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  1. Instead it is just another cliche gladiator type guy
  2. Superman was co-created by an American and a Canadian. And originally superman was a bald telepathic human. Jerry Siegel the American saved the cover of there story when Shuster the Canadian tried to burn it. If not for the American Superman would never have been saved. The first Alkaline battery was created by a Swedish Scientist- Waldemar Jungner Sonar was not invented by a Canadian it was perfected upon by a British physicist A. B. Wood and a Canadian physicist Robert William Boyle. The first patents on an underwater echo sounders were in 1912 by an Englishman (Lewis Richardson) and by a German physicist Alexander Behm. The first Electron microscope was created in 1931 by the German physicist Ernst Ruska and German electrical engineer Max Knoll. Plexiglas was patented by the German chemist Otto Rohm in 1936 and another German chemist Wilhelm Rudolph Fittig in 1877 discovered the process of actually making it. as for radio of any kind Lee De Forest an American invented the Audion Vacuum tube which made radio, television, telephone, radar and computer systems possible.
  3. One guild per account is fine. There is no reason you cannot play with another guild and not be guild tagged as such. I have done it in the past and the alternate guild i gamed with during off hours had not problems with it. I would just jump in there third person voice chat and game with them late nights. During prime time i played with my main guild. There is absolutely nothing stopping folks from playing an alt with another guild on another campaign. You do not have to be in a guild to play with a guild. Most guilds have there own third person voice chats anyway.
  4. I had the same reaction. There are better ways of handling this such as increasing speed of the ranged attack, Increasing the cone of the attack or the blast area of the attack. The harder the missile attack is to land successfully the more damage it should do. Thus a slower missile attack may be devastating when it lands while a fast moving one not so much or a small diameter missile attack will do more damage then an aoe blast if of similar speed due to being hard to hit with it.
  5. "If we find it is too difficult to play ranged, we have a few systems we may need to add or augment, like ‘sticky’ targets, ranged assist or some manner of soft locking system. We aren’t quite sure what the right mix will be yet, but we feel comfortable that we’ll eventually find a solution that works well." Just no to this if your missing with ranged when your targeting them lead them instead! Vary the aoe range of some of the spells, the speed etc etc.
  6. I think it would be easier to have the same rules for all three factions. Balance needs to fight chaos and law to win. Chaos needs to fight law and balance to win. Law needs to fight Balance and Chaos to win. Sure if one side gets an advantage in such a struggle the two losing sides may make a truce and concentrate there effort against the winning side.... will it be enough....is it too late...
  7. I played Daoc as well and played Hibernia. Your right in that Hibernia seemed to be where initially most the battles occured. Your wrong in that Hibernia was in a bad situation. At least on the Gawain server we dominated in pvp. Albion was the zerg faction on this server seeming to be able to bring more folks to the battle field but tactically they were inept and were slaughtered time and time again. Midgard which was no less popular then the other two factions just didn't seem to be able muster many folks at any given time so they usually preyed on stragglers of both Hibernia and Albion. And could turn the tide of a battle one way or the other. Usually for Hibernia due to Hibernia usually having a stronger defensive position. And due to Albion being Tactically inept. I think that each game will be quite different. It will be more dependent on which side is more organized, more politically adept, better logistics/supply, who can keep the pressure on during all times zones etc etc. As long as they cap a sides total population to no more then 40 percent i think we will have interesting and varied outcomes.
  8. I am torn between the Crusader and Sentinel at this point. Probably go Crusader unless ranged is op!
  9. Wall height varied considerably really dependent on the time frame within the medieval period your talking about. The walls of the forts are palisades which would be similar to the palisades around a Motte-and Baily type castle/fort common from the 9th-13th centuries. 18 feet is actually quite high for a wooden palisade. This is a fort which could be built quite rapidly using the materials in the area. Now if once we start building stone Castles and Stone fortification i am in total agreement the walls should be on average 28-30 feet tall. There are examples of some that were 40 feet tall. Walled towns usually had walls which were not nearly as tall or thick.
  10. Actually Star Citizen is doing something right and is a very ambitious project. I am happy with the progress and even the delays. If its not ready keep working on it. I am a patient man and will play other games till Star Citizen is finished. Chris Roberts mentioned this game in his blog. The only reason i even know about it. I wonder how many folks are here because he mentioned this game? I am part of a much larger guild and if this game gets to a state where i think they will enjoy it they will come. Many of them have deep pockets like i do. The ones that do not we will buy them packages like we have always done. Quite frankly the Asian goal does not excite me one iota. I do not even think it should have been a goal. Western and Asian games are quite different and usually are exclusive to those regions. There are exceptions as someone pointed out WoW. WoW has been an exception for many things related to mmo's. And is a very large budget theme park type game very different to what crowfall will be. I believe they would of been better off offering a few more features to the game including this internal goal of theres.
  11. "Having tons of different buttons to push doesn't make you smart or good at the game. Having fewer buttons doesn't make you dumb or worse at the game. A literal comparison of # of abilities to # of abilities is not a valid comparison for depth of play or complexity that a skillful player can use. If you have 30 buttons and your rotation is to push each button in order from 1->30, is that a smart game? Can you as a skillful and smart player press those buttons from 1->30 better than a worse player? Now what about if you have 5 buttons that require situational awareness, combo off each other, and a skilled player can achieve let's say a ~10% DPS gain over someone else using those same 5 buttons just by making smart decisions of when to press them. What's your opinion now on what number of abilities means to making combat complex, smart, or skillful? Do fewer skills actually mean a "dumber" game? Does more of something just seem better? Is context of mechanics/gameplay/skill trumped by counting how many of something there is?" This is a good quote and i am not as concerned about how many buttons we will have 10 may not be enough if thats the case they will add more. I think its a good place to start and test it out for now. Whats more important is they stick with the group play balance over 1 v 1. Daoc did this and it was a great pvp oriented game because of this.
  12. This is trick shooting and has been around for a long time. The bow may have been 30 lbs draw which would not penetrate plate or a tight nit of chainmail for that matter. Mail's resistance to weapons is determined by four factors: linkage type (riveted, butted, or welded), material used (iron versus bronze or steel), weave density (a tighter weave needs a thinner weapon to surpass), and ring thickness (generally ranging from 18 to 14 gauge. The chain this trickshooter used had a very loose weave density. As seen by just looking at it in the video. His trick shooting and speed is remarkable however his historical evidence is suspect if not out right wrong. The video below should enlighten folks. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rDbqz_07dW4
  13. DAOC was probably the best mix of pvp and pve that i have ever played. That being said i have played mmo's with better pve or pvp than daoc. But as a complete package i think Daoc did more things right then wrong. Mixing pve and pvp is no easy task many mmo's have tried and fallen short. Even companies which had a successful pvp/pve game fell way short with another title. One thing i have learned is that pvp needs to be built into a game from the ground up. Fortunately crowfall understands this and is not tacking it on as an afterthought. Hopefully what pve they may have will be more engaging then a previous title of theirs. I am another one of those players that enjoy pve and pvp. Dependent on the game i may do one more then the other. In Daoc and Wow did more pvp especially when it came to end game content. Most mmo's i did more pve either due to lack of meaningfull pvp or lack of pvp. Being a part of a guild that boasted 1000 players in and mmo there were very few who only like pve or very few who only liked pvp. 90 percent of them participated in both activities.
  14. A crush injury occurs when force or pressure is put on a body part. Hitting someone with a the blunt end of a hammer will always cause crushing damage no matter what type of word you want to use for what it did. A simple bruise is usually initiated by blunt trauma ,which causes damage through physical compression and deceleration forces. Another words crushing damage. Blunt trauma damages by applying force and stretching ­tissues beyond their normal tolerances. This is considered a crush injury in the medical field. The result from being hit with a blunt object will always cause varying degrees of crushing damage. Even being hit by a sword will cause some crushing damage though it would not be the primary damage type unless it was caused by the flat of the blade instead of the edge. I am a retired Veterinarian and blunt trauma of any kind causes crushing injuries. crushing injuries or if you prefer blunt trauma can cause contusion, abrasions, lacerations, and/or bone fractures.
  15. Actually if magic existed you would still have armor. Your still more protected in plate armor vs any spell which would do physical damage weather piercing, slashing or crushing. You would be more protected against electrical/lightning attacks as well. Ice damage mostly physical be more protected in plate then in clothing. I would rather be in a house or my car in a hail storm then out in the open with nothing but a t shirt and shorts. The only damage types listed which plate would be worse then say wearing leather would be fire. Wearing no armor in a magical world would be just as detrimental as in our world. Disease is really the one damage type where i do not think it would matter what you wore if it was airborne. However if it is delivered by touching skin or through a cut then i would rather be wearing Plate. Poison again dependent on how it is delivered armor would matter or not. A poison cloud would effect anyone equally no matter what they wore. however if the poison is some magical dart Plate would once again be the most protective. Obviously this is a game thus i am sure they will just arbitrarily say plate sucks against poison, disease, Fire etc etc. While clothing protects against such attacks. Not realistic but probably necessary for game balance.
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