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  1. You guys should talk with Aventurine in Greece. They could use the extra money and I'm sure they will try their best.
  2. Keaggan is right. Crowfall is not a PvP mmo. Keaggan, lol. That was a nice title you chose for this topic
  3. Kill rankings can be exploited by killing alts or friends. Points rankings can also be exploited. Donating resources into an NPC void? A God? OVER MY DEAD BODY. Why would I waste my time to gather resources and then give them back to the game? >.< The resources must belong to me until they don't anymore. Drain mechanic cant work because some people will be offline and you cant punish for being offline except their castle might get sieged. The big meaty death trap as u call it is a bad solution because it will favour the zerg and it will be random who wins because its a big huge battle. Its not fun to put everyone in a cage and watch who wins. You need to put everyone on a battlefield and see who wins instead. The cage is too chaotic. There has to be room for strategic maneuvers, pushing ahead, pulling back, defending your castle. That kind of thing. Not the meaty death trap u talked about. That will quickly drive people to quit the game. Backstabbing ur allies is not a solution. If u kneel and then backstab. Thats going to categorize your guild as untrustworthy in most cases. And generally, backstabbing is not a satisfying thing to do. I can understand pragmatic political play where u have to do what is best for ur guild, but that can be done without backstabbing. I would not allow my enemies to kneel before me if I can win without their support. Why be nice to your enemy after you have defeated him? He will just crush you at the first chance for revenge that he gets.
  4. Yeah, that sounds horrible. There is nothing worse in an mmorpg than doing a mission/quest. I hate that poorly made socks and my desire to play a game hits ROCK bottom when Im told what to do by the game. Completing missions in Archeage to level up was a total nightmare for me. I survived only because I forced myself. And still.. I managed to get a lot of xp from standing in 1 spawn and bashing mobs for hours on end. That to me was less straining than the irritating mission nonsense.
  5. Looks fun, but I wouldn't play it. There is no gritty gameplay substance in Asian titles. It's all shallow and flashy. I don't play for the graphics I play for the competition and the deep multi-layered gameplay. These guys advertise their advanced graphics features. Lol. WHO DOES THAT? Jeez....
  6. Hah, beach volleyball. I like that comparison. Having fun in a sandbox game and competing.
  7. The incentive is to stay ahead of your rivals and decrease the amount of resources that they can export. Also, you don't risk anything by attacking except expendable gear/durability on your gear. You might actually have fun PvPing. You just need to attack when you are not vulnerable/being sieged yourself. Furthermore, what if you gain resources for attacking and defeating your enemy? Then suddenly you have a multi-faceted strategic game where you have to decide to play conservatively or take risks. Risk vs. reward. To me that seems to be the game that we're waiting for. Yes, well. That's why I asked this question. We need the developers to answer what kind of victory conditions they have in mind.
  8. There is still an incentive to attack to make sure that your rivals do not survive. So your scenario would never happen in reality.
  9. Among other things, I have put in a lot of work into a new application form and it's finally finished You can check it out and submit your application at our website: http://pevepe.net/crowfall The direct link to the application form is: HERE You'll be able to see there that we have put more thought into CrowFall than most guilds by far. That should give you one more reason to join us! See you on our forum!
  10. What if winning is determined by who survives? Survival and keeping your castle could be a way to determine victory.
  11. Localized website in 6 languages (German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Italian) That is not how you do things in Europe. Nobody cares about those extra languages. You simply make 1 host for everyone in Europe and put everything in English. I guess, the only reason why Ace wants to export the game to Europe in that way is because he wants to sell the distribution rights and earn more money off of it, or something. Maybe he doesn't want to have to deal with extra server maintenance work. But I don't understand why Europe has to be such a big deal? .. It's just like USA. We're all on the internet. We all want games. We all understand English. We're just in a different timezone and we want a good ping. That's all.
  12. There are 6-12 multiple sides, but how many of those can actually 'win'? I heard the term 'kneel' appear. How does that work? What determines a 'loss'?
  13. Thanks for your contribution to the topic, Khron. It looks really interesting. You put in a lot of effort in this!
  14. The Crownfall specific application form is not up yet, but the separate forum has been created and you can say hello at http://pevepe.net/crowfall We also have a guild forum with a Crowfall section at our website http://www.futilez.com/forum .. This forum has an general application form to join our community: http://www.futilez.com/recruitment - but the Crownfall forum there is mainly to advertise the game to our existing community. The forum at pevepe.net is the one that we will use to develop our Crowfall chapter. We hope that lots of players will be excited about our way of doing things and join us for Crowfall. It will be epic for sure! We are passionate about the game and we have a huge community that will join the game at release. But for me, a few others and many of you, I guess, the game starts in alpha and beta. That's when we will begin to play our game, establish position and plan ahead.
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