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  1. From the sounds of it, they abduct men that wander into their territory, r ape them and once they have what they need, kill them
  2. I was "needling" anyone who again felt the need to bring politics into what's supposed to be something fun, i've been playing video games for a very long time and one thing that never stops irking me whether i'm playing in an MMO or discussing a videogame online on an imageboard or forum, or even with real life friends is when someone feels they need to shout out their political agenda no matter what it is to everyone and turn something that's supposed ot be fun into a serious platform for real world problems
  3. I meant people who feel the need to drag any politics into a video game community in general, which is why your post jumped out at me
  4. I wasn't aware people like this existed outside of hugboxes from some of the comments I've been reading, in particular on the Fae forums I've started to wonder if I made the wrong choice in backing this game, I thought WoW had a silly community but I'm wondering if this one will be even worse
  5. I personally don't really care about set genders, I don't really care that this particular clan of elves or whatever cull the men, but let's be honest it's fairly poorly written
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