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  1. <Question> Are you going to consider adding some kind of rewards to regular Hunger Dome matches? (i.e. 5th place players get 1000 gold per member, 4th place 2000 gold, etc. to incentivize people to fill queues without breaking the economy)
  2. Idk... I'm in my own solo guild atm and I managed to win them in dregs. Felt kinda nice to have a campaign reward that's actually worth it, instead of being able to outfarm the campaign reward by just ignoring it.
  3. How about adding aesthetics as rewards for sacrifices, e.g. granting a one-time change of season to your EK, things like that? Thoughts?
  4. That was always a thing. You turn some thralls into guards
  5. I would love it if they made the targeting system for archers something more like Chivalry: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xtoEiuMppw8
  6. Good stuff! Love you guys, keep up the good work! Well.. I finally have someone to put on my KoS list
  7. I like the route they're going with thralls acting as guards for keeps, but I don't think they should respawn. I think you should have to get a new thrall when it dies. Jedi Knight: Academy had a mod called lugormod that had a really cool combat system. Between 4 different styles of lightsaber combat and force pull, push, grip, speed, jump, lightning, mind trick, protect, absorb, heal, and drain it was a really diverse combat system. The only downside was lightsaber contact dealing damage, so people would spin as their swing went around to keep the lightsaber inside the target... it actually kind of made sense with it being a beam of energy but with traditional medieval weapons that aspect would be a bit dumb. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XiOaYm3ekT8
  8. This has got to be the only thread James Goblin hasn't liked.. such a valiant individual
  9. Wow... Aes Sedai much? lol @both of you; nobody cares its a game go cure cancer or get a wife and then boast about your accomplishments In that case I'm taking James Goblin off it. He's my hero
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