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  1. I will be very interested with how stealth will turn out in this game. I agree with this. This would make the class super enjoyable lol. And then it would be good if it was the rangers job to sniff these guys out and help catch them.
  2. I like the idea of a falcon or something but maybe for a beastmaster type class for sure. As for a pet for the ranger class, I think maybe it just shouldn't really be a thing because it would hinder the feel and play style of the class.
  3. I'm liking ranger and will probably be going that route.
  4. Woohoo! Liking what we got going on right now! Look forward to getting some new members
  5. always have played and loved ranger so I am sure that this will be my main
  6. I agree with this. Shadows and night playing a role would be perfect as well as having a cool down as already stated. or maybe like in Neverwinter they actually had a stealth bar that would drain could work too.
  7. Nice video! look forward to seeing more
  8. Siixam


    Haha thanks everyone for the warm welcomes!! and yeah ranger is usually what I play in most MMO's Nicodo! A Canadian subforum would be good for all of us crazy Northerners lol!
  9. Hello! Name is Siixam (pronounced Six-Um) have had this alias going back to EQ2. Have played many MMO's in my time, to name a few, EQ2, Lineage 2, WoW, SWTOR, Guild wars, Guild Wars 2, Neverwinter....etc, etc. A little about myself. I am 31 years old. I live in a little town called Vernon in BC, Canada. Moved here recently (mid July) with my new wife (married Aug. 1 this year) and my step son, from Vancouver BC. Loving the small town living. I enjoy snowboarding, shooting guns, 4x4ing with my Jeep, camping, and most other outdoorsy stuff, and gaming (duh) lol. That about sums me up I supp
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