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  1. Im interested in Gaea and Zalena Also what pact is Valkyn part of?
  2. What game will you be playing while waiting for Crowfall? Im waiting for my new computer parts to arrive then ill be playing archeage for how ever long that lasts me.
  3. Alright guys, thanks for the input, i guess i misunderstood. I just dont like how it take a little bit away from the sandbox feel. I like this idea, perhaps they could have two 4-6 hour siege windows per day.
  4. So from what i understand we will only be able to siege each others cites at certain times of the day. Is there a reason for this, i understand how they dont want players sieging cities at 4:00am when none of the opposing players are only, but what about players ho wont be able to participate in any siege times. I think they should just let us attack each others cities whenever we feel like it, but maybe that wouldn't work out so well.
  5. Nice!Have fun working on this project.
  6. So there will only be certain time windows where you can take a city and the rest of the time it is unseigeable?
  7. I am hoping they they are there to defend resourses and key points before player occupation. I also would like them to get exponentialy stronger from spring to winter. It should have some affect of the core of the world but not enough to make it the sole focus of the game.
  8. Thanks for all the advice guys, i have decided to build my own, here is my build. http://ca.pcpartpicker.com/p/gvBXNG
  9. So i have been looking into a new computer for awhile now and i know there is alot of hate towards Alienware products. It seems like the specs in the machine are somewhat worthwhat you get inside. I think it would cost around 300$ more then if i were to build it myself. I would like to save the hassle of having to order all kinds of different parts and then havng the possiblity of one part not working so i gotta send it back and things like that. So i am not sure if it would be worth the price vs if i were to build it my own with my own parts. Anyways thanks for any help. The alienware build: http://www.dell.com/ca/p/alienware-area51-r2/pd?oc=daa51r2_f_h2e&model_id=alienware-area51-r2
  10. I wanna start a city underground.
  11. Im sure they have much to show but the game is still in development and there may be things they are not certain of. The only thing that is keeping me from pledging a large sum is the fact that we have not seen enough gameplay. I have absolute faith in this team but who knows, mabey they mess up one feature and the game is no longer appeling to me (highly unlikely though). Anyways just stay tuned, alpha 1 opens in about half a year so we will probably get a bunch of gameplay from that.
  12. Exacly, something that dosent put those who have better gear (Altought to a degree gear should give you some bonuses) in a extremly better position that their opponents.
  13. So i was wondering if this game will be easy mode dedicated to the more casual comunity or will it have a more competitve edge? Iv been looking for a game that will test me and i think this might be it.
  14. I would like if they incorporated a leveling system dedicated to each world. So with each campaing you restart from level one. Of coarse the leveling should not give you uber power but some sort of bonuses would be nice.
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