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  1. I reckoned their crafting tree would do that and that we weren't seeing the big picture. But for the sake of argument I wrote based on the RNG we see right now. As well as proper usage of RNG as a whole from my own experience and opinion. Though I updated my post to better articulate this. Though one point with the whole 90% chance is that... when you hit that 10% chance (and I've failed thousands of times at 98% on other games), was it due to a mistake -you- made? Or was it RNG? Master crafters make mistakes, yes... But you are supposed to be that master crafter. Do I feel like such? Did I make that mistake? I make plenty of mistakes with FFXIV's systems. And they're all my fault. Or they were me "taking that chance" for a 70% chance to increase quality at the cost of a resource... thereby having to do the 50/50 chance to finish the crafting portion with the best crafting increase skill (which has said 50% chance of success versus a two normal 100% since I used up that first normal and the second can't do it alone).
  2. A good point. I hope they don't consider crafting the item -- or technically before any item exists -- to be counted among their "all items can be destroyed or looted in battle" creed. A little food for thought since I updated it just now... FFXIV 1.0 had the same system Crowfall uses now for their crafting and usage of materia. Even SquareEnix saw how bad it was / how many complaints there were and changed it for A Realm Reborn. That company notoriously stubborn and rarely, if ever, listens to their western audience. There are things in FFXI still that they refuse to acknowledge is a problem.
  3. +1 Wasn't planning on responding to this as I have made my stance and love of crafting as a whole known in previous posts. It was my belief that my twenty years (Ultima Online Inspiring me) of crafting -- it being my main focus for most of such in games -- was blinding me to the big picture. In addition to not seeing the entire crafting and gathering system being implemented due to it being a test (and the changes the tree will ultimately make). Though I can say with the utmost certainty that I agree with what you wrote here. Not just from logic, but also from personal experience. What is tolerable for a crafter. What is a good crafting system. Etc. While I'm sure they have an experienced crafting team and advisory board with regards to it, I highly doubt that any of them have lived and breathed crafting; actively sought out games with it (or all about it) and dedicated nearly all their gaming time towards it. In fact, it is likely my number one activity, in front of RP and PvP. Mixed in with trade and helping other players (oft times in enables such). PvE was only ever done for the same goal -- to help others. Leveling a tank and or healer. Though crafting has always been the whole experience for me in a game. The current implementation (early starting experience and what I've read) is abysmal compared to the dozens of games I've spent literally years in actively learning and being a part of. I would even place it behind World of Warcraft, which was previously my most despised game when it came to their horrific system. Indeed, and most of that is because of the poor implementation of RNG elements where there should be none (Or where there should be where there is none). In essence, I almost feel like this system was based off old Korean MMOs with their RNG and the potential for a cash shop increasing said items. And the whole thing potentially breaking on the next phase. I'll not question the wisdom of the intricacies of the current system or what certain items give -- those are likely tied to other features and a much larger community. But the loss of items and failure during critical stages is not a wise course of action. Instead, there could be something a little more fluid as a whole. Which could further expand upon the game's economy while also not driving away the playerbase of crafters. I've mentioned in a past post that difficulty increases rarity. The harder it is to craft something, or the more painful the system, the more those who are willing to do it will profit. Though there is a point where you just simply destroy one's ego, moral and quite frankly, their fun. There is a fine line which ACE has undeniably crossed, even to the point where when it doesn't even matter (future wipes before soft launch), the crafters still get frustrated. This alone should bring up a few red flags on at least the most controversial of systems in place. My most beloved crafting system to date would have to be FFXIV's own. It has many annoying features. But not so much that it discourages crafting as a whole. In addition, said features help the economy, as well as a few things they implemented to help with such (and constant updates that add new... in addition to a single player being able to unlock and play every class -- much like Crowfall). They have a system of "Normal" and "High Quality" items, as well as a "Durability" and "Quality" minigame. You have a set amount of Crafting Points each attempt. So you have to decide to put something in quality or crafting. Crafting must reach 100% for the item to be crafted. If you have enough crafting level and crafting gear, you may feasibly even get both quality and crafting to 100%. But you'd pretty much have to be at master level (and the higher quality item means you need to put more points in crafting and quality). In addition, there are High Quality materials which automatically put Quality points in for you to start with. In essence, you have the opportunity (if you have enough levels in crafting) to guarantee 100% chance of crafting if you just dump everything in the crafting portion. You risk not being able to fill that portion out every time you put quality in. There are also dozens of skills to use that do different things. Meta rotations and gear and enchantments and potions and such. Some crafts even support other crafts in being able to make HQ materials or potions or food or whatever. It's so intricate that it is its own game. Each craft has its own end game, storyline, gear, skillset, materials, skill rotations, etc. The Normal Quality and High Quality items make it so new players and old can partake in it (normal being affordable to new, and HQ being bought by vets -- they typically only have a few stats in difference, but one can be sold for 500gil while the other 5,000). And with each class using different things, a character may have need for everything... perhaps multiple times. So even five years after launch the economy is still booming. Though that is also in part due to the intricacies of the market board system with some people not even bothering (though its an important part of the crafter meta -- how things are moved). In essence: You put in work and memorize rotations and the like to ensure you don't fail. I almost always feel like hard work pays off in that game. And there would be nothing worse to get to a stage that I worked for hours on only to see RNG ruin everything and lose all my materials. When I had no way to stop it. You can still fail and lose materials in FFXIV. Even some RNG in there as well -- if you depend on a "Good" or "Exceptional" phase where you might get a bonus if you just risk hitting a quality button. Or how quality buttons typically have a 70%-90% chance of succeeded while taking up a durability point of the item being made. But you can also sacrifice a little of your "CP" (kind of like crafter mana) to give you an additional 20-30% success rating on quality buttons. At the end of the day, even if it fails and you lose your materials (a good chance you won't lose them, and even an option to cancel it early to help ensure you don't... if you planned ahead and have enough CP for it), you still feel like you it was up to your decisions and not horrible luck. When I lost some items worth over 2,000,000 once, I wasn't cursing my luck or going on forums yelling. Instead, I was somewhat devastated... yet my words were "I shouldn't of done that" and not "This system sucks." THAT is a major difference between a good crafting system that will keep people going and one where they will just quit and a shortage of crafters will appear. Do I feel like the crafter? Or does the game feel like it's doing it for me? And I'm just a patsy or middle man collecting items and saying "please, please, please!" That is the question I like seeing asked when it comes to crafting. My examples don't matter ultimately. But this question is the true and genuine golden ticket. Though to add a little food for thought... FFXIV 1.0 had a system similar to Crowfall when it came to this with regards to their materia system. It's one of the things they felt was a good idea to change while remaking their game.
  4. Hunger in Crowfall

    There are a myriad of ways Hunger can be kept in the game without causing too many headaches, while also serving specific functions such as being an anti-zerg mechanic. Keeping it relatively the same right now, some minor caveats could be construed: "Survivalist" "buff" for being a lone wolf or scout. Having little to no allies near you and you're not in a group. Lower hunger from dropping significantly so it doesn't become a chore to someone who just wants to play by themselves or with a small group of friends. Recognition of being in a group or raid or many guild members or allies near you, giving you an "Army Maintenance / upkeep" debuff. Food is less effective and your hunger lowers faster as you have to worry about the army's stomach while marching and interacting (for some reason I thought of the Warcraft III food upkeep shortly after writing this sentence). Debuff becomes more severe the more people you have. This could also be automatically applied to a guild or army that owns as castle or significant outpost in the campaign to help offset their fortified position. Not only for normal mechanics, but also to help with repairs, buildings and potential effectiveness of NPCs. Personally, I think the idea of a "Lethargic" mechanic would make sense, as well. Perhaps depending on the nutrition of the food or if it was prepared or not. If you eat low quality or mass produced food to meet with growing demands, you become lethargic for a minute or two to simulate a sort of food coma. That way you have to figure out the best time to eat, and not just do it in mid-battle for whatever reason just because they didn't prepare or think ahead. On the other hand, there could be well cooked meals that put a fire in your belly. Things that are relatively easy to cook for a small group of people but become impossible with armies.Though preparations may just be a bygone era of games like Ultima Online where you had to play smart and carry very specific items in limited quantity lest you be targeted. I did notice a few comments saying that they just wanted to PvP and basically not have to worry about anything. If the map is too big, if a castle takes too long to build, etc. But that's every PvP game ever right now. No thought or tactics. No scouting. The same small map with pre-constructed castles or easily constructed castles for six months. Nothing else at play. Might as well just play a WoW battleground and not a Throne War Simulator. Granted, there are fine lines and limits to everything. Edit: That is not to say that pre-existing castles shouldn't exist. These worlds had/have cities in them before we come into the picture, after all. Though on the point of hunger vs. zergs or large guilds, I say it's a feature that encourages people working together to maintain their ranks rather than "Let's all just go to point A and win because LOL". Having something to do to encourage the cooperative spirit. Even if it doesn't have to be food or money or something. If you have obscene power, then there must be extensive upkeep; even those who are powerful just by themselves by virtue of their gear will have to contend with repairs and potentially losing their items. As well as on the lookup for backup items and more powerful ones. What we need to remember is that this is not just a PvP game. This is a Throne War themed game with full PvP in it. Following only by the logic, you should expect long campaigns, castles sieges, food shortages on a dying world, control of PvP kingdoms changing hands, fields of corpses that you can loot, etc. All wrapped up into a less realistic and painful package to play through since it is still, at its core, a video game.
  5. Hello

    It will disappoint me if you don't help whatever guild you join build a wall around your Eternal Kingdom. Keep those filthy casuals out and make other guilds pay for it. If you lose an arm in battle, you'll chop the other one off for free. #Healthcare
  6. Solution for multiple accounts...maybe

    I've always found these types of arguments -- and the subject matter -- pretty odd. The main reason for this is that we currently have a problem where: 1) Player one has a normal account with one character. 2) Player Two has a normal account with one character and a subscription that provides additional whatever 3) Player Three has multiple accounts and multiple characters 4) Player Four has multiple accounts with multiple characters and one or more has subscription as well ...And so on. As the numbers climb, the more you get. We are thinking in terms of wanting to make sure Artcraft has a sustainable model, but we're not looking at it from a player or outsider perspective that couldn't care less -- the masses that will ultimately be the ones giving them money. The main point of contention is that the whole "one character" system is inherently flawed. It is odd in itself for many people -- especially people who are obsessed with alts -- and just has more problems than any sort of "cool" or "sustainable factors. It also makes no sense, unless the main topic is saving server space and character data. We are looking at a game that is B2P with a price tag of $50. That in itself brings with it certain expectations. We aren't a F2P game that can get away with one character slot and a host of convenience systems missing, that you have to opt into a subscription system or outright buy (reminded of "hide helm", "show title", "additional hotbar" etc. from SWTOR... *Shiver*). The way the game is set up -- the skills -- directly makes it so that the numbered systems above makes sure you have advantage -- the more money you are willing to the pay, the more you get. The argument of the one character per account is that that one character can essentially be any class and any character. Though personally, that has not stopped me on FFXIV, where I have three accounts and 24 characters. The whole "Vessel" thing can be done without limiting one character. Vessels are essentially viable for trade and could be used as currency. They aren't locked to any one crow as far as I'm aware, and can even drop from a player in some campaigns. Therefore, it makes no sense for this system to be the reason that there should only be one character per account. I can freely make vessels and trade to my different accounts. Or to anyone. The lore is that an immortal spirit can use these. And you can definitely have more than one immortal spirit with multiple accounts, or in general. There is nothing that prevents more accounts = more power in the grand scale of things other than time and hard work. It took me about 3 years to get 24 characters to where I wanted them on FFXIV. I have virtually no caps on any currency or system at all because of it, even though it took more than a month per character to set them up that way (and had to play through the storyline and everything a few dozen times). It took patience and dedication, as well as extra money. But it wasn't just handed to me. I had to sacrifice three years of not really having fun or doing other things that I would like within the game. It's a game that also allows you to have 8 characters per server, unless you want to opt for a cheaper subscription plan. So a person with one account can still have virtually no caps if they utilize all 8 slots and use a bunch of resources to gear each of those characters up. The fact of the matter is that it can be completely within lore for us to have three or more crows on our account. They're our characters, after all. And the classes and vessels are our freely traded currency that have no relevance to our accounts whatsoever. Another fact is that people expect to be reasonably on the same level of power as others when they purchase a $50 game, and not have money be a difference. Having only 1 slot with the way things are set up directly conflicts with this desire. I'd say a bare minimum of three characters per slot would rectify it. With the option to buy more for much cheaper than what it would cost to purchase a new game. They will still have to work for those three, to get them where they way. Just as anyone else with multiple accounts or purchased character slots would. With VIP potentially adding those "queue" systems to help with such. Make it so VIP is valuable in such a way that it helps facilitates the cultivation of those three + characters. Have it encourage buying more character slots. That way VIP and multiple characters will be a #1 priority for people who want to maintain all the advantages multiple characters have and those who have dozens of accounts are actually at a disadvantage as they'd have to maintain a subscription on all of them to make it easier to train them. Those who don't want multiple characters or the positives it brings likely also won't want VIP. They'll just play after purchasing a box and that's that. It is a system that the dedicated must want and desire. Because you have to be dedicated to a game if you plan to play monthly for it. Casuals just won't bother with it, and they might not even bother with the game as a whole if they are locked to 1 character after paying $50 and have no reasonable hope of competing with those with 10+ accounts.
  7. wipe before the campaign?

    I can't seem to wrap my head around this thread. Arguing about semantics. Who needs Crowfall PvP when we have forum PvP. "ACE has been very clear that a skill wipe will be avoided unless it is necessary due to some major bug or systems issue." "I don't agree with you, because never have they said "we will only wipe skills in the case of a bug or major system issue". So you are wrong." "ACE has been very clear that a skill wipe will be avoided unless it is necessary due to some major bug or systems issue." I mean, I read the corrected version above as being pretty much the same as the original. Seemingly attacking the crossed out portion just to make an argument. It's just being technically correct about a specific and targeted assertion. The best kind of correct. /Futurama "We will avoid skill wipes at all costs is confusing to you huh?" This statement alone is reality versus common sense and logic. Reality in that it is cold, hard evidence that this is their plan. Though contradictory to logic and common sense as no plan can't be undone if a developer sees fit. For the good of the game, or just because. Though the latter isn't typically performed by an experience developer as that's basically going back on their word and or angering backers. Honestly, taking a look at different perspectives and putting everything together in a big and or objective picture, no one is wrong. There's just some severe twisting of words or trying to control the narrative to try and make one seem more right while discrediting the other. From my perspective, if I say that I will avoid something at all costs... then that means there is no condition that a skill wipe will occur (minus the earlier established intent of prior to the launch). No cost is too great, in other words. So the word I would have gone after is "unless", as there is no wiggle room in such a statement. "They COULD wipe due to a major bug or system issue, but they never said that was the only situation they would wipe under. They said they will simply do it as they see fit." This is where elaboration would be needed, with statements contradicting the obviously ludicrous statement of "at all costs". Though I don't hold it against the devs for saying it. At present, there is no condition, at all, where a wipe will occur prior to the launch. Therefore the assertion that "They could wipe..." or "...They said they will simply do it as they see fit" are both incorrect when it comes to the information provided in this post. As is the claim that they will do it with a "major bug or system issue" or anything involving "unless". So if we're talking about technicalities and the facts given in this thread, you both are wrong. If we're talking about reality, you both are right and wrong. "unless" / "a major bug or system issue" is among the conditions. No where does it say they are the only conditions. No where does it say that there are more. Pointing out that there are other conditions is also correct. But does not negate that the above is also a part of one of the conditions. Saying it makes them "wrong" just for the sake of wanting them to be wrong or because of an elaboration doesn't discredit the whole or intent of the statement unless they specifically said it's the only thing. " He actually proved his own claim wrong with that link. It's kind of funny. It's like ACE says things and people just imagine they mean something they don't. " Well, he proved you both wrong with that link. If we only look at what's available up to that point. Logic and common sense say otherwise. Though that's a form of bias on personal experience and, well, individual common sense versus reality of what was posted. I personally have no opinion and don't care about any wipe. Though I do enjoy a conversation about technicalities based only on presented facts and comments. What was said: "Avoided at any cost" What is interpreted by some: "Avoided at costs" What is probably meant: "As we see fit" Some likely conditions forming the above: "Major bugs or system errors" You're both essentially agreeing with one another, but arguing over semantics to try and make one another wrong. Also, I mean no disrespect to anyone by adding my two cents. I don't care who is right or wrong, though this just seemed like an interesting forum PvP match that seemed to be based on semantics. Like two people agreeing that toast made from white bread is good, but saying the other is wrong about their specific brands even though the ingredients show they are essentially identical. All that said, could we have arguments that give the pros and cons of a potential skill wipe? Or is that nonsense since it was apparently confirmed not to happen regardless. I still think it is a better use of our time than picking sentences a part like we three are now guilty of participating in some way. Not sure what it all proves in the long run other than a jolly good PvP match.
  8. Resource parcels

    This is a good question and one that many have tried to seek an answer for due to the expense of said items. For the price of a single parcel, you could buy so many other things. In fact, I sort of regret purchasing five creeks, hills and groves. Hopefully they will actually be justified in terms of what they're sold for with quality or abundance in terms of resources when compared to others. Though I imagine they also have more potential building spots for triggers and houses and such, as well.
  9. If you acquire a pledge package that you don't need, they will likely give you store credit for it if you send them a support email. However they are not currently trading in duplicates of items that aren't unclaimed packages. I've already asked in a support email for the many duplicate items that I have no use for at present.
  10. I just pledged and I am excited!

    To add, from what I've been reading the parcels themselves likely won't cost anything. At least not resource parcels (though you may want to put a mob spawn point on a parcel, which will have upkeep). Buildings are what will have taxes, and you can lower those taxes by having resource parcels next to them. The higher the tier of parcel, the higher the multiplier will be for buildings and the like (again brought down by resource and tax free parcels being next to it). I'm not sure if Strongholds will have upkeep. I'd imagine not. There needs to be something to strive for and progress with (for yourself or your guild). Taxes setting you back on that progression could just make someone not care about progression anymore. Working for years to get a big strong hold could be fun so long as you aren't always feeling horrible each time you get a setback due to taxes on it (or if it collapses and you just don't want to bother anymore).
  11. I just pledged and I am excited!

    I don't think the RP community has really come together to pick where they are going to gather yet. Though Crowfall has a lot of "servers" that you can freely transfer your crow (your character / account) to and from. You'll be moving between campaigns and such, and going back to your own server or Eternal Kingdom. If there are server groupings (as I haven't tested yet, so I don't know), then I don't believe the RP community has chosen one yet. Though PvP should be abundant no matter what due to you not being restricted to one campaign or EK. You'll be able to freely visit others if they opened it to the public (the EK owners). As for Eternal Kingdoms, they're basically like person / guild housing on a grand scale. You can build kingdoms and place land, mob spawns (within reason), buildings (within limits), etc. You'll earn the resources to buy these from PvPing or in the crowfall store.
  12. I just pledged and I am excited!

    1) I've actually not downloaded it yet, as I intend to test the Eternal Kingdoms like crazy. Hopefully someone else can fill you in on the specifics. 2) I'm not entirely sure with this either. I know that Travanian games (spelling?) is handling European sales, but I'm not sure if this means different servers or not. It is my personal belief that we will all be able to play together due to us being able to transfer characters between servers. Splitting a PvP community up too much when there are specific campaign worlds might not be the best idea. So my guess is that you will be able to play with your friends (even if you have to use U.S. servers; I don't think it's region locked). 3) Forum member Deloria and I are both major RPers, from what I can tell. She was trying to construct something and has a website at that you can check out. She also has a thread on here about the Kingdom she was trying to put together. It had a lot of OOC elements in it, which I wasn't too keen on, but it was very well thought out. I've not seen her around lately, but there likely will be RPers (and people who love lore) around. I may also start an RP EK at some point. I just have to fiddle with the EK during the tests to see the limits we have before I plan something that I cannot deliver. At present, I have about 100 parcels, A mountain Citadel, a castle, a large keep, a medium fort, 9 cottages, 3-4 villas, 3 Cathedrals, a bunch of statues, etc. that I'll be using for it. Cathedral deities will likely be one from Order, Balance and Chaos. With the God Statue from Kickstarter being Kronos. May expand on this once I see the EK. You'd be welcome to use this, or join an RP-PvP guild that I'll be moving over to here.
  13. In the F.A.Q there is a section that says that they will be working on a system where you can trade something for its equivalent value. I believe it is in the upgrade section of the EK F.A.Q. Though that is very old information, and it may have changed. The premise was (as I understood it and as an example) that you could trade in something like a Citadel Parcel for what resources it costs, then add your own resources for the remaining to upgrade that to a Palace Parcel. If the above is still true, then getting something during the sale will very likely be of benefit since you can trade it for resources if you end up not needing it (or rent it out to others and tax them for it).
  14. Any way to upgrade my bundle?

    You can try e-mailing and asking them. If you unpackaged the contributor pledge, but have all the items within it (haven't gifted any), then they might be able to repackage it for you. From there, you should be able to upgrade on the store page (if that's still a way to do it). Just explain the situation and that you want to upgrade. They typically respond quickly if the time of day is reasonable.
  15. With a 100$ investment you get: $100 worth of shares $45 Contributor Bundle (including another copy of the game; they say that they are open to trading in a packed bundle for something equivalent) A Very Nice looking statue for your kingdom $120 Villa $15 Parcel ...and the potential for a unique, limited time only $75 hamlet parcel (same use as a normal hamlet parcel, but looks different). So about $300 worth of items/stock if we manage to reach the 2nd stretch goal in time. Plus, the share purchase has the potential to be paid back (though don't count on it, as investing is a risky endeavor and you should only invest what you are willing to lose). You will also be able to say that you are part owner of the company. It may be a very, very small and silent owner type of deal. But an owner nonetheless. With this, I believe, comes an investor badge for these forums.