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  1. It does not. At least, not when I first consumed it. Tend to keep track of those lists pretty closely -- and even discovered an error at one point that they quickly fixed -- so that common errors wouldn't impact the rewards of people. But I honestly haven't looked at it in a while, so my information isn't up to date. Though once consumed, I know that initially it did not show the title in the rewards. Though as Kraahk mentioned, they're still reworking it and we've been assured that if we bought the packages or the buildings / land before this system changes officially, then we would be g
  2. Arcane Enchantment Weapons for "Backer" levels and above (aesthetics only). Tax Free parcels were said to be Kickstarter only back then. Though we still have relatively no new information on what they are or what they do. Aside from that, unique colors for buildings and unique looking statues / horses. Investors of $100 or more during their first ever (and the first ever in gaming history due to new laws) official selling of their stocks to their players also get a Unique Colossus parcel that was said to only be available to those who invest in the company. Additio
  3. Think it gets the point of what the game is about more directly. May spark more interest when directing someone here. I'll also take the time in this thread to say that I appreciate all of your communication and hard work on this game. Just because it's your job doesn't mean hard work shouldn't be recognized. As many hard decisions as you have to make on what makes it in and what does not before soft launch, it still feels good to have such a competent development team at the helm. From those who read and respond on here to the developers themselves. Big congratulations thus far
  4. Bots are incredibly sophisticated nowadays. But it will be more difficult to make in that any old average joe won't be able to make such. Especially when you run into situations where you know something screwed up with an ability and you absolutely need to use a specific ability that has a specific purpose. There is a problem with "optimal rotations" spitting out things if you have good enough gear and skill, but the expensive materials will always want to be handled manually due to anything happening at any time. From a "good" or "excellent" or "bad" boost that you randomly get that c
  5. Poor choice of words / examples with that to show the importance of control. I did mention it was just an example and not to be taken seriously, but I just now edited it with parentheses and a time stamp (to show it was in response to what you post) to elaborate. Though writing this, I'll go back and change it more to avoid someone stumbling upon such and instantly assuming. I don't write much on this site since I don't PvP and don't want to talk about something that I essentially "gripe out on" and run away if I see anyone while harvesting. The tedium could be a problem, yes. Though
  6. Hope is the first step on the road to disappointment. But to be precise, you said: " However what I'm hoping for is to hear only from the people who've focused solely on crafting (including training)." Crafting is almost all I have done in this game, minus gathering and working with a laggy EK (around the time I stopped logging in; haven't played at all during the 24/7 tests). Sometimes I just logged in to focus on the training and log out. One might say that it's been my sole focus. Beyond poor articulation and only putting in one or two caveats that Crowfall may already have som
  7. It seems that my "a lot of words" and going into depth of a good system that I currently enjoy is misconstrued as me saying there isn't a semblance of something present. Or my generalization of crafting as a whole bringing about an err in articulation. Indeed, I've scant mentioned -- only at the beginning and towards the end -- that it's been a while since I've fiddled with the system, and that there are semblances already present in the current system that I described (thinking this may be the case, I edited a few things a few minutes after I posted. Still about 20 minutes prior to your po
  8. I haven't touched the system in a while as I have been waiting for further changes and the availability of additional skills and updates. Edit: Most of this writing is based on what I think is a good system in terms of player interaction. Some of it, Crowfall may already have in a way. But there is always room for improvement and I intend to be harsh (and oft over the top / exaggerating ) since I think the team is doing a great job as a whole. Timestamp of this edit takes place after my second post for clarity (and wasn't seen by the OP). Though as it stands now -- as I haven't he
  9. I believe many -- including myself -- agree with you it comes to the crafting. It's a horrid thing where you just cross your fingers and do not feel at all like a craftsman. Though I am perhaps comparing it unfairly (and too harshly) to games that have done it so much better. When I first read about their plans with crafting, I remember reading something along the lines of "We looked at other games and weren't impressed", so naturally I assumed they'd try to make an effort to make it. Well. Good. I've gone into depth regarding this in another post, but suffice it to say that, at this poi
  10. Don't worry, my friends... I will be your shield. Depending on the class and potential subs thereof, they could probably accomplish this a number of ways. Damage in itself seems a bit extreme since there are Damage Dealers built for that, but it could be part of a formula for something else. Tanks essentially soak and mitigate damage; their purpose is to protect their group. So there could be a sort of "cover" mechanic similar to Final Fantasy games or even a large shield via Overwatch. "Body Guard: You are under the watchful gaze of a Knight. Damage is reduced by 25%" or someth
  11. There are a myriad of ways Hunger can be kept in the game without causing too many headaches, while also serving specific functions such as being an anti-zerg mechanic. Keeping it relatively the same right now, some minor caveats could be construed: "Survivalist" "buff" for being a lone wolf or scout. Having little to no allies near you and you're not in a group. Lower hunger from dropping significantly so it doesn't become a chore to someone who just wants to play by themselves or with a small group of friends. Recognition of being in a group or raid or many guild members or
  12. Sindothyx


    It will disappoint me if you don't help whatever guild you join build a wall around your Eternal Kingdom. Keep those filthy casuals out and make other guilds pay for it. If you lose an arm in battle, you'll chop the other one off for free. #Healthcare
  13. I've always found these types of arguments -- and the subject matter -- pretty odd. The main reason for this is that we currently have a problem where: 1) Player one has a normal account with one character. 2) Player Two has a normal account with one character and a subscription that provides additional whatever 3) Player Three has multiple accounts and multiple characters 4) Player Four has multiple accounts with multiple characters and one or more has subscription as well ...And so on. As the numbers climb, the more you get. We are thinking
  14. I can't seem to wrap my head around this thread. Arguing about semantics. Who needs Crowfall PvP when we have forum PvP. "ACE has been very clear that a skill wipe will be avoided unless it is necessary due to some major bug or systems issue." "I don't agree with you, because never have they said "we will only wipe skills in the case of a bug or major system issue". So you are wrong." "ACE has been very clear that a skill wipe will be avoided unless it is necessary due to some major bug or systems issue." I mean, I read the corrected version above as being
  15. This is a good question and one that many have tried to seek an answer for due to the expense of said items. For the price of a single parcel, you could buy so many other things. In fact, I sort of regret purchasing five creeks, hills and groves. Hopefully they will actually be justified in terms of what they're sold for with quality or abundance in terms of resources when compared to others. Though I imagine they also have more potential building spots for triggers and houses and such, as well.
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