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  1. No announcement? No post in server status? Where did EU go? Communication guys, come on!
  2. yo guys, I applied through Guilded! The discord inv. link is not working btw. cheers!
  3. My character stopped interacting with the world and the world with it: Logged in and out; nothing changed. Mount/dismount bugged= no action nor animation Cannot aggro mobs, they play the hit animation (when I hit them), but dont react nor their hp drops. I can walk, jump, etc but no powers. Nothing; cannot interact with npc's etc; the character practically lives in another dimension; Oh! and not only that; I cannot click on any menu, not even to leave the game, have to Alt F4 it everything was fine 30 min ago EU Server
  4. yoooo ZYBAK!!! man! Awesome you are in this game! I have a question, do you intend to make this work in USA and EU? I ask, cause I've just backed the game after 2 days of test and I am frigging loving this. Totally immersed. my EXACT cup of tea. I think I am the target audience for this hahah. aaaaaaaanyways... do you know someone in the EU I could contact for this? You helped me win a LOT back in wildstar back then. A shame what happened to that game. cheers man! keep it up!
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