are not finalized. So I'll admit any failure where I speak of such directly in this thread.
  6. Hope is the first step on the road to disappointment. But to be precise, you said: " However what I'm hoping for is to hear only from the people who've focused solely on crafting (including training)." Crafting is almost all I have done in this game, minus gathering and working with a laggy EK (around the time I stopped logging in; haven't played at all during the 24/7 tests). Sometimes I just logged in to focus on the training and log out. One might say that it's been my sole focus. Beyond poor articulation and only putting in one or two caveats that Crowfall may already have some semblance of what I was talking about / think is an excellent system, I knew a fair bit about crafting and made mention that it's been a while. That said, you agreed with the point I was trying to make and therefore I am satisfied. The point could have been written more directly without examples, but it did bring something to the discussion if you acknowledged it.
  7. It seems that my "a lot of words" and going into depth of a good system that I currently enjoy is misconstrued as me saying there isn't a semblance of something present. Or my generalization of crafting as a whole bringing about an err in articulation. Indeed, I've scant mentioned -- only at the beginning and towards the end -- that it's been a while since I've fiddled with the system, and that there are semblances already present in the current system that I described (thinking this may be the case, I edited a few things a few minutes after I posted. Still about 20 minutes prior to your post, but you may have missed it if you clicked fast enough). My complaint with the actual game is the lack of depth when compared to others around, going back to them saying that they looked at previous games and thought they could do something better. Opinions will be opinions thereof, but I believe they could do much, much better than what they have right now. In fact, it is my assertion that most with experience in MMO crafting in the last 20 years would say that its current form could do with a bit of further interaction. As with my previous post regarding this, and the original intent with this one, I want to feel like a crafter. Though looking back, thinking purely of other games when writing as opposed to directly comparing -- in fact, no comparisons were made as I was just throwing words out of love for specific types of crafting -- does indeed have the implications that I was saying Crowfall doesn't have such, aside from my very minor caveats that weren't given much thought by comparison. To be frank, it feels (the crafting itself and not the items it makes) like the worst crafting system that I've been involved in with a long time. The lack of interaction, depth and difficulty is distracting me from other things about it. Thus, I consistantly say I'm too harsh on it. Indeed, I recall writing something similar just the other day that many people don't like the basis of it and perhaps overlook aspects before going into the same generalization of what I consider to be good interaction, thereby implying that Crowfall is void of such despite making no direct comparisons due to my own mindset of only talking about it. To be honest, I am fighting with a want for each craft to take upwards of five minutes of choices, with dozens of rotations, methods, options, etc. Wanting crafting to take almost all of my time up. To invalidate the 8 accounts (I will do crafting almost 100% of my time one way or another if it isn't complex enough) I will have at launch due to being so complex that I won't need to log into any others. In my first post regarding this, I said I would generally wait until the trees are updated and the like before going into depth on stats and the like; though that post was made maybe a month ago. Perhaps more. I still hold to that thought process despite my mind fluttering into what I explicitly proclaimed as an example when it comes to the lightning blade (and not a representation); also, crafters are oft commissioned to do specific work, and therefore you tend to know what you want to do. The process itself tends to be very simplistic and quick, though a name can come before, during or with its use. The owner may even name such. I believe the depth and difficulty in addition to resources makes for a stronger economy; those who go the extra miles are rewarded. With the current system, I see crafting only being a mini-game to harvesting. In fact, the specific resources being a defining nature of something was going to be an example of this, though in my haste to write I ended up making no comparisons at all and just wrote about my favorite system like a love letter. As a whole, I tried to stand by my first post months ago in that I have no right to speak of specific stats and admit fault to any implications here. Though I suppose my first post mentioned the mathmatics involved moreso than anything, so I could have mentioned it as concrete evidence to the assertion as a whole. Lastly, I'll respect that you may enjoy how it is now. As well as your remark that having more interaction -- the main point of my first post and the intended point here -- may be a good idea. That was my original point, and I tried to go into depth of examples rather than offer nothing. I already made the statement that it's been a long while since I've even logged onto crowfall, so I don't feel the need to apologize for misleading on that front. Though I do admit the lack of comparisons when just speaking of a good system in general and how some of it was written in such a way to disclose ineptitude. No one sentence saying Crowfall may have some of these things already counters that articulation, as that can easily be skipped over.
  8. I haven't touched the system in a while as I have been waiting for further changes and the availability of additional skills and updates. Edit: Most of this writing is based on what I think is a good system in terms of player interaction. Some of it, Crowfall may already have in a way. But there is always room for improvement and I intend to be harsh (and oft over the top / exaggerating ) since I think the team is doing a great job as a whole. Timestamp of this edit takes place after my second post for clarity (and wasn't seen by the OP). Though as it stands now -- as I haven't heard of any substantial updates -- it's just a mini game or side feature to the much improved Harvesting system. A slot machine RNG system, if you will. Therefore, I'd say that it's just an extension of harvesting without any charm of being a crafter. There is nothing but gathering materials and then playing the slot machine; no chance to feel like a crafter at all and therefore doesn't deserve its own tree. It should be moved to the Harvesting tree in its current state or combined into an "economic" tree with them both, as it has no right to be called crafting. My harsh criticism comes from the fact that I exclusively play games and MMOs for any type of crafting system that they have. It's just been my favorite thing to do every since Ultima Online. Though crafting systems as seen in Crowfall are in the category that I've dubbed "half-assed" as, by comparison, nothing about it makes me feel like a crafter. I don't have any control over certain "RNG" and "Gambling" aspects of it. It's just pull the slot, with the currency being what I harvested (thus me saying it might as well just be a part of harvesting, or a harvesting mini-game). If it had choice and skills and rotations, then I could see a bit more value. To be able to decide if I want to craft something with a low chance of super stats, but 100% completion rate, or risk some things. It being my choice, and me saying "I shouldn't of done that" as opposed to the game deciding for me that it should be RNG. Then additional mini-games similar to how crafting is a mini-game of harvesting now. Break/melt down feature for materials, convertion system into a different type of item, etc. Perhaps even targeting specific stats once I'm a proficient enough crafter so that I have some actual input. My current favorite system is where crafting is a meta in of itself; you have dozens of abilities, rotations, gear, story, etc. for it (though I don't expect story in a PvP / World building game like Crowfall). You have to know your stuff and know what button to press in case something messes up -- which each button having percentage chance of success or failure (though able to sacrifice some durability to move that to 100%). Then the durability, quality and craft meter whereby if you reach 0 Durability before 100% crafted it's a failure automatically. Have to decide if you can put more % in quality or not. With high quality materials giving bonuses to quality usage. It moves things from "I HATE THIS GAME." when it decides it fails for you, versus "I shouldn't of done that... ugh! My bad." That's the difference between a crafting system and a mini-game subsystem of harvesting. It's a bit more complex, yes. There is a lot more to it than I'm writing here (went into more depth in another post). But you're actually involved. You feel like a crafter that has to make decisions and acquire new abilities. Even using new abilities on old crafts to ensure they're the highest quality avilable of that type / resource used. With harder metal and the like increasing difficulty, as well as technique required to make. I'd even say it makes things harder as a whole, as you new a harvester's stuff while also knowing your way around an anvil. The game right now just uses "RNG" as a basis of getting something "good" to be "difficult" and "valuable". I say it could make crafting more involved and still do that. Give more depth. Allow the targeting of certain things to experienced crafters (and not just harvesters). There could still be the usual form of "this has max value stats of what you chose" versus "this is okay" -- a Diablo 2 sort of thing where you could have something like +15-+25 minimum / perfect stats for a chosen category. A general weakness in RNG is both a lack of control and feeling great (most of the time instead of a slot machine "finally!"; the system itself can feel great and you can still get perfect stats as described above). How much control versus random you have. With there being sprinkles of both from the get go. The percentage of each ability's success or sacrifice of durability and pips to make it happen for sure. 100% success if you manage to get 100% crafted meter at the cost of some quality meter. Then the stats, with a potential for higher amount depending on the quality. Or flat out Higher Quality versions that also increase armor slightly. Then perhaps a random stat(s) of ones you didn't target. Difficulty to create can make highly sought after items -- though that difficulty need not be an exceedingly easy (previously described as "half-assed") slot machine. The complexity and depth involved in the craft of something also deters from people flooding items (or at least more meaningful ones; there could be an auto-create feature that has a much lower chance of being good and without a targeting prospect as you aren't personally involved). Suddenly even weak items have some worth -- or there are systems in place to use said items in other ways with additional break down systems. With the breaking down of valuable items potentially giving unique crafting items that are only available from such (or a higher percent for those with higher quality). Needed to craft amazing items. As it stands now, I just collect items and press buttons. Then potentially get angry. What if I were to call my item the "Lightning Blade of Kalzinath?" ...And it proc'd a low level fire attribute? This is just as an example as the system for such is based on materials (edit for clarity since this is mentioned in the next paragraph, 3:05 AM: Example of the importance of control, and not of how the system works; originally did not have these parentheses and didn't mention materials, though I did state it was just an example not to be taken seriously due to the system we have -- For new crows' information, materials can determine this, which is part of the reason of what I meant when it came to talking about crafting just feeling like a mini-game of the Harvesting feature. Especially after it's action updates), naturally, but also shows the importance to a crafter of targeting things or having a certain level of knowing that comes from know how. Not just as a crafter, but from a role playing perspective. As for the crafting system "Rocking"... Well. I agree with you. As the main thing is hitting rocks to be able to play this harvesting mini-game. It has some mild input, but it's so mild that I don't even recognize it as such in its current state or it is a part of the harvesting system to begin with.
  9. I believe many -- including myself -- agree with you it comes to the crafting. It's a horrid thing where you just cross your fingers and do not feel at all like a craftsman. Though I am perhaps comparing it unfairly (and too harshly) to games that have done it so much better. When I first read about their plans with crafting, I remember reading something along the lines of "We looked at other games and weren't impressed", so naturally I assumed they'd try to make an effort to make it. Well. Good. I've gone into depth regarding this in another post, but suffice it to say that, at this point, I'd prefer WoW's crafting system -- and I don't ever want to say that again about anything. The problem is that I don't see it improving with what they already have on their plate. Mere number crunches, if anything, and such does not tackle the core problems nor the fact that this so-called crafting is just a slot machine with no crafting involved. Even taking a step back and adopting an older system from UO would be an improvement. Simplistic but efficient. I only hope it's still in development or that acquiring things we haven't seen yet in trees will help. When it comes to the actual use of items, skills, stats, etc. There is something that you're missing. That is, everything is dependent on a couple of factors: What you can bring into campaigns (limited inventory, if anything, with values) The limits of the body you've taken over (And limits on bring in a high quality one). That said, even if you are playing against someone that has been at it for 5 years, his stats will be the same as yours, roughly speaking. Meaning that his vessel can only hold, say, 100 stats and x abilities. Your vessels can only hold 100 stats and x abilities. So he may be able to have a bit more say in where the stats are distributed, but as a whole you'll both be stat capped. As well as mastery capped (A vessel might have a limit of 70% swordsmanship, as an example. So even if your crow has 100%, you're restricted to 70%). When it comes to the length of acquiring skills, that's debated and intended. Everyone will be basic for the first few months. With basics stuff, we won't worry so much about stat locking since no one will be up there. But there is also a market in teaching others skills you learned through books that you can craft. So if you have one of these books, you can learn that skill. This is one of the catch-up or money making features. Though they have said that they will implement others as the need arises and as time passes. Though in essence, we'll never be able to use a 100% complete character due to vessel and campaign limitations. Having 100% just means we have more options to play with, but are still restricted by the limited viable powersets, skills that can be equipped and stat caps. Those who reach mastery first will have to decide if they want to make others stronger and themselves weaker in exchange for vast sums of materials. Though they can still be competitive due to the above. Likewise, the skill system and subclasses and all that are still under development. The times are being nailed down. But one of their wants, I believe, was for it to take years to master a character. Though by then more stuff might be released as well. This falls in line to a lot of the older games like Ultima Online whereby it could take upwards of 9 months to become a Grand Master in just one discipline. When it comes to campaigns, there are many things to consider (and likely are still in discussion). The limitations above, potential limited numbers of guildmates, the rulesets, etc. The latter being "Good, Balance, Chaos" type of thing where you join your faction. Guild Warfare. Or FFA. With maps larger than what we have right now (likely) having different locations for all resources and castles to conquer and the like. In the past they were talking about some type of historical events calculator. Where the computer creates a world that has kingdoms, the kingdoms go to war or whatever. Then you see the aftermath of collapsed civilizations around. Or perhaps lively cities. You then have to consider resources and food as the seasons and weather changes. Monsters become more dangerous. And the "Hunger" starts to consume the world. Large guilds especially will need to worry about food reserves, resource gathering and storage, protecting from raids to protect their resources, maintaining their holdings, etc. To say nothing of sieges and the like. As a whole, most things are likely still be ironed out, but the fresh perspective of someone coming in such as yourself is likely invaluable. To see how someone that hasn't been involved with the game up to this point sees it as a third party. How they can address those things to others looking in from outside both verbally and with systems.
  10. Don't worry, my friends... I will be your shield. Depending on the class and potential subs thereof, they could probably accomplish this a number of ways. Damage in itself seems a bit extreme since there are Damage Dealers built for that, but it could be part of a formula for something else. Tanks essentially soak and mitigate damage; their purpose is to protect their group. So there could be a sort of "cover" mechanic similar to Final Fantasy games or even a large shield via Overwatch. "Body Guard: You are under the watchful gaze of a Knight. Damage is reduced by 25%" or something. Maybe a soul link mechanic ala Warlocks/ Headhunter Trolls on WoW where damage is shared and split. Maybe even a growing shield effect that increases every time a tank deals damage and spreads to nearby group members. Perhaps even being heal for the Templar. Or a mixture. Something that makes them a priority threat since they're just too annoying if played well to not take down. But with their own defenses decreasing for every buff they choose to turn on and give to others, as their attention is then split. Which will make the cleric useful in trying to keep them up as well, while being protected. A fully armored Knight only focused on its own defense could last a long time and be a low priority threat. But implementing the above could have some interesting elements while also making them easier to kill and a priority target, while also potentially giving an additional synergy to Cleric and Druid. Old Warcraft III Paladin auras could be a part of it, as well. Just making them a "There's the tank -- cut off the head of the snake and the rest will grow limp" kind of threat if they're a team player and boost their party members enough that it's most efficient to try and burst you. If you notice you have their attention, then trying to stay alive is key. You'd have to know what buffs to drop for your own survival, but keep an eye on the life of your allies as well and if they need your protection again. As a whole, if I'm not the first to fall, then I don't feel that I've been a good tank. Some sort of sacrifice Ultimate or something where I can instantly take myself out in exchange for fully healing or providing a nice shield to my allies might be interesting for a full tank build (with it being more effective if I had more health to give up). Or intercept where I give them part of my HP. I still remember Divine intervention with fondness. Though I have my tank spirit aroused from the new Overwatch Video:
  11. There are a myriad of ways Hunger can be kept in the game without causing too many headaches, while also serving specific functions such as being an anti-zerg mechanic. Keeping it relatively the same right now, some minor caveats could be construed: "Survivalist" "buff" for being a lone wolf or scout. Having little to no allies near you and you're not in a group. Lower hunger from dropping significantly so it doesn't become a chore to someone who just wants to play by themselves or with a small group of friends. Recognition of being in a group or raid or many guild members or allies near you, giving you an "Army Maintenance / upkeep" debuff. Food is less effective and your hunger lowers faster as you have to worry about the army's stomach while marching and interacting (for some reason I thought of the Warcraft III food upkeep shortly after writing this sentence). Debuff becomes more severe the more people you have. This could also be automatically applied to a guild or army that owns as castle or significant outpost in the campaign to help offset their fortified position. Not only for normal mechanics, but also to help with repairs, buildings and potential effectiveness of NPCs. Personally, I think the idea of a "Lethargic" mechanic would make sense, as well. Perhaps depending on the nutrition of the food or if it was prepared or not. If you eat low quality or mass produced food to meet with growing demands, you become lethargic for a minute or two to simulate a sort of food coma. That way you have to figure out the best time to eat, and not just do it in mid-battle for whatever reason just because they didn't prepare or think ahead. On the other hand, there could be well cooked meals that put a fire in your belly. Things that are relatively easy to cook for a small group of people but become impossible with armies.Though preparations may just be a bygone era of games like Ultima Online where you had to play smart and carry very specific items in limited quantity lest you be targeted. I did notice a few comments saying that they just wanted to PvP and basically not have to worry about anything. If the map is too big, if a castle takes too long to build, etc. But that's every PvP game ever right now. No thought or tactics. No scouting. The same small map with pre-constructed castles or easily constructed castles for six months. Nothing else at play. Might as well just play a WoW battleground and not a Throne War Simulator. Granted, there are fine lines and limits to everything. Edit: That is not to say that pre-existing castles shouldn't exist. These worlds had/have cities in them before we come into the picture, after all. Though on the point of hunger vs. zergs or large guilds, I say it's a feature that encourages people working together to maintain their ranks rather than "Let's all just go to point A and win because LOL". Having something to do to encourage the cooperative spirit. Even if it doesn't have to be food or money or something. If you have obscene power, then there must be extensive upkeep; even those who are powerful just by themselves by virtue of their gear will have to contend with repairs and potentially losing their items. As well as on the lookup for backup items and more powerful ones. What we need to remember is that this is not just a PvP game. This is a Throne War themed game with full PvP in it. Following only by the logic, you should expect long campaigns, castles sieges, food shortages on a dying world, control of PvP kingdoms changing hands, fields of corpses that you can loot, etc. All wrapped up into a less realistic and painful package to play through since it is still, at its core, a video game.
  12. Sindothyx


    It will disappoint me if you don't help whatever guild you join build a wall around your Eternal Kingdom. Keep those filthy casuals out and make other guilds pay for it. If you lose an arm in battle, you'll chop the other one off for free. #Healthcare
  13. This is a good question and one that many have tried to seek an answer for due to the expense of said items. For the price of a single parcel, you could buy so many other things. In fact, I sort of regret purchasing five creeks, hills and groves. Hopefully they will actually be justified in terms of what they're sold for with quality or abundance in terms of resources when compared to others. Though I imagine they also have more potential building spots for triggers and houses and such, as well.
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